10 Things You Didn’t Know About Iggy Azalea


Photo: Louie Banks

She’s the hottest female-rapper of le moment, teaming up with the likes of Ariana Grande, Rita Ora, and most recently J.Lo just to name a few. Her album The New Classic [Virgin/EMI] broke the record for the most weeks at Number One for a female rapper with hits like “Work” + “Fancy.”

Born Amethyst Amelia Kelly, here’s 10 things you didn’t know about the Australian export with oodles of moxieIggy Azalea.

1. First things first she’s the Realest


She maintains that her bum is REAL. She candidly admits she went for laser treatments to get rid of stretch marks on her famous derrier—but was taken aback when the dr. was squeezing her bum to see if it was fake. “I was slightly insulted!”

2. She used to get teased about her famous Beauty Marks. 


 “Kids used to call me ‘Moley‘ when I was younger so I was [self-conscious]. I like them now.”

3. Sun is a No-No


She is extremely “sun conscious” and uses an umbrella to cover her from the sun. She also uses natural products like beeswax and honey on her skin as well.

4. She Shares the Same Birthday as Prince

Both artists were born on June 7th. Iggy says she has “the typical ‘split-personality of a Gemini’ but also “has a touchy-feely sensitive side as well.” 

5. She Goes *Deep*

Iggy practices meditation and has done multiple sessions of hypnotherapy. “It helps to change how you react to certain things in your past or present. It doesn’t rewrite memories, but helps you to look at them in a different way.”

6. She Feels Older Than Her Years

I feel like I crammed in a few more years  in than the average [early] 20-year-old. I’ve been on my own since 16. I see some people my age and our experiences are different.”

7. She wasn’t always so ‘Fancy…’

Walking in her Louboutins...

Walking in her Louboutins…

Before she walked “a mile in her Louboutins,”  very early on in her career she rapped about Steve Madden shoes, thinking that they were [one of the most] expensive shoes on the market. “The line went ‘these Steve Madden’s are so exclusive...”

Steve Madden + Iggy Azalea Partner Up

Steve Madden + Iggy Azalea Partner Up

* Incidentally Iggy and Steve Madden are creating a shoe line together to be released in February 2015.

8. She Prefers to be ‘Off the Grid’


She thinks message boards and negative press are “so unhealthy and damaging” so she unplugs as much as she can. She specifically vacationed at the exclusive Jade Mountain at Anse Chastanet in St Lucia, because of their no TV, Internet or Telephone policy.

9. She understands why some people might think she’s just a gimmick (*which she isn’t.)

 “All cultures have double standards. It’s all in how you deal with it. If you understand where it stems from, you can forgive it.

10. She Digs Nas


He’s truly an intellectual who doesn’t act like he’s better than anyone else. He’s a real artist—I look up to him.”

Here’s Looking at You IGGY,


The Pop Culture Rainman™

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