Kardashian Rant; the Kids are not Alright

I realise I am not splitting the ideation atom when I complain about the Kardashian army + my distaste for their absolute stronghold over the pop culture zeitgeist. ‘Cause zeitgeists don’t reign for YEARS? They’re not supposed to? They have their moment in the sun…so to speak. Why isn’t this ENDING?!!! Someone make this crazy train STAWWWWWWWP!?

*Spot the Difference?

Spot the Difference? You can’t do it can you?

I don’t know why it is, that when I see them coalesce on the cover of magazines, it feels like a personal slight against my soul? I don’t see their value? I don’t understand the obsession? Granted I’ve never watched more than a handful of episodes of their reality show, and I know they are a supportive bunch of siblings and there’s a cozy factor of value in that—but besides being life sized DeBratz dolls what’s the ALLURE? I’ve heard them all speak, there is nothing worthy there that could even be considered merit for this intense spotlight. NOTHING! The only one I find remotely interesting is Kendall Jenner A) because it seems she hasn’t rewired all her body parts and B) because she seems to keep a LOW profile, does her job, and isn’t HONGRAY, nay FROTHING at the bit for fame? I mean how HONGRAYYYYYY does Khloe appear in the above shot? She appears dangerously starved for attention. It feels so chaotic.  

What bothers me most, is that younger generations truly have only one FOOD group of which to pluck from in todays Pop Culture Pu Pu Platter? It’s heinously unbalanced in terms of mainstream media. Even what I considered to be edgier or counter culture media outlets have cowered to the pressure? Why is this family being forced upon my media diet and trying to ETCH themselves all up in my KITCHEN? It’s WAY offensive. 

Let me know your thoughts. We must band together and align in protest against this utter TRIPE. Also I think I’m going to start a drinking game based on how many times Kim refers to herself as a ‘business woman’. Were all in business one way or another KIM…no need to attach a gender to it?!

Don’t even get me started on Kanye’s last delusional interview. Yuck

Stop fanning the flames of MEDIOCRITY (no, not you…you have divine taste. THEM! It’s all THEM!)

Rant Over,


2 thoughts on “Kardashian Rant; the Kids are not Alright

  1. OMG Amen! I HATE HATE HATE what they are doing to Pop Culture. I was (and in some ways still am) a HUGE fan of Pop Culture, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Nirvana, heck, even The Brady Bunch is even better than this. I literally cannot believe this shit ~ have the brains of the people aged 15-25 rotte? I capped the age at 25 because I sincerely hope when one reaches the 26th year, one will grow some sense! Kim Kardashian has a game app? To do what exactly? And now her poor misguided younger sister Kylie has her own app too? To do what exactly? People actually pay money for this shit? Ok, it’s $2 a month but really? To do makeup and how to get your hair extensions in? Really? You can get that for free on YouTube? I personally recommend Michelle Phan, or Monika Blunder if you are into hair/makeup, they are great. What sage advice can Kylie Jenner impart to her ‘fans’? With Kim, I get, don’t film yourself having sex is a good start, but then that’s how she got her start, so I am confused. But you get my drift.
    Lastly to have ‘fans’ used to mean you had an artistic talent, such as singer, dancer, actress, musician etc., an unique talent where others could like or admire in the genre in which you perform. Ok. I am ranting now, have got to stop before I begin foaming at mouth. But thank you for writing this.

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