Prince on Fox’s New Girl Feb 2nd-Right After the Super Bowl!

As a lifelong Prince devotee–someone who has seen him in concert four times, pulled on stage with him thrice, and scours the net for any semblance that he may tour soon in a time zone near moi,—when word got ’round that ***PRINCE*** was going to appear on Fox’s New Girl magic bubbles started to pop in my brain!

*Yes, I realise that was the looooongest sentence ever!

Apparently his royal purpleness has been a longtime fan of the show, and it was HIS idea to appear in an episode when the timing presented itself.  Fast forward to this Sunday after a little ‘ol telecast known as the SUPER BOWL, a special airing of New Girl will feature the Prince episode! Check out the hilarious promo where Jess and Nick meet Prince for the first time. I’m particularly impressed by actor Jake Johnson’s unique choice in acting ‘star struck.’ It’s one of the funniest reactions I’ve ever seen–and totally apropos I might add!

I will write a review after the show→so stay tuned to this same space lovah heads!

UPDATE: This won’t be a long and drawn out analysis of the show as there wasn’t much to dig into all around. But I do have a couple of thoughts. While I rarely watch TV (I’m of the mind that a lot of it is mind rot)—watching any kind of sitcom is even more of a rarity for me

This was the first time I had ever watched New Girl and it was adorable just like Zooey Deschanel herself, but I’d forgotten how limited sitcoms are in terms of time constraints. 30 minutes for an entire story arc, interrupted by at least two commercials, does not invite a whole ‘lotta depth! I’ve been so spoiled by the 1-hour offerings from HBO, Netflix et al…that I’d all but forgotten about the 30-minute format! But all in all, I found it sweet and fun, and I really enjoyed the ensemble cast. I really liked that it was a mixed group of actors from all backgrounds—nice to see, and I suspect Prince liked that aspect as well. As for his part, he didn’t have tons of lines to chew on, but what can I say, he did a GREAT job playing himself! Anything he does I marvel at, but I particularly enjoyed the part when Prince and Zooey’s character follow a butterfly that lands (on command!) on Prince’s shoulder. Here is the still shot on site, minus the butterfly as it was obviously put in, in post-production.

Prince & Zooey Pretending to See a Butterfly...

Prince & Zooey Pretending to See a Butterfly…

The reason this touched me so much is because weeks before my mother passed away, when she found out the Cancer had spread to her brain, she said G-d is a Butterfly.”  In the wake of her death whenever I see one or any facsimile thereof; it reminds me of her and makes me feel close to her. My mother knew how much I love Prince, so watching that butterfly land on his shoulder (and also shown in the closing scene) was extra special and poignant for me.

XOXO                                                                                                                                                                                                         The Pop Culture Rainman

2 thoughts on “Prince on Fox’s New Girl Feb 2nd-Right After the Super Bowl!

  1. Hi Renee,

    I love Prince, too, and now I want to find and watch this “New Girl” episode! Loved the clip. =) Thank you for making me smile this morning!


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