Musical Concierge; What 3 New Albums Would You Suggest to a Stranger?

I was talking to a relative stranger today, and we struck up a conversation about writing and music. This stranger, in his early 50’s—was telling me about his career as a photographer and writer and we were trading war stories on how the creative industries have changed dramatically just in the last decade. I explained to said stranger, that in a former life, I was actually a busy music journalist who, when enough balls were in the air, could actually make a living from my written pursuits. I explained to him how I used to get an hour in person with the likes of artists like Lenny Kravitz, Gwen Stefani and a newcomer named ‘Adele’. Today, if you’re lucky, you get a 10-15 minute phone conversation max that is the intimacy equivalent of making love while wearing a hazmat suit. Today, if you want to sustain oneself  in a creative industry like entertainment writing, you have to diversify like never before—double the balls in the air, spinning plates on sticks, and a steady day job if you plan on paying the bills. While the internet has certainly giveth, it also has taketh away publishing opportunities on and off-line. With bloggers now in the mix, the market is saturated and the competition as fierce as ever.

Said stranger asked me to suggest some music for him to listen to, explaining that he was completely out of the loop with new music and had “no idea” what to listen to. Not really having a grasp on his tastes, I suggested he get the last Alabama Shakes album and told him that a new one was coming out in April. I then suggested Lake Street Dive and to round it out Hozier’s album. He listened to a few tracks on his iPhone in front of me and thought all three were excellent suggestions. This got me thinking dear readers; what current 3 albums would YOU suggest to a stranger you just met? Suggestions that despite gender, age or a detailed list of their psychographics—that said stranger would be sure to LOVE!

I’m thinking there might be something to this musical concierge thing?

Let me know your 3 album (yes, a-l-b-u-m-s!) picks!

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