A Holiday Message From The Pop Culture Rainman™

Just a short note where I avoid writing a blog that resembles War & Peace—for once!

Sincerely wishing all of my friends and readers a healthy and happy holiday week!

To my Jewish brethren I wish you all a Happy Passover beginning tomorrow night and all throughout the week!

Happy Passover My Nizzles!

Happy Passover My Nizzles!

For those of you celebrating Easter I wish you a joyous occasion with your and your loved ones.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Also since last year was the inaugural debut of the famed Matzah Nail Art post it’s only fair to offer up an Easter Egg Nail Art Tutorial for your festive pleasure. There are many variations on the theme online, but I liked this one in particular due to the fact that one has to hold a couple of Easter eggs with the manicure to show that your nails are in fact Easter eggs and not merely spotted pastel nails!

Easter Egg Mani. Reference Eggs Sold Separately!

Easter Egg Mani. Reference Eggs Sold Separately!

…And for everyone else I say, ‘may all beings be free from suffering + may all beings live in this world happily, peacefully and with ease.’

NAMASTE Bitches!

The Pop Culture Rainman™

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