The Hipster Flower Beard Trend

2013 was the year of the Hipster Beard—the full-on grisly growth that was prominently displayed on men wherever free-trade coffee + muesli vegan/gluten-free energy bars were sold. Wheras many a hipster-dude shaved off their beards for the sweltering summer months, a new trend for diehards popped up in its place—The Hipster Flower Beard!

Falling in line with the economical hipster-ethos, the flowers should be plucked from nature—the smaller the buds the better—think baby’s breath size! 

Babys Breath Makes a Perfect Flower Beard Accent!

Baby’s Breath Makes a Perfect Flower Beard Accent!

While the itty bitty fleurs look fab in many an Instagram artful portraiture, I was curious to see how this trend handled on a day-in-the-life-test drive courtesy of, but remember results vary!

Be on the lookout for this delightful trend to show up at many an outdoor hipster wedding, the last of the summer music festivals or any variant on a SAVE THE BEES march/protest.

Remember, you can pick your friends, and you can pick your flowers, but you CAN’T pick your friends flower beards!


The Pop Culture Rainman

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