What Does the Fox Say? Don’t Wear Me! Duh!!??

I employ a zero tolerance policy when it comes to wearing fur.

It’s absolutely unnecessary even in the coldest of climates, and I can vouch for sub-zero temperatures having been born and raised in Montreal, Canada (now living in Toronto).

The pain and suffering animals endure for this perceived luxury item is beyond excruciating.

Many people wear fur *blindly* to the actually realities that take place, while others surmise or ‘buy into’ the idea that their fur was ethically farmed. I’m here to tell you there is no such animal; pun intended. At the very least an animal will be caught in a trap in the wilderness, left to starve or bleed out before the trapper retrieves them. In the meantime, their young will also die, as their trapped parent is unable to care for them.

The Realities of Traps

The Realities of Traps

A swift bullet would be far more humane in this case, but again, it’s a practice rarely executed. Why you ask? Fresh fur is far more desirable and ‘wears best’ if it is taken from a live animal.

This brings us to the other horror that exists in the fur trade. Animals being skinned ALIVE. I don’t know all the intricacies into why this is done. Some say it’s so that if that animal is also sold for food, that the meat is more desirable if the animal “bleeds out”. I’ve heard the same exists for those who want to get the best possible fur quality. Imagine being skinned alive and then left to die out of pure shock.

This is a common practice in the unregulated Chinese fur trade, where most animals are considered nothing but product. You might argue that you’re certain your fur does NOT come from China, and to that I say–you have got to be kidding. Because of the lack of regulations in China, you would have NO idea where your fur comes from. ZERO. Thousands of items are imported overseas, and without border patrol or proper labeling, your fur coat could EASILY be a product of China.

Oh did I mention the other seedy underbelly of the Chinese fur trade? Dogs and Cats are a huge part of their fur production, again going through the same barbaric protocols like being skinned alive.  Who has time to put these gentle creatures out of their misery before they take their wares. NOT THE CHINESE! Again, cat and dog fur could easily be on the trims of your gloves, your hats, and your jackets right now and you wouldn’t even know it. Sad, but true.

While I’m hoping you will all give up fur for good this winter season, there’s something I think is even more important. Imparting this wisdom onto your children.

Canada Goose Jackets: Just Say No!

Canada Goose Jackets: Just Say No!

With no end in sight, the past couple of winter seasons has seen young teens and children wearing Canada Goose Jackets with the Fox fur trim ‘detail.’ It has become a mammoth trend in this age group and yet again, it is worn blindly — all to keep up with being on trend.

Hey, you know what else is ‘On Trend’?


I get the draw to these jackets, they are warm and come in great colors, but trend or not, this would be totally forbidden in my household. Perhaps if parents explained to their kids that a fox was being sacrificed for their fashionable pursuits, or even showed them a video on the realities — 9/10 kids would make the connection and wouldn’t want to wear them. And on the topic of warmth, there are PLENTY of other options that we all can choose from that don’t include fur. This is not Nanook of the North. We have CHOICES! Don’t cower to your children’s pleas for this garment of DEATH.

Ahem. Too much?

Another idea would be to sensitize your child to the adorably docile nature of a fox. Throughout popular and fabled culture, the fox has gotten a bad rap and is often seen in cartoons as the ‘Sly Villain.’  This couldn’t be further from the truth! They can be easily raised if they are rescued at a young age from the wild and make amazing pets. A true hybrid of a dog and a cat.

You like dogs and cats don’t you kids?

If you truly want effect change you can show your children any one of the horrific videos on You Tube from animal welfare organizations — but alas I’d like to save your kids the trauma and years of psychotherapy — for these images do not get easily erased from memory.

Instead have your kids watch this: Dawn the Fox !

And Chuckles too!

And lastly (but far from only) Jack the Fox!

Show them that they are wearing this lovely animal and hopefully it can incite some sort of change. Progress? Sensitivity?

And on that note, let’s end this preachy wagging finger session with the song that is currently sweeping the nation (which one exactly I’m not sure) The Fox -“what does the fox say?” by Ylvis. Enjoy!

Now Remember Kids of all Ages…Just Say No…To Fur…of ANY KIND!

NB. China is not alone in the sickening slaughter of dogs and cats for meat and fur. Vietnam and Korea are also culprits. I refuse to ever visit these countries and perhaps you should think about doing the same if this information speaks to you.

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