Writer Kelly Oxford is Living the Dreaaaaaaam Mannnnn!


You probably already know Kelly Oxford for her pithy bon mots in 140 characters (or less!) on Twitter. She is one of a select few ‘It Gals’ whose fame can directly be attributed to the social ‘chatty’ network and if that weren’t enviable enough she has the kind of perfect svelte shaped debutante nose that I’d like to slide down naked.

*I don’t even know what that last bit means.

On Twitter for just 4 years, Oxford has amassed a serious celeb & plebe following bringing up her minion tally to just under 450,000. She is clever, brutally candid, & pretty damn funny for someone so good-looking.

Here are some of my fave sparkling examples of her Twitter Hilar:

@kellyoxford ‘People who clap when the plane lands should be pulled to the front and bare-butt spanked by the pilot while the normal people disembark.’


@kellyoxford ‘I smell school gymnasium and fog machine when I hear INXS’ Never Tear Us Apart…’

Considering the average book offering clocks in around anywhere after the 250,000 Twitter follow mark, Oxford is in good standing with her first, titled Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar [Harper Collins]. The lauded writer (blogging since 1999) & Canadian (born in Winnipeg & moved to Calgary) has recently moved with her hubby & 3 tykes to LA, swatting away writing offer after development deal & hanging with the glitterati. Check out a recent interview or ‘vanterview’ courtesy of Rainn Wilson’s Sweaty Van. In Bolivia.

Kelly & Rainn Vanterview

If you’re a struggling scribe and want to get closer to gilded greatness…. ch-ch-check out Kelly Oxford ‘LIVE’ in Toronto at Indigo Books Bay/Bloor on April 10th @ 7pm!! Other Canadian dates soon to follow!

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