Get-Foxy-Ready-For-Fall 2017~Beauty Edition PREVIEW TEASER

‘Scuse moi for that loquacious wordy-vampire of a title my gorgeous LOVER HEADS!

I just need to make it Crystal lite CLEAR that this is in fact a *teensy* preview, and not the juicy grandiose affair that I publish annually.  

As per usual I’m totes late playing the LONG game in terms of preparing my magnum opus of foxy fall beauty intel.

So for now → absorb the magic of last years post and I will leave you with the following Hansel & Gretel-like bread crumbs to nibble on.

Diaphanous Lilac Eyes

Powdery, space-aged lilac placed in unexpected nooks of eye real estate is all the rage for fall beauty 2017. *Let’s all pretend that fur PELT is faux so I can sleep at night?!

Mary Katrantzou

Floating Lip Liner et al

Floating lip liner, holographic lipstick, gradient lips, ombré lips or barely there lip stains. It’s all whole new world of lip service on tap this season. *Click on photos for a better look.

Teal Nails

Loving this teal shade as a single colour, seen at Philip Lim for fall 2017

Philip Lim Jin Soon Nail Smoky Teal Charade Finish.png

…and lastly I’m going to be ‘hella cryptic with this last one ↓ and trust me its not what you think!

I’ll be back soon with renewed vim and vigor offering up my FULL REPORT for FW beauty trends, the latest in skin care, help-my-face-is-falling-gadgetry, hair, nails, giveaways and so much more!

…Ohhhhh shut your GORGEOUS!


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