Madonna was the *Original* ‘Miley’…

*Spot the Difference?*

*Spot the Difference?*

This rare & vintage photo of Madonna says it all…doesn’t it?

I won’t be posting any pictures of Miley for a side by side comparison, as just mentioning her name puts kittens everywhere in harms way.

It’s true friendsicles. It’s an unknown fact that every time Miley gets her undeserved air time, six kittens die. SIX!!??

Save the Kittens!

Save the Kittens!

So while I’ve already put many at risk, not ONE more kitten will suffer…NOT ON MY WATCH!

To sum up; not only is she-who-should-not-be-mentioned a paint-by-numbers rehash of every shock and awe ‘pop star’ that came before her, but she’s also ripping off Madge?

Off with her HEAD Tongue!

The Pop Culture Rainman

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