Electric Unicycle NineBot One. The Future of Personal Transport is On Fleek!

So I’m walking in downtown Toronto last week in the early evening, going west on Queen St just before University when I see this guy WHIZZZ by me on some sort of contraption. I wasn’t the only on that took notice. Everyone around me turned their heads in amazement, mouths agape as to what they were seeing?! Being that I am The Pop Culture Rainman™ +  a Trend Hunter to boot, before I knew it I was chasing after this guy, waving my hands wildly and yelling for him to “STOP!!”


My first response as he came to a quick halt was “WHAT IS THAT?!”

He answered in an accent that suggested he had lived in several cities around the world besides his native Singapore; “it’s an electric unicycle!

To my utter cluelessness these electric unicycles have been around for a couple of years now. The gold standard of electric unicycles—-the futuristic + compact Ninebot One [insert regal trumpet here] was created in Beijing and was just released to market during Christmas 2014, so, really I’m not THAT out of touch. The NineBot was also the hottest item at CES Las Vegas back in January, with orders pouring in from all over the world for Spring 2015.  

The Ninebot One is touted as a battery-powered personal transportation device that is both compact and totally ‘stylin. It is not for use on main streets and can travel upwards of 20km/h while having the facility of 360º mobility. You can also bling the balls out of the Ninebot One with personalized media add-ons, designs/colors/lights, and it transforms into a case that is light weight and easy to carry.

I asked the guy in the above photo that I snapped, how long it took him to learn how to use it, and he said 3 days—and afterwards he was a pro. Others can pick it up instantly while others take longer, but another add-on option is a set of training wheels, to get your unicycle legs in check.

Photos from L to R: A Tricked out Ninebot One with training wheels and attachable light, The Kids are Alright on their personalized NineBot Ones + Programmable Iridescent Ambient Lamp technology. There are thousands more color options than just the ‘Game of Simon’ light show pictured below right.

While there are other brands of electric unicycles out there, the NineBot is only avail in select areas/stores in Canada, US, Etc, but the product can be shipped to anywhere in the world OBVS.

This will be the hottest new trend that you will see growing in north America this summer, and I for one would LOVE to own one! (Hint, Hint Montreal distributors of NineBot Canada?) It’s a safe alternative for the environment and I love the sleek design and ease of use. Because this is a new product different cities will have various laws and regulations regarding safety gear. But it’s always wise to wear a helmet and safety pads with anything that can reach considerable speed ya dig?

and YES I tried to get away with saying ‘On Fleek’ in my title without sounding like a try-hard foolio. It’s a great SEO Booster, and let’s face it, I’m still $996,000 away from being a millionaire and need all the help I cans GETS.

Send Money. Ride Carefully.


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4 thoughts on “Electric Unicycle NineBot One. The Future of Personal Transport is On Fleek!

  1. If you’re looking for a place to buy these in the U.S. Check out hoodriderz.com. They’re based in NYC and offer free shipping too!

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