Say ‘Yes’ to EVERYTHING!

Although not exactly a new ‘tome’ (I read it two years ago) Tina Fey’s’ best seller ‘Bossy Pants’ reads like a nostalgic car wash in perseverance and ‘making it’. Besides the most inventive testimonial back cover I’ve ever read, the one takeaway from her famed book that I use DAILY is to ‘SAY YES TO EVERYTHING!’



This passage from her book came from her years honing her ‘funny’ in improv. One of the main tenants in improv is to ‘Say Yes to EVERYTHING’…ie; just ‘play it out, run with it..’ and it’s a philosophy that truly resonated with me. I TRY to say ‘Yes’ to everything…and I don’t mean actual ‘invitations to events’…but rather ideas, possibilities, and unchartered waters.


*except for narcotics…where you should continue to JUST SAY NO.


The PopCulture Rainman™

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