Futuristic Geometric Nail Art, Now Trending

Nail Art is *still* alive and well, and impressively, quite adaptive in terms of constantly evolving. Why just back in the pre-fall, I was waxing poetic about the metallic nail color trend and lo’ + behold’ a new fad has emerged.

The latest and greatest is a pastiche of geometric + abstract shapes, with new takes on the half moon/reversed French. While some might argue that the geometric nail art trend has been around since 2012, I believe these following pictures to be freshly-squeezed modern expressions on the trend.

With the 60’s back in fashion for fall 2014, this first photo feels like a perfect retro fit.

Mod + Modern Geometry

Mod + Modern Geometry

I absolutely adore this next ‘lewk’. I love the folding of gold, to neutral— to bare nail. It reminds me of Fritz Lang’s futuristic dystopian film Metropolis—especially the original posters

Metropolis Nail Inspiration

Metropolis Nail Inspiration

 ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

Gilded Nails

Gilded Nails

This last set is a new take on the half moon/reversed French—its a half triangle, again, using the natural nail as part of the design. It’s quite Bond Girl don’t ya think? A Bond Girl with hot pink sex lasers beaming from her eye balls. Yes, I have an active imagination.

Half Triangle Reversed French. Sexy!

Half Triangle Reversed French. Sexy!

Let’s hope these designs are still wearable come Christmas falala fun-times—if not you know where to come a knockin‘ trendnistas! You can try Googling for DIY versions of the above, or try finding a Nail Art Studio in your area. In Toronto two places that can accommodate; Pinky`s Nails Studio + Tips Nail Bar.

Laser Cat

Laser Cats!

FYI This rainbow Laser Cat from SNL fame should not be mistaken for my Bond Girl pink sex lasers, which I made up. Just want to make sure your paying attention class!

Nailed It,

XOXO                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The Pop Culture Rainman

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