Hot Trend: Butterflies on EVERYTHING!

Butterflies have long been beloved, spiritually adored creatures of nature.

The mere transformation from caterpillar (read: larvae) to a beautiful motley of colors and ethereal wings (read: butterfly) is the stuff of symbolic aphorisms for CHANGE, GROWTH, LIFE and DEATH in religious texts, books and poems the world over.

It is the Seed from which every Folk Tale has plucked from; from the Ugly Duckling to Pygmalian…the Butterfly is the original MAKEOVER story!

Also to be noted the ‘the Butterfly’ is one of the most common symbols for ADC ‘After Death Communication’. Many people have reported receiving a sign which affirmed that their deceased family member or friend had survived physical death and continues to live in another dimension of existence. That sign has often times been a butterfly, perched on a window sill at the exact moment when someone is grieving over the departed or at a grave site when asked for a ‘sign’.

Regardless of your belief system, one can definitely understand why the legacy of the lovely butterfly continues to live on strongly in pop culture & fashion.

In fact, Spring 2013 is proving to be the SEASON of the Butterfly with a cornucopia of butterfly Accessories like these hot Gucci shades…

Seeing Butterflies!

Gucci is Seeing Butterflies!

Christian Lacroix’s Line of Furniture & Pillows for Designers Guild…

Grande Dame Sofa...

Grande Dame Butterfly Sofa…

Lacroix's Butterflies

Lacroix’s Butterflies…

Butterflies were THE fashion trend for Spring 2013 on catwalks from Toronto, Paris & Everywhere In Between!


Pink Tartan




…And was the branding element for the ENTIRE spring collection of APRICOT dresses.


Butterflies on scarves are a HUGE trend for spring 2013…


Van Cleef & Arples revisits the ‘Two Butterfly’ collection by adding a touch of pink for 2013 on their ‘Between the Finger’ rings.

Simply Magnificent!

Simply Magnificient!

If that hasn’t convinced you of the current zeitgeist in ‘Butterfly Everthing’…One Directions most talented boy band hottie Harry Styles just recently tattooed a butterfly on his chest, leaving tongues a wagging and the butterfly front and center stage in the most literal of ways!


Take that Hipster Deer Heads!!


The Butterfly is here to STAY! Fly Butterfly, FLY!

XOXO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The Pop Culture Rainman