Bye Bye Balayage, Tortoiseshell is the new Hair Color Trend!


Image Credit:

Image Credit:

Yes, it’s true…hair color has shape shifted once again! The latest incarnation is being dubbed ‘tortoiseshell‘ (*ecaille in French)—a darker and richer version of your hair color with some golden highlights throughout the ends.

Apparently it’s nexus is in the placement and variations of hair colors and gloss otherwise one can confuse it with balayage as they are both painted on, as opposed to using foils. The end result is supposed to look dark with gradations and swirls of highlights, like tortoiseshell itself.

Image Credit: Refinery 29

Image Credit: Refinery 29

Still confused? Bring these photos to your colorist who should already be WELL AWARE of this trend! Essentially you are going for that mottled dark & gold vibe…

Now go out there and tortoiseshell the hell out of yo’ fine self!


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