Straight Outta Toyko; Next Level Nail Art!


I recently discovered the work of  Tokyo Nail Artist Eichi Matsunaga, and let me tell you—his is of the next-level VARIETY!

While there isn’t a lot of intel on Matsunaga readily available (*in English at least), I do know he is a famous manicurist in Japan who works in beauty editorial and possesses an all-star clientele list.

Nail Art Devotee singer Lily Allen recently showed off her newly minted pair of SASSY Matsunaga nails. HOT!

*NB This is a Photograph from Lily Allen’s Instagram.



What sets him apart I believe, is his detailing—specifically his PRECISION and placement. He works with high contrast, confectionary gel colors on real and synthetic nails–ultimately creating modern mini masterpieces.  While Harajuku nail art can be quite over-the-top and garish, Mastunaga’s style is rather spare in its approach.

Unique spins on the Stiletto Nail.

Bubble Gum Colors, Sleek Lines + Pure Precision…

I’m particularly fond of this series of nails that I’ve dubbed ‘Circular Jewels’. The 1st photo is on real nails, the 2nd are interpretations on the theme on clear synthetic nails. I LOVE the clear fakes. Such a futuristic/sci-fi LOOK! *The 2nd shot is a photo from Matsunaga’s Instagram. He likes to cherry pick what he displays on his Tumblr Vs. Instagram—check out both for the full scope of his dazzling creations.

Lastly, a couple of  shots of his Bejewelled Clear Synthetic Nails,the ones on the right plucked from his Instagram. I’m slightly obsessed with the 1st set on the left. They remind me of Pez Candy Studded Bullets and the clear nails are the perfect backdrop. They SIZZLE!

Can’t wait to try out some of these styles in spring via Pinky’s Nails TO!  

Later you sexy thangs,


The Pop Culture Rainman ™

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