For Live Oscars Coverage 2015; Follow Me On Twitter!

It’s a known fact; I do some of my ‘best work’ on Twitter. Join me tonight starting at 7pm eastern for Live, up to the minute clever, clever land coverage. I’m not one for making predictions but I will say that I loved JK Simmons jarring performance in Whiplash, I thought Birdman was willllllllllllllldly inventive and while I think a twelve year production deserves to be celebrated, the *actual* narratives in Boyhood didn’t move me. I also was not blown away by the much lauded performance by Eddie Redmayne in “The Theory of Everything,” in fact I’m not ga-ga-goo-goo about him as an actor in general. Something about his mouth distracts/bugs me. I’m also an anomaly in that I could barely sit through “The Imitation Game“—and while Benedict Cumberbatch is a brilliant actor, FOR me it was not a memorable performance. Perhaps the disconnect to emotion had something to do with it, as Cumberbatch played a character who was a genius savant—and perhaps this is why he DOES deserve the big Oscar prize, the fact that he played it SO WELL! So there you have it…Michael Keaton & JK Simmons for Best Actor & Best Supporting. For everything else I’ll leave it up to the professionals. These are the only performances that I felt were Tour De Force, reaching me deep in my Soul.

Sorry Reece, a long contemplative trek among the foothills does not an Oscar performance make. Anyhoo, PLEASE follow me tonight on TWITTER @ReneeGold1   B-enkl8CIAAl7p0 XOXO

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