Rainy East Coast…Summer Where Art Thou?


It’s been a miserable RAINY 48 hours for most of us on the East Coast, with seasonally lower-than-normcore temperatures all around.

Naturally this begs the question; Summer where art thou…and why have you forsaken us?

Canadians take their summers very seriously. Our window of warmth is basically 4 months long (or short!) depending on how you view your cup ‘o life. So far I’m feeling rather gypped in the weather dept—the sun has been all crickets & tumbleweeds styles. I mean, July 1st is around the corner + I’ve yet to experience one of those hot, balmy, patio nights!?!?

…Last nights rainstorm felt like this


…Prompting me to create this meme after finding some rando’s patio umbrella in my driveway this morning.


I have a healthy fear that summer won’t come at all by the looks of the weeks forecast?!

…So I will leave it in Pebbles + Bam Bam’s hands—if only for the nostalgic, cozy, feel-good factor.

Let the Sunshine in Y’all,

New Crop

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