Tony Robbins (*the adrenaline love bomb) Live in Toronto July 24th!

Tony Robbins Hypnotic Gaze

Tony Robbins Hypnotic Gaze

I’m bending-over-backwards-and-doing-the-splits *thrilled* to be attending the July 24th-Legacy Mastery-A Passion For Life conference in Toronto 1 week from today!

This is not my first rodeo seeing the adrenaline love bomb aka Mr. Tony Robbins either. I got my first glimpse of his supreme mental flossing two years ago when he appeared with Oprah et al in Toronto, and its one I will never forget.

The Tony Robbins Hokey Pokey ♫ …

Tony commanded the stage with his goliath frame, a golden tan and pearly white teeth that resembled small buildings. He was all presence and persuasion even before he uttered a word. That man had me jumping up and down repeating mantras and hugging my neighbours to the left and right of me; it was uhhh-mazing how he could turn a sea of people inside out with inspiration and a renewed passion for life. He was a breath mint on amphetamines and I was perma-smitten by his *everything*.

He managed to eclipse Oprah’s mammoth presence and even writing that feels illegal!!??

I vowed then & there to see him again whenever I could.

So he’s back headlining with five other ‘speakers’ whose expertise range from mastery, creativity & branding, work life balance, success and customer relations…bla bla bla de bla de lee bla.

Not to be rude, but let’s face it….EVERYONE is there to see TR!

He’s Vitamin C for your noggin’ yo’! (*I have an endless stream of metaphors for this man!)


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