My UpcomingPhoto Shoot; Help Me Choose My Nail Art!

Ok, so this isn’t going to be one of those posts that splits the atom of pop culture intellectualism—I’m not a 24hr genius factory plebes!—but it will help me get my pretty on!

So, I’m doing a photo shoot for my new Pop Culture Rainman™ photos in a couple of weeks. My inspiration will be a vintage/modern look with bumper bangs and some great makeup and styling courtesy of my friendsicles at The Beauty Team.

I’m going for this kind of look and feel…(minus the tattoos, skull and polka dots) + I think it begs to be mentioned that I would sell my left buttock for this model’s nose and cheek bones?

My Photo Shoot Inspiration Model

My Photo Shoot Inspiration Model

I’m going to inaugurate my Rainman pink umbrella and implement some really fun scenarios with the pictures in post that I hope will bring me to Tipping Point-esque brand engagement.

But alas, cart. before. the. horse.

Every woman’s modern conundrum at the nail salon is ‘what color should I get’… so imagine my inner brain crochet when it comes to deciding what sort of nail art I should employ for the shoot?!

I know, it’s a real first world problemo—I promise you I step in deeper puddles!

But for style + taste making purposes let’s see what you, my followers and daily lurkers would choose?

I will be making my choice at Pinky’s NailsToronto’s first professional Nail Art Studio and I’ve narrowed it down to these four looks, give or take some creative license changes to base color.

Which one of the following would you choose? (*Click others to see larger)

Please Vote! Can’t wait to see the results!

The Pop Culture Rainman

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