Madonna Coachella ‘Drake Kiss’ was Rapey…

I truly hate when ageism shaming and Madonna intersect; but this really has to be said.

The Coachella kiss that Madonna ‘sprung‘ on Drake during his performance was aggressive and, yes rapey in nature.


Let’s back up the bus for a second, and assume Drake is telling the truth when he says the “kiss” was unplanned. He could very well be lying à la Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson post Super Bowl 2004.

But let’s say he is being honest, that said kiss, threw him for a loop—if the roles were reversed, ie; the genders and ages were reversed…there would be MAYHEM!

Have a look at the video; the kiss is aggressive to the point of suffocation. Is she administering CPR?! Arm-wrestling him with her mouth?

What I find most disturbing is her forcing his hand down as he ‘pretends’ to enjoy a mutual kiss. The whole master/servant ‘control’ thing makes me ill.

Imagine if it were say, Prince, surprising Rihanna with an unplanned, aggressive kiss, where he ‘holds her hand down’?

He would be read the riot act! Possibly charged with assault?

The more I think about it, the more it had to have been planned. He offered up an explanation today to his reaction-of-disgust saying “I Wasn’t Disgusted By Madonna Kiss … It Was Her Gnarly Lipstick…

Who will ever know the truth about the theatre of the absurd ploys that artists have to ‘entertain’ to get a reaction these days. Perhaps she was playing with the idea that women can get away with such things; but I still don’t think it was worth it to court the controversy.

It wasn’t exactly a banner year for icons who previously asserted forced their power over those weaker and ‘younger’ than them in  sexual scenarios.   

Please let me know your thoughts?

Was this planned? Was Madonna over the top? Did you find the kiss aggressive? Lampooned? Distasteful? Provocative?


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