February’s Pop Culture Dance Card is FULL

Here at the Pop Culture Rainman™ were rather ‘house proud’ with how BUSY were getting! Here’s a quick glance at all the pop culture extravaganzas we’ll be covering in February!


First up, tonight Feb 5th at 7pm, I will be taking part in #IndigoBookClub chat with writer Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild and my most recent read tiny beautiful things; Advice on love and life from Dear Sugar.


The book reminded me of Hugh Prather’s Notes to Myself, in that the advice can be reabsorbed at random, and yet remain timeless. It’s the kind of read that begs passages to be circled and underlined; pages dog eared for future reference.

I particularly loved this passage on the ‘imposter syndrome’ + doubt that writers struggle with when TRYING to write their first book.

IMG_0178 (2)

Next up I will be checking out ‘Drawing Toronto’ by visual artist Shantell Martin this Saturday Feb 6th at Cold stream Fine Art Gallery.

Sunday, Feb 7th I will be having HIGH TEA at Toronto’s famed Casa Loma to celebrate Winterlicious, an annual culinary event that showcases some of this six’s best restaurants for a fixed price menu.

Next I will be at an exclusive event for Holt Renfrew’s spring All Together campaign on Feb 11th.


The 2016 Grammy Awards will be on Monday, Feb 15th and I will be LIVE TWEETING @popcultrainman!


 Prince will insight vocal hysterics from the audience should he make an appearance. Please show up, please show upppppp!




Be sure to tune in for my music know-it-all color commentary on Feb 15th starting at 7pm.

The next day Feb 16th at 2pm I’ll be appearing on Sirius XM’s Ward and Al show, recapping some of the Grammy highlights.


Full disclosure; without me—Ward and Al are a fountain of ever-flowing hilarity. With me, they actually become 10% funnier. It’s true. I have all the analytics. And a pie chart.

On Feb 17nd I will be attending the Toronto Notable Awards. I wasn’t nominated this year, but I was recently featured as a Notable Entrepreneur. Check out my interview here.

So there you have it, a detailed list of my Feb whereabouts should you be seeking to kidnap me.
Here’s to Next-Level Showing UP and gettin’ social!

New Crop





I Came, I Saw, I Attended My First Ever Blogger Conference-#BlissDom 2013

Athough I’ve been a published writer for over fifteen years I’ve only recently become hip to the blogger scene. First as an exclusive contributor for the Huffington Post and in the last 6 month’s on my personal blog The Pop Culture Rainman.

In an era where it is *encouraged to spill ones own digital ink* throughout social media, writers—-› especially funny ones, have become super forces on the web.

Via personal blog sites, Youtube channels and Twitter platforms, successful bloggers (i.e. those with healthy follow counts) can receive huge pay offs in lieu of book deals, television pilots and the ambiguous apogee in social media stature; Online Fame.
One of the largest communities and resources for bloggers is the American site BlogHer.com which boasts an online community of 92 million. BlogHer also hosts several niche and one mammoth conference, where I’ve been told the totem pole of online famedome looms large–hierarchy ‘tude included.
Blissful Thinking
In it’s fourth year, Blissdom Canada brands itself as Canada’s Premier Social Media/Blogging/PR Conference. With around 500 attendees from all over the country, Blissdom sets itself apart as a ‘kinder, gentler’ conference (how so very Canadian!) with the marrow to *inspire,* *connect,* and *teach.*
“This year we were very intentional that everyone [feel] at home,” said Shannon Mischuk co-principal at Blissdom Canada. “We want everyone to be conscious of their words and give everybody a chance to use their voice. Numbers don’t matter to us, it’s all about the conversations that take place”.
Being a blogger conference neophyte, I was excited to immerse myself in the culture, meet some like-minded individuals, and connect with some great Canadian brands. The setting was the Delta Meadowvale in Mississauga and although it’s a 3 day affair, I strictly attended Friday’s all day agenda starting at 8am.
Upon arrival I run into 10-year old blogger Hannah Alper in the lobby of the hotel, daughter of Twitter herculean musicologist, Eric Alper.
I want to help the world and promote causes I believe in, like the environment and social action” said Hannah not forgetting to promote herself as an official We Day and Free the Children speaker.
Hannah Alper: Her Future's So Bright *WE* Gotta Wear Shades!

Hannah Alper: Her Future’s So Bright *WE* Gotta Wear Shades!

Erm, Holy Impressive?!  I just stood there inhaling in her adultness and poise.
I do believe I was almost *exclusively* making my Barbie’s hump each other at her age and shame washes over me.
Mommy Bloggers Oh My!
A trend is taking shape; most of the women I am meeting overwhelmingly identify as ‘Mommy Bloggers’ in various permutations.
There were The Mompraneurs, The Yummy Mummies, The Outspoken Blunt Moms, The Karate Moms, The Happy Clappy Perfectly Positive Mommy’s, The ‘Can We Talk’ Mommy’s, The Wine Mommy’sThe-This-is-Why-We-Drink-Mommy’s, The Bacon Mommy’s (ok, I made that one up) the Glam Mommy’s and the Yoga/Pilates Mommies. (BDB ‘Big Deep Breath’!)
Mommy Bloggers
Even though I’m not a mom myself, I get the ‘sisterhood’ of it all, and I understand the large draw to these kinds of events. The Mommy Blogger revolution began from the reality that many new moms feel isolated and overwhelmed and it was a way to initially share tips, stymie loneliness and curate community. From speaking to some of these women, many are ‘desperate‘ for a night or weekend away to connect with their friends and learn about their craft.
Of course not all ‘Mommy Bloggers’ simply write about runny noses and eco-diapers, while many eschew the term itself as it can sound quite condescending and limiting.
I’m not trying to devalue or mock Mommy Bloggers, the fact is, most of the women I met at Blissdom owned this term in their titles and branding platforms. I would never insinuate that it is all they are. I mean at the core we are all writers trying to express ourselves creatively right?
Perhaps it says more about me than anything that I felt stifled by the overwhelming atmosphere of Mommy Bloggers. Hmm..projection much Ms Gold? (Fertility Woes Ovah Here!)
*Might I add, most were lovely and as kind as can be while ONLY one or two appeared to have swallowed their own vomit in my presence?