Sweater Knit Nail Art for the Holidays!

Back with a freshly squeezed nail art trend ’cause let’s face it; nail art posts are the anchors that pay the rent around here! ‘Tis really the catnip of the interwebs. 

Truth be told I *actually* cage dance in a fluorescent pink PVC raincoat for my rent at the local cosmic bowling night. It’s a living.

While the winter holidays are classically the time to put a little razzle dazzle into your nail game, this trend will have everyone at your next holiday hang, enviably gawping at your digits.

Sweater knit nail art turns your nails into cozy cable knits and is wonderfully versatile. The secret sauce is a 3D Gel which gives the nails the knitted ‘weave’ dimension that this design requires. Done wrong, it can end up looking like lumpy, formless oatmeal or sometimes too Aztec Navajo styles. Done right, it should look like tiny little sweaters on your nails. Too cute!

Behold; some Hello Pony Inspired Pastels!


…High Definition Cable Knit

new brighter

… Holiday Winter Whites

…High Design

Huge fan of the Tartan, Pearl + White Sweater look…the Stiletto Nails—not so much, but j’adore the Bubble Gum Pink set against the light Mauve.

…Third Digit Sweater Stylings

So there you have it nail art aficionados—cozy, adorbs sweater knitted nail art. I’ll be taking these pics to a pro nail artisan, but for the DIY show-offs, here’s a tutorial.

With lots of Holiday Love from your Nail Art Sensei,


New Crop

P.S. Should I see you at cosmic bowling night, I don’t know you…you don’t know me…aiiight?

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