Cat Bearding is Now a ‘Thing’

Cat Bearding!

Cat Bearding!

It was only a matter of time before this happened. It’s called Cat Bearding and it’s the latest meme to take over the internet since…Planking. It’s currently the most popular posting on Instagram, with some Dog Bearder Imposters trying to get in on the action as you will see above far right. The process is pretty self explanatory, line up your kitteh’s nose and mouth with your eyes & *Volia*–a Kitteh Humanaoid that resembles a Jim Henson Character Meets Santa Claus.

Love This Perfectly Synched Up Photo…

Go Cat Bearding Go!

Go Cat Bearding Go!

And This One is Utter Puurrrrrrrfection…



Just Remember, Cat Bearding should not to be confused with this kind of Bearding…

“The Other Bearding”


 The Pop Culture Rainman

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