‘JLaw the Construct’ Meme

It recently occurred to me, in the way that an arbitrary thought bubble will just *plant* itself in my brain seemingly out of nowhere; what if Jennifer Lawrence’s whole persona is…an ‘act’?

Bear with me for a second…imagine if in some sort of Wag The Dog meets The Truman Show sexperiment; execs found the most beautiful, cherub faced actress they could find–and turned her into this goofy, silly, HILARIOUS, down-to-earth, loveable construct?

Something weve rarely seen from a Bombshell young ingénue in Hollyweird.

Imagine for a second, that of all of it, the I Love Lucy buffoonery…

the clumsy pratfalls…

and mishaps…

…were just a well-oiled ruse? A total fabrication?

Imagine if you will (work with me people!) that Jennifer Lawrence the adorable Southern sweetheart, was really an actress from Berlin?

And so without further ado, allow me to introduce my first ever meme, JLaw the Construct—also known as #42.

In creating this new meme, I had to build the character of this so-called construct. A back story if you will.

#42 was plucked by a team of studio execs and primed from the age of three from a Berlin orphanage to play the world’s next superstar. Everything about her has been technically calibrated and calculated.

It could happen.

She has savant-like human characteristics having been raised by a slew of acting coaches, linguistic trainers and gymnastics instructors. She has never been shown real love and her heart is blackened with maniacal hatred and bouts of rage.

This was 'not acting'

This was ‘not acting’

When not working, #42 lives in an incubator in Berlin where she has daily training sessions and exists on a raw foods diet. Certain hand signals from inconspicuous handlers will result in some of Jennifer Lawrence’s most celebrated quirks and guffaws.

Alright that’s all I’ve got. My first ever meme—that may very well be my last. I enjoyed this moment in play land and hope you did too!

Hope JLaw would Approve!


Here’s to imagination!

The Pop Culture Rainman