Spring 2017 Unicorn Trends: Unicorn Food, Unicorn Beauty and Style Inspo!


Unicorns are having a BIG moment.

One would have to be pop culturally myopic to have not clocked in on the Instagramable boom of unicorn-everything as of late. From #UnicornFood to the stand alone #Unicorn hashtag signifying the originality of someone or something—this trend is currently flying through the digital landscape by the nanosecond.

Humans have long been fascinated with the mystical & mythical (or is it?) tale of the unicorn dating back to The Bible. As one legend describes it, the fiercely dangerous and exotic hybrid animal could not be caught unless “a virgin held it to its bosom“—which strikes me as rather PERVY?!

Personally, I’m much more inclined to evoke a childhood Hello Kitty/Hello Pony-esque version of the unicorn. I want to go on a Never-Ending-Story ride on one or French braid their hair, even though a straight braid is all I’m capable of. I also like the idea that it could be male or female, or ideally—genderless. 

…Also, in my flight of fantasia, unicorns tinkle glitter rainbows and poop FUNFETTI…ummm ’cause they can!

Wait a minute, now that I think about it—I totally need all unicorns to be GIRLS!

#AllUnicornsareGirls #SorryNotSorry

Being a unicorn can simply lend itself to magical thinking, to being undefinable & ageless, to a visual of Drew Barrymore giggling as she sneaks extra popping boba on her cotton candy FROYO ← I mean how presh is that last one?

However you interpret the legend of the unicorn, enjoy this seminal pop culture list of the latest trends and inspo that you can incorporate into the ***magic*** of your everyday life! 


While the “unicorn trend” surfaced back in 2016, the culinary #UnicornFood trend has been exclusively a 2017 phenom!

As you can see, the emphasis here is on the sweetest of confections—from macaroons to the Insta famous #UnicornCake to my personal favourite a healthy blue algae #UnicornLatte from The End Brooklyn.

I’m convinced this is what Zsa Zsa Garbor’s orgasms would have looked like through Kirlian photography ↓ 

*Maybe that last joke was more of a ‘grower and not a show-er?’…”WELL THATS WHAT SHE SAID!” (oh lord help me I cannot be stopped.)

…Serve your unicorn delights with an ‘electroplated’ flatware set courtesy of Urban Outfitters and this party train is just getting started!


I’ve always been super clear that when a trend ends up on the shelves of your local pharmacy—it’s simmering towards oblivion, if not sudden death.

That being said, there’s always the exception to the rule—and the #UnicornHair colour trend just isn’t letting up.

While I would always recommend a colourist before a DIY job, for those of us on the aging accelerant train towards hair BREAKAGE (totes opposite of a party train!) I would recommend the ease and convenience of a wig!

Wearing a wig these days ain’t no big THANG—think Gwen Stefani, Rhianna and that obscure-unknown Kylie Jenner for modern day touch points.

Unicorn Hair Totally Care…

Plastik Magazine’s Plastik Store has some super fun versions.  Left: The Unicorn (natch!), Top: Cotton Candy & Bottom: Pastel Dream

And, AND…all of the STAHHHH‘s and Hair & Beauty Bloggers swear by UniWigs. They have an enormous assortment of human and synthetic hair wigs, extensions, toppers and pieces that can be easily shipped all over the world.

Their Trendy Wigs selection can give you the unicorn hair of your dreams, plus I love the idea that many of them come with realistic roots + prestyled textures and layers! From L to R: ‘Lucy‘, & ‘Tonya‘. 


While there are bounties of unicorn makeup examples on the web here’s some brand new products + a whole ‘lotta inspo to get that ethereal glow.

Anastasia Beverly Hills “Moon Child” kit can be used all over your GORGEOUS self and Tarte Cosmetics just launched their “Unicorn Collection” of playful horned make up brushes, ‘lights’ mascara and highlighter compact.

…These Unicorn Tears products are absolute staples for the worlds hottest beauty bloggers. Too Faced Lip Crème in you guessed it “Unicorn Tears,” Farsali Primer in “Unicorn Essence” and JUST ANNOUNCED Pat McGrath will be launching this “Cyber Clear” eye gloss (also for cheekbones and lips) on April 11tth, 2017 exclusively at PatMcGrath.com

But truly the Farsali product shot does little to show off the sorcery of what Unicorn Essence can do, so I give you this demo by YouTube juggernaut Isabel Bedoya.

*Please excuse the “Night at the Roxbury” sounding ear-hemorrhoid playing in the background.

And lastly for some full makeup inspiration check out the following examples for next-level incandescence. L: Instagram’s beauty doyens @johannaherrstedth and R: @ohmygeeee (also wearing a Uni Wig!)  *Notice the highlight on cupids bow and nose.


Truth be told there’s far too many literal translations of #UnicornNails out in the digital ether, and the bulk of examples are painfully tacky. Nails in the shape of stiletto swirling unicorn horns?

…I’d prefer the swallowing of my own vomit, thank you very much.

Instead, I offer up the Spring 2017 nail swatches from Soho New York’s titans of nail art Paint Box Nails with enough INSPO and variety to last you throughout the entire summer!

nail inspoPaintBox Nails


Are we there yet? Were just rounding the corner to our last installment, which is Unicorn STYLE.

Again, any lazy hack could point you towards boardwalk tees with iron-on unicorn EVERYTHING, but this is a piece of about tapping into the radiance of your own imagination.

LITERAL has no place here.

Instead, I do what the best trend spotters in the industry do, make connections and introduce previously untapped ideas.   

A huge trend that is taking shape for Spring 2017 is the HOLOGRAM sneaker. All of these examples conjure up the fantasy and alchemy of the unicorn, and look at YOU SUPERSTAR, YOU’RE SO ON TREND! 


Vans Classic Slip Ons in Holographic Silver

Urban OG

MisBehave Holographic Rainbow Lace Urban OG



Converse Paradise Party Hi Top *Sold  at Free People


…Should the hologram sparkle not suit your strut, these new Nike Air Max  LD-Zero in baby pink should do the trick!

for summer brides-to-be who see themselves more as a show stopping ingénue, how drop dead G-g-g-g-orgeous is this Marchesa tulle gown? Add on those sparkly Chuck Taylor’s and you’ve got yourself a ‘Unicorn Bride!’

Kimonos are still coasting on a trend high and Montreal expat Rita Ghanimé infused her design expertise & undeniable sensual allure to her custom Made with Love line. This season Ghanimé’s kimonos are inspired by Anäis Nin and moonlight refracting sequins that she will ship from her home base in Los Angeles.  

…and lastly accessorize like a boss with these go-big-or-go-home Gucci dazzlers, a suggestive unicorn top-knot bun (the scarf need not be Gucci ladies) and Kate Spade’s Jeff Koonz inspired Unicorn Balloon Clutch!

That’s it for me, now please excuse me as its time to lay down for a ***Unicorn Dream***…which is essentially me frolicking around with Charlie Hunnam in an sea of Lucky Charms marshmallows set to Enya’s “Orinoco Flow…”

Ohhhhh shut your gorgeous…


Now Trending : Star Sightings for Spring 2017!


If you’re just tuning in tadpoles + kittens, you might recall that the last of the mammoth motif trends was the pineapple?

…And in the revolving door of trends where EVERYTHING changes and if you aren’t careful you could be guilty of being “sooooo 5 minutes ago,” this years appliqué-on-everything is… THE STAR!


We first got a glimpse of this STARRY trend on Stella McCartney’s F/W Jeans + handbags & she’s continued into spring 2017 with her platform brogues with playful mirrored stars in a selection of incredible colours!

*Printed mid-rise straight leg jeans $495.00, faux leather platform brogues $1,140.00, Falabella mini star tote aprox $650.00 and up

Designer-to-the-stars (how Meta!) Elie Saab dedicated her ENTIRE ready to wear Spring/Summer 2017 collection to the star trend from head to toe including accessories.

Designer Rixo London have some amazing cosmic love Spring 2017 offerings…

…St Laurent is stylishly on trend with their stunning black denim skinny jeans and pink star appliqué leather sneakers.

…And super sexy + edgier than thou Canadian jewelry line TOVA  has a wall-to-wall STAR STUDDED S/S line (*I’m running out of clever metaphors here) and can be purchased through their Instagram @tovastore

…How about some star nail inspo to go along with the trend? Cute for the toes too!

And lastly, but not least-ly—Emma Stone owned the 2017 Golden Globes red carpet wearing this g-g-gorgeous diaphanous silver star dress by Valentino.


…and this brings me to you-saw-this-coming-from-around-the-corner SEGUE of the title track from Emma Stone’s + Ryan Gosling’s LA LA LAND…


You heard it here FIRST friendsicles! The STAR TREND is totally a thing. So get on it!

“…Might not know it now….Baby, but I are, I’m a star…”


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Get Fall Foxification-Ready Guide~Fashion & Accessories Edition!


  • Fall greetings my kittens!

Sincere mea culpage for having taken a longer-than-norms blogger sabbatical this summer. 

What was I up to you ask?

Travelling the far corners of the globe taking up feline-inspired needle point and making sweet, sweet love with my boyfriend actor Charlie Hunnam, crouching in the corner of my shower with a sponge in my mouth to muffle the sobbing.

Also, I feel it super necessary to mention that it was indeed another braless summer…


Fall Fashion is upon us! That vainglorious time of year when I wade through the seasonal trends and curate a unique FOXIFICATION guide so that you are fashionably on point this fall, or as the kids like to say “so lit.

Ready, set…get F-O-X-I-F-I-E-D!

The Transitioning…

While this title sounds like a low-budge slasher film starring Caitlyn Jenner, it really is the conundrum that has confounded fashionistas for millennia: 

How does one transition into fall?

I say it all starts with your feet—specifically the coverage of them.

No longer are airy-fairy flip-flops acceptable post labour day and/or your Burning Man comedown.

Substantial footwear is how you take that first step into fall.

new apfel

I listen to everything Iris Apnel says. Girlfriend just turned 95, has her own set of Emoji’s and is a total ledge.

String Theory

Heels and booties aren’t exactly groundbreaking fashion intel, but a trend that unites them both this season are stiletto-high heels with string details in exquisite oxblood/burgundies & royal blues.

*Click on photos for product info

Honorable mentions go out to these g-g-gorgeous boot offerings…


From L to R: Brian Atwood, Isabel Marant & Francesco Russo              


Think grandma’s couch circa 79’ (that was covered in plastic!) and you will get a pretty good idea of what brocade looks like. It’s an opulent fabric worthy of a royal clarion call upon entering any room (that light blue Miu Miu ‘tho!) 

If its all a little too head-to-toe ornate for your tastes, the St. Laurent booties or the Self-Portrait Bomber jacket—another huge trend this fall, can be seamlessly worked separately into any outfit.


For this 80’s section, lets 1st set the table properly shall we? …Aaaand cue music!

This classic music video is brimming with sexual tension in every frame. The porny Cleopatra/Mark Antony scenes, the gushing background fountain, an astronaut writhing on a mattress, those pounding keyboard fingers—the whole spectacle is a work of artistic genius!

Back to fashion! First up I must give ample credit to where its due.

Holy Alexis Carrington-Colby **Feels**…

YSL came out swinging with its fall 80’s game—replete with sexier than thou nymphs slithering down a gilded staircase that could easily double as part of the Dynasty set. It’s all so James Bond’s Octopussy meets the Addicted to Love Girls with pink-neon-sex-lasers shooting out of their eyeballs—n’est-ce pas?

No, you cant see the pink neon lasers, but if you say Octopussy 5 x’s fast they will magically appear.  

Kinky 80’s

Ok fyyyne, I’m uncertain as to how I would incorporate these first two outfits into an evening out—and by evening out I mean Netflix, a bag of Fig Newtons & my Slanket—but I fully appreciate the dedication and continuity of it all. Kenzo’s hot pink zebra-striped dazzler might fair better off the runway in a separated scenario, and to Moschino’s biker zipper leather skirt vixen I say…er…Yayyyyy Taffeta!? I was wondering how and when they would bring that elusive fabric back, and look at that…look, eh…, sorry, yea.. I can’t do this.

But wait, I would so wear that Isabel Marant red satin sizzler (…or is it silk? Who could really tell?) but only with a pair of full body Spanx and if there was roller skating. There must be roller skating.

The best bet for you to incorporate some 80’s fall fashion into your ‘drobe is to cherry pick some key accessories, instead of going full-on ZZ-Top video parody.

From L to R: Christian Dior Earrings, Dsqaured2 Sequined Bag & Fogel of Switzerland White Lace Tights


I normally avoid the colour red like a Kardashian All-Weekend E! Marathon, but in a crushed velvet version in that Haider Ackerman Russet Red…I want to BATHE IN IT! Below are some runway examples of this highly wearable and versatile fall trend. Special shout out to that **swoony** Elie Saab Hollywood siren gown!

It’s oh-so SWOONY.

*Click on the photo for product info

Also if you haven’t noticed, fur is an absolute no-no for me, and just look at the things you can do with velvet these days?

I mean hello, Fendi bag!?!?


 *No foxes were hurt in the making of this bag.


Sweater Stuffs

Two great trends happening in the sweater dept. for fall 2016.

First off, the oversized sweater in a host of varieties by Miu Miu, Gucci & the artfully frayed Simone Rocha in black.

…and Joseph really broke the mold on bringing this trend to the forefront. I adore them all, especially the last one which reminds me of the 80’s NAF NAF sweaters.

Secondly, the sweater dress has made a comeback with a mix of classic and utterly modern interpretations. If I had the choice I would wear these solely & exclusively all fall/winter long on the yearly, until infinity.

*Click on photos for product info

La Feminata

I came up with this title, as to me it exemplifies the flouncy & lacey detailed dresses (and Rodarte pants!) that were front and center for fall 2016. Standouts were the Roberto Cavalli mustard dress worn by Beyoncé in her “Lemonade” video,  the ‘Chinoiserie’ inspired dresses from Alexander McQueen and this billowy violet stunner at Giambattista Valli.

In fact the entire Giambattista Valli (try saying THAT 5x’s fast?!) fall couture show was such-a-tour de force that it is best exemplified by Celine Dion’s vigorous brand of French-Canadian **feels** from when the chanteuse was front row back in early July.

But the true stars of the catwalk were those fierce Rodarte femme fatales in black lace and leather. WERK it ladies!

In fact their entire look (jet black hair & bangs, dark stained lips, is my fall beauty foxification inspo—coming to this blog in 1 week!


Fall 2016 was awash with inventive accessory options, but two bold trends stood out for me.


This trend is for the kind of women loves to make demonstrative entrances that changes all of the molecules in the room. A style arbiter and conversational polymath that everyone wants face time with! No other accessories need apply.

Top left to right: I spotted these Gucci works of art on Instagram super-fluencer Aureta + the stately lion gems are also by Gucci. The micro orchids at Rodarte were real and sadly didn’t last more than a day, but I appreciated the artistry!

Bottom left to right: It was love at first sight when I clocked in on those Simone Rocha precious jeweled flowers, they also come in black (hard to choose!) And mirror mirror on the wall…Lanvin’s show stopping metal duster earrings for fall 2016 and their resort 2017 tassel earrings for the win!


Pearls. Sounds about as basic as beige paint and a bowl of tofu. But these aren’t your garden-variety stepford wives pearls. Oh no. Pearls have gotten a sexy modern upgrade for fall 2016. Stand outs are the Dries Van Noten pearl pin choker (I love both colours!) and those pearl Louboutins are so much fun!

…And that’s all she wrote for the Pop Culture Rainman’s Get Fall Foxification Ready Guide~Fashion & Accessories Edition!

I know this barely pierces the fall fashion membrane, but be sure to follow my Pinterest for the entire breadth of the 2016 season.

Be sure to check out my Get Fall Foxification Ready Guide~Beauty Edition October 5th!


Stay Tuned & Stay Foxy,

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Coachella Style 2016 Wish List!

Coachella 2016

Hi Kids! I managed to put together my first FLAT LAY courtesy of Polyvore! Have a look at some of my Coachella Style 2016 picks! As you can see Polyvore likes to add in some rando links for the Where To Buy section, but you can clearly find many of these hot items at their namesake boutiques or websites. Should any of you damsels get the slightest itch to wear a floral wreath crown, I say scratch that sucker raw and replace it with THE ‘it gal’ item of the season, a Yosuzi pompom straw hat.  You can also look for style inspo on the Nasty Gal website or simply strut yourself into any Urban Coachella Outfitters and you will be good to go!

Enjoy the shows!  


Stella McCartney Short dress
4,775 CAD – net-a-porter.com

Alice Olivia white romper
625 CAD – net-a-porter.com

Pierre Balmain high-waisted shorts
825 CAD – net-a-porter.com

BUSCEMI leather shoes
1,100 CAD – forwardbyelysewalker.com

Elina Linardaki leather sandals
265 CAD – avenue32.com

Chloé fringe purse
2,605 CAD – farfetch.com

Vanessa Seward leather purse
505 CAD – net-a-porter.com

Sophie Anderson travel purse
860 CAD – net-a-porter.com

Isabel Marant bracelet
410 CAD – theoutnet.com

Tribal jewelry
85 CAD – popmap.com

Nak Armstrong stud earrings
1,515 CAD – barneys.com

Carolina Bucci sapphire earrings
1,870 CAD – net-a-porter.com

Chloé pendant necklace
755 CAD – brownsfashion.com

Sonix tech accessory
22 CAD – nordstromrack.com

Karen Walker oversized sunglasses
325 CAD – harveynichols.com

CÉLINE cat-eye glasses
465 CAD – superette.co.nz

28 CAD – sephora.com

Yosuzi Pompom-embellished woven straw sunhat
505 CAD – net-a-porter.com

Kylie Lip Kit KylieCosmetics.com

Meet the Lauded Stylists Behind Oscar Nominees Alicia Vikander, Cate Blanchett & Rooney Mara

 Left to right: Alicia Vikander wears Louis Vuitton, Cate Blanchett in Marc Jacobs, Rooney Mara in Givenchy Couture.untitled

With the Oscars less than a week away, stylists-to-the stars are working on their final fashion opuses for their award show clients. The goal is to be the physical embodiment of an Adele vocal; unflinching p-e-r-f-e-c-t-i-o-n for that final red carpet strut. 

If you’ve ever turned your nose up at the idea of having a stylist in the first place (can’t you people dress yourselves?!) lest it be known that the frenetic pace of awards season is an entirely different animal. The schedule leading up to the Oscars can feel like an unrelenting 9 month whirling dervish with stops at CannesVenice, TIFFThe Golden Globes, The Palm Springs Film Festival AwardsThe Critics Choice, The ACCTA’sThe Independent Spirit Awards, The Screen Actors Guild, The Baftas the many luncheons, the constant glad handing and step and repeating with the press—it seemingly never ends! Plus there are additional ‘looks’ needed for after parties, and after-after parties (multiple outfits are the norm) and lets not forget the art of illusionary undergarments like Spanx, the perfect fitting backless/strapless bra, double-sided tape, underwear that doesn’t show up in photographs (many go commando!), last-minute hemming, the perfect accessories, stockings, shoes, and clutch?! It takes months of preparation, designer meetings, client fittings, last-minute eyeballing at NY fashion week, tons of schlepping and all around huff and puffery.

By the time Oscar season rolls around, I imagine stylists adrenals are BEYOND fatigued that they simply want to head for the hills afterwards and take a vow of silence. That or head to St Barth’s for a perma IV of daiquiris.  

My point? Stylists are the main artery of awards season and an absolute necessity in order to play by the rules of the subterranean universe of the red carpet.

Let’s meet these fairy godmothers (and a father!) shall we?

Victoria Sekrier


Russian model-turned-stylist Victoria Sekrier has been dressing break-out star Alicia Vikander for about a year, after the pair met at a 2014 Christmas party. Before dressing Vikander, Sekrier took courses at FIT, interned for Anna Sui and finally settled in London where she works in editorial. Vikander is currently the ‘it gal‘ of red carpet fashion, with everyone buzzing about her style which has been described as ‘award winning’ in its own right, thanks in part to Sekrier’s well honed fashion chops.

The goal of a stylist is to take their personal style acumen and parlay it towards the tastes of their client. They can make suggestions, but in the end its the clients decision on what they want to wear. In Vikander’s case her taste tends to lean towards modern lines, some bohemian flair, unique embellishments and subtle edgy details.

Alicia Vikander Red Carpet Looks at a Glance

Clockwise from top left: Louis Vuitton with embellished bodice, two-piece white crop top and culottes by Rosetta Getty, pink and mauve separates by Barbara Casasola, black embroidered Louis Vuitton leather, maiden inspired Louis Vuitton and sequined Vuitton at the Sag Awards.

Vikader is so drop dead gorgeous—her looks so precious and doll-like, that her team opts for a minimalist approach in terms of hair and make-up; my favorite being her fair-maiden rolled up do! The same goes for jewellery according to stylist Sekrier who told the NY Times; “we never go for more than two pieces at a time — maybe a bracelet or a cocktail ring, or a necklace by itself.”

I personally find her more of a breath of fresh air than anything she’s worn on the red carpet, barring her Golden Globes white columned Louis Vuitton dress. I’m not convinced that her stylist is worthy of all the hoopla—it seems like Louis Vuitton is really doing all the heavy lifting, but apparently I am in the minority on this.

Elizabeth Stewart

SPOTLIGHTON_ElizabethStewart_480x720Should you not be familiar with the name Elizabeth Stewart, she is the stylist behind many an A-list heavyweight—namely fashion doyen Cate Blanchett. And if were picking favorites here, Blanchett’s red carpet style truly is in a class of its own, and one that I would covet for myself, if I had the chance! 

Style arbiter Stewart got her start as a fashion editor for W magazine eventually landing the plum role of creative director at The New York Times. She has styled covers from Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar and InStyle magazines.

Blanchett has established herself as the best dressed authority on the red carpet due to her exquisite taste that incorporates every color of the rainbow and designer looks as dramatic as her roles. “She’s one of those people who can carry [off] anything, and it’s from an innate confidence,” said to Stewart in a 2014 Us magazine interview.

Cate Blanchett Red Carpet Looks at a Glance

Clockwise from top left: high neck embroidered white Alexander McQueen, dramatic Giles Deacon ‘galaxy ball gown’ at Cannes, blush pink Givenchy couture, light blue and burgundy Erdem patchwork, black button up shirt and hot pink satin skirt by Camilla and Marc and ice blue Marc Jacobs.

Working together for a decade—a boon for Stewart as many a fickle star are known to ‘stylist hop’, Stewart knows exactly how to channel Blanchett’s tastes. “She wouldn’t wear anything she doesn’t love,” Stewart told Us  “that wouldn’t be possible with Cate. She really knows what works for her.

It’s evidently clear that Blanchett has an innate talent for fashion forward style and that she truly enjoys this facet of her career. I can’t wait to see what she will be wearing for the Oscars!

Ryan Hastings


Whereas there was a veritable pu pu platter of intel on the above players there was little-to-no info on notoriously press shy, Ryan Hastings—Rooney Mara’s stylistIt’s virtually impossible to find a notable quotable from Hastings on Mara, as he often declines to comment on his clients. Perhaps its why as a team they are so well matched, considering Mara’s mysterious aura of red carpet aloofness.

Rooney told Vogue in 2013 that she “never goes to parties” and considers red carpets “a nightmare,” as demonstrated by rarely seeing her smile in photographs.

A contributing stylist at Vanity Fair magazine, its been implied that Hastings is solely responsible for Mara’s branded ‘goth glam’ look that dates back to 2011’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo premiere. Whereas many a celebrity like to have their say, or as in Blanchett’s case full creative control of their red carpet brand (barring pick up and drop off) it was Hastings who created everything for Rooney from her slick back hair to her dark lips and edgy avante garde fashions—with Rooney preferring to focus solely on her acting. That is not to say that Rooney is unconscious about her style, on the contrary the looks are very much in line with her own tastes, but she confidently leaves the expertise in the hands of Hastings. He notoriously employs a chiaroscuro approach of either monochromatic black or white, and wispy, piece-y gossamer fabrics, always with a modern flair.

 Rooney Mara Red Carpet Looks at a Glance

Clockwise from top left:  Chanel couture at the New York film festival,  black lace detail Lanvin (and a rare smile), ruffled retro Givenchy, pale blush Alexander McQueen, see-through diaphanous black Givenchy white Alexander McQueen at Cannes.


Be sure to tune in on February 28th, when all three stylists will unleash their final red carpet piece de resistance for the 88th Academy Awards! The Oscars are watched by over 40 million in the US alone, and its the apogee of awards season for designers who get the privilege of having their work worn by an A-list celebrity, orchestrated in no small part by the tireless work of their personal stylists.

Your daiquiris await…


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Is Your Fall Fashion on Fleek?


Summer is officially getting the pink slip, and if you’re anything like me, the last week of August is met with the usual rigmarole of anxious fall-fashion ruminations.

 “What do I wear? I’m not ready? What does it all mean? WHO AM I? HOW DID YOU GET THIS NUMBERRRRR?!? Papaahhh Can You Hear MEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee????”

…Oh no? Just the style conundrum?


Making the transition into Fall is never easy. On one hand you want to hold on to the last lazy days of summer, on the other—you’d like to burn every Boho summer dress and romper in your closet right. about. now. 

Also, there’s a pair of Crocs flip-flops in there somewhere. Those stayI have terrible granny arches.

My end of summer fashion sense is a myopically styled mismatch, stuck in the morass of end-of-season purgatory. While I may not look the part right now, thankfully I know how to set the table properly. Part of my job is gaining fluency in all things FALL, months in advance for the sake of being the dopest trend zeitgeist in all the land.

This is a comprehensive Fall Fashion on Fleek list to getting your foxy self ready for that first fall Tinder date/step and repeat wall/internet sex scandal press conference.

Oh don’t kid yourself on that last one. Online shame (if not already) is coming for all of us.

Fair Maiden Dresses

Think Little Red Riding Hood meets the The Lord of the Rings, meets a Ricola lozenge commercial meets your everyday Milkmaid, and you’ll get the gist of this lovely and feminine fall trend.

L to R: Valentino, Alberta Ferretti, Burberry Prorsum, Valentino.


A huge fall trend is all about see-through SEXAY sheer fabrics + lace. From dresses, to peek-a-boo blouses + pants; show ’em what chu got…leaving just enough to the imagination. Ok, JLO is giving it all away for free in that Bao Tranchi number, but 20-year-olds only wish they could look that good—amirite ladies?

Top L to R: Burberry Prorsum, Altuzarra, the genius of Alexander McQueen, Givenchy blouse. *Click on each photo for a better view. Bottom: J Mendell + Bao Tranchi.


While I’m generally inclined to swaddle myself in head to toe fleece at the first sign of freeze o’clock, I’d like to think my sweater game is pretty tight during fall →On FLEEK some would say. No-one, absolutely no-one says this except try-hard moi trying to get the millennial vote.

Top L to R: Alexander Wang, Militant-inspired Isabel Marant, Altuzarra in a gorgeous powder blue. Bottom L to R: Vivienne Westwood cropped cable knit in red, Les Copains cozy knit with on trend firefly brooch.


Culottes are a great transitional fall piece that are easy to wear and can be dressed up with a great pair of booties, heels & designer tights. In other words, its like the best boob job of fall 2015 trends.

Top R to L: Rebecca Minkoff, Club Monaco, Ted Baker Tweed. Bottom L to R: Raw Hemmed Jean Culotte Top Shop, Celine.


Ahhhhhh fall brings back fond memories of back-to-school-shopping-days whereby my mom would rip open the changing room and ask in a decibel too high for my liking if my “pants were too tight on my crotch-area?’ in a unisex shop mind you, before checking the tightness factor for herself—my changing room still open for all to see. A breathable crotch area was paramount for my lovely mother. So yea, that is my segue for fall…PANTS. You’re welcome.

Top: Altuzarra tweeds, Chloé pre-fall. Bottom: a fleet of Isabel Marant pants—I’m obsessed! Love the high waists, thin belts & military feel!


*See above. Add in extra attention to my mothers pat down to avoid potential pre-teen jean vaginal suffocation.

Top L to R: See By Chloe pants & braided skirt,  a staple easy-fit Rag & Bone. Bottom: L to R: Maria Flare J Brand, Tibi skirt.


Foot wear can make or break an outfit; at best it can bring an entire look together or stand alone as the main event. Put your best foot forward with these statement pieces!

Top L to R: Tierney Bootie Club Monaco, Philosophy Alberta Ferretti, Sophie Webster Yasmina Pom Pom Heel, Proenza Schouler wrap sandals (*comes in various colors + fabrics, all stunning!) Middle L to R: Altuzarra lace ups, Fillipa Buckle Pump Club Monaco. Bottom: Isabel Marant boot, Celine black sneakers (also comes in white!)


Leather, plaid and tartan are in abundance this fall in coats, capes, wraps and ponchos. As you may have noticed I don’t wear fur—and no it’s not the same as leather (which I wear rarely to never) so please no hate mail? *Click on each photo for brand info.


My bag ethos is go BIG or go home! And while the trend this fall is to go micro-small in terms of purses, this is the Pop Culture Rainman™ Fall Fashion list—I never follow the herd! Just remember, wear the bag, don’t let it wear you! *Click on each photo for brand info.


I’m not an all-you-can-eat-buffet of jewellery wearer. I like one or two statement pieces at most—spare is generally my bauble ethos. This fall, it’s all about the bold EARRING, worn on its own as the main event! Top from L to R: Louis Vuitton, Marni, Celine. Bottom from L to R: Isabel Marant, Christian Dior.

The One Off

Other pairs J’adore are this tribal inspired Chloé set, these g-g-g-g-g-gorgeous Fernando Jorge numbah’s + lastly these bionic Tom Ford show stoppers!

Designer Tights

The best way to add a little confetti to any outfit is to pair it with some ‘stand out and get noticed‘ tights or hosiery. I personally would sell my left buttock for these spectacular ‘holier’ than thou Proenza Schouler’s. I will either do that or simply head on over to The Room at Hudsons Bay (Vancouver + Toronto only) where they retail for $325.00



Nothing says “well put together” like a fierce pair of fall-ready sunglasses. From Celine + Fendi‘s (lined up on right side) offering of bold blue frames, to my favorite eyewear designer from here to infinity Theirry Lasry! How stunning are his frames with glittery colored flecks? Some might say they are so on FLEEK? (No-one, no-one will say that…)

For further insight into my entire list of fall fashion notables follow my Pinterest page here + be sure to catch my FALL BEAUTY round-up back here next week!

Style for Style, (*points for the first person to place this quote…)


New Crop

Pride Fashion, Accessories + Nail Art! Everyone is Wearing the Rainbow!

Since Friday’s monumental Supreme Court Decision to legalize Gay Marriage in all 50 states, the US has been showing off its Colors PROUDLY. *Let the record show that us Canadians legalized Gay Marriage over a decade ago—cause we progressive like that, but this is your moment to shine US, so in the glitteryyet-stern words of Mama Ru “Shantay You Stay…”

 But Most of All…


The decision came just in time for world pride week, and now everywhere you look gorgeous rainbow hues are abundantly displayed in full regalia—my Facebook + Twitter feeds look like a sea of Skittles!

So with this unanimous outpouring of pride, support and love, I offer up some rainbow fashion, accessories + nail art to all—no matter who you choose to mouth hump!

LOVE IS LOVE + Rainbows are Awesome…so without further ado!


Rainbow Steppin’ from L to R: Converse Chuck Taylors, Valentino, Charlotte Olympia


Mara Hoffman Weekender Bag,  Moschino Bracelet, Edie Parker Clutch, Rainbow Aviator Glasses (every top label has a version this season!) iPhone 6 Case by Casetify



Mara Hoffman, known mainly for her splendiferous bathing suits, came out with a line of free-to-be-you-and-me rainbow dresses perfect for an outdoor summer concert, a night on the town, or for your next cult meeting? It’s a little too Polyphonic Spree for my taste.

Hoffman’s strapless maxi +  strappy mini below  are definitely more my aesthetic. I would absolutely live in that strapless maxi all summer! 

I changed my mind, I would absolutely live *solely* in these two bombshell numbers all summer long! The Pocahontas inspired Dress + Jumpsuit are beyond STUN. Mara Hoffman is my Rainbow Godmother and I’m absolutely under her spell!


Suit Up!

And…doing what she does best, Mara Hoffman’s bikini’s + caftans are swimmingly perfect!

Nail Art

Nail Art fascinates me.  Also, it’s also a HUGE draw to my blog, so I try to incorporate something from the art form as often as possible. Here are some original interpretations on the rainbow totem pole of design.

L to R: Stained Glass Window Effect by Nailed it NZ, A Full Digit Rainbow by Fuck Yea Nail Art, Tokyo Nail Artist Eichi Matsunaga Studded Nails, + Janelle Estep’s Sponge Gradient Nails.

Well there you have it friendsicles! A cornucopia of rainbow inspired wares from Moi to Toi!

Now go out there and WERK IT!




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Fall 2014 Trends for Guys + Dolls

Hi Kittens! Miss me?

Mea Culps as I was away on Fakecation. Several in fact.

But enough about moi, because my favorite time of year is upon us…


Yes it’s fall, the most substantial fashion-procuring-season of the year.

I don’t know about you, but ‘Winter-Fashion’ is a mammoth oxymoron in my humble opinion. I end up looking like the late Robin Williams in The Fisher King just trying to survive the harsh elements. And in summer? I’m pretty much bra-less with a sweaty upper lip area. How fashion fits into that sexy mess is a mystery to me?

…So for your UNISEX pleasure I bring you Fall Fashion Trends for both Guys + Dolls.

N.B. There are no choices with fur in any of my offerings because I find it grotesque and cruel, oh and this.


Shopping for you dudes was a difficult task as the majority of runway ‘looks‘ were like one big glittery Liberace carnival-float (not that there’s anything wrong with that…) However it’s not exactly what I could see my own man wearing, let alone my beloved readers. So, I cherry-picked some looks that I believe will appeal to a wide array of taste buds, while remaining on trend.

Orange is the New Black

Orange as a color palette is huge for menswear Fall 2014. To simplify, I plucked a couple of wearable looks for you to choose from. From Left to Right DSQAURED Quilted Bomber Jacket, Strellson Zinc Cotton Pants, Gucci Running Shoes.

Personally I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this vomitus carrot garbage, but don’t blame the messenger! Hint: get 1 statement piece, like a staple jacket for example. Like Tim Gunn says: “Make it Work People!

Bag It

The latest bags for fall 2014 are sizable boxy carry-on’s in bold colored prints and fabrics. DSQUARED showed off some great bags at their runway show as did Etro and Burberry Prorsum

Might I also add that j’adore the entire DSQAURED ‘look’ from head to toe? How hawt are those incredible shoes?! *Click onto photo for magnified view.

Designer Kicks

…Speaking of shoes (+ awful segues) Designer running shoes are all la RAGE and I couldn’t help but become enraptured with these Balenciaga stunners + these Tom Ford red velvet high-tops.

Did Somebody say Velvet? (See what I did there?)

Whenever I hear someone say ‘Velvet‘ I automatically think of this classic scene from Coming to America 

Beyond being cruelty-free, velvet is a playful textured fabric and was seen all over the runways for fall 2014. Vibrant colors, pinstripes and patterns took center-stage courtesy of dandy-esque suits via Dolce + Gabbana and Etro.

As a footnote, I’m not a huge fan of the resurgence of the double-breasted suit as I don’t think it does anyone any favors.

Except for Letterman.


Dave’s Double Breasted vintage game was always TIGHT! 

Kick Ass Boots

Like the title suggest, think Clock Work Orange meets well-worn Biker Boots and you have Fall 2014 strongest trend of all.


John Varvatos pretty much cornered the market in his runway fall show depicting a Rock-Star/Draconian aesthetic with boots worthy of a modern-day rough and tumble. (I don’t even know what that means?)

Up Close: Left John Varvatos Bowery Button Boot Right: Freeman Raw Edge Boot.

So there you have it GUYS. A little piece of my fashion doyen-ism just for you.

Most importantly the paramount FALL 2014 non-negotiable is to shave off your HIPSTER BEARDS for GOOD.


 No-one wants to see anymore of that nonsenseDEAL?



Hey Ladies in the place I’m callin’ out to ya…“-Beastie Boys

Just to reiterate, I won’t be showing any fur options despite there being an onslaught of it on the runways for fall 2014. Fur is for animals, NOT for people. Repeat 10x fast: Fur is a Faux-Pas!

Kaleidoscope Prints

As an evangelist for all things colorful, I was pleased to see a smattering of gorgeous prints on the runways.

Delicious swirls of Aurelia Boralis-like hues at Givenchy, fairy tale flowers + butterflies at Valentino (the cape also a HUGE trend for fall 2014!) + a 60’s inspired offering from Temperly London.

Might I add that the ENTIRE Temperly London pre-fall collection (I actually prefer it to the winter collection) expressed the inner landscape of my fashion sensibilities better than anything I’ve seen in recent years? Alice Temperly is a tour-de-force! 

Sheer Perfection

The sheer trend was also prominent on the runway with peek-a-boo ethereal elegance via Givenchy, Michael Kors + Roberto Cavalli.

Cozy Knits

The head-to-gams knit trend appeals to my need to be swaddled in absolute comfort while staying bra-less  for as long as I possibly can. I would happily dress like this exclusively until I’m forced into my mismatched heinous winter ‘drobe. From left to right: Marc Jacobs, cruelty-free designer Stella McCartney + Michael Kors.

Braided Hair, Don’t Care

While the braided hair trend is not au courant per se, the Golidlocks powers-that-be kept on pushing their creations to new levels. First up, all hail to Nanette Lapore for creating a variety of braided looks that truly took over her Fall 2014 runway show. Tight French braids that hug the forehead and cascade down the side of the face, tucked underneath, or with a Mad Max meets Pocahontas flair with pinches of hair peeking out. All of these looks are highly covetable, wearable and dripping with mah-jah style!

Additional lovely was seen in a romantic incarnations of ‘bun-braids’ at Dolce + Gabbana and sleek hair-origami at Fendi.

Metallic Kiss + Make-Up

Incandescent metallics, glittery pigments+ gun metals are the signature look for eyes, lips + nails for fall 2014. Sweeps of silver at Emporio Armani + Mac, while Chanel adds a pop of color to further enhance the trend.

Up Close inspirations with a Black Swan *feel* left at Chanel right at Dior.

Furthermore, I am absolutely head-ovah-heels for this entire ‘LEWK’ from Rodarte Fall 2014, curated by François Nars.

I’m purrrrrrrrrrring over the 80’s inspired brownish-copper eye shadows that they built up into the eyebrow and the severe cheeks. The lips which make me buckle at the knee are a combination of Nars new Audacious Lipstick line (out fall 2014) + a rainbow confection of actual glitter.

James Kaliardos for NARS Cosmetics did a professional version of a glitter-lip for the runway. He mixed four different colors of loose glitter (silver, red, pink, and lavender) with either NARS Audacious Dominique Lipstick for the lighter ‘lewk’ or Audacious Deborah for the darker version.


Oh hey Nars? Could you not come out with an all-in-one-version? The last time I created DIY makeup, it was with the craptastic kit known as Fresh n’ Fancy™? The homogeny of questionable synthetics, beakers + funnels?

The DIY kit for Every 80's Tween

The DIY kit for Every 80’s Tween

Glitter is messy, and I fear my cat might find and choke on this melee of unicorn vomit and ruin what should be an amazing lipstick moment for me? At the very least, think about making a glossy-glitter adjunct for the market place?

…And finally the metallic trend is the statement nail trend this fall, not to be confused with Grandma’s pearlescent nail-sexy. Mix it up by trying a variety of colors, play around with an inverted French manicure or straight shooting metallic silver. The trick is to keep your nails short + sheik!

Now take all you’ve learned here and spread it around like fashion confetti! And if you see me at a TIFF party with glitter on my teeth or swirling around in my DRANK, its because like you, I’m just trying my best to stay on trend—Damn you NARS!

Dress Like Errrrrrrrybodies Watching,  


XOXO                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Pop Culture Rainman™ 

Spring 2014 Trend Alert: Fringe is sooo IN

I am absolutely head over heels in lusty love with this springs fringe-on-everything trend!


The Tie Dye Fringed Beaded Tank

The Tie Dye Fringed Beaded Tank; Every Tweens Gateway Frock to ‘Slutty’

While the above fringed tank with tri-colored beading has managed to stay a summer-time-slutty-teen staple since the late 1970’s—the current fringe trend is truly inspired by our modern hey days.

Coachella; the original ‘Fringe Festival’

Part bohemian it-gal, part warrior Mad Max stalwart—this trend was tailor-made for your summer festival circuits à la Coachella + Burning Man.

Louie Louie

Many a shoe company came out with fringe offerings this spring, but one style caught my eye exclusively. Sam Edelman’s Louie Booties will take you from spring all the way through summer paired with your perfect maxi dress or a pair of over-all shorts—I  honestly want one in EVERY color! The pink Louie’s were offered last season but I’m certain you can find some online.


Purse Strings

A smattering of hand bag companies came out with absolutely gorgeous pieces this season. Narrowing down my search was a difficult task, but I came up with some exceptional bags for your drooling pleasure in high/low price point offerings→it’s ’cause I care!


Gucci’s bold suede’s in deep blues + reds + chocolate-brown. The larger fringe shopper suede tote will run you a cool $2500.00, the nouveau fringe hobo bag $2250.00 and the smallest shoulder bag totes at $1950.00


Oh Valentino, you make my loins weak with this seasons bounty. The C-Rockee fringe bag collection is a sight for sore eyes and comes in hobo, shoulder and clutch variations.

In a perfect world I would want both the berry + plum with scarab detail snap shoulder bags. But at $3,240.00 a piece I would be dreaming in Imax 3D Technicolor?!

 Love Me 2x’s Baby?

To round out this stellar collection is the hobo bag in soft burgundy $3,295.00 (eek!), the enticingly unique Gryphon finger fringed black clutch at $1755.00 + The Row’s fringed clutch for $2,950.00.

JJ Winters

For the rest of us who don’t want to consider selling off a kidney for the privilege of being on trend, JJ Winters offers up the Vanessa Messenger named after actress Vanessa Huchinson for a more than reasonable price point of $385.00 seen here in Grey Suede. Also spotted on Huchinson’s former co-star Ashley Tisdale in my favorite hue—a sassy purple.

Bathing Beauts in Fringed Suits

I Love LSpace!

I Love LSpace!

In terms of the bikini fringe trend, one company has absolutely cornered the market!


L Space by Monica Wild has so many stunning styles it hurts my heart DEEPLY that I will never be able to procure all of them. What’s truly incredible about this company is their Build Your Own Bikini option, which allows you to mix + match with their array of juicy colors and prints.  A top and bottom combination ranges from under $200.00 which ‘suits’ my budget just fine. Also, before we move on I just want to wish this gorgeous model unforgivable cellulite in the years to come. Ok, I feel better now.

Kimono Shawls

Another mammoth trend au le moment is pairing a fringed Kimono or cover up over a maxi dress or a tank and short-shorts. In fact if Coachella and the like had an official dress code, this whimsical staple would certainly make the list. Designer pieces from Roberto Cavalli and Anna Sui might suit your tastes, and for a more affordable option Nasty Gal has some of the hottest styles available.

So there you have it friendsicles; ‘fringed benefits’ brought to you by the lass that keeps you head and shoulders above the trends! Let me know which of my picks you are lusting after or other styles that you think should have been in this list. In the meantime I’m starting a Kickstarter campaign for my summer wardrobe, not to be confused with my cats dental bills Kickstarter campaign, *natch.

Make mamma proud,

XOXO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The Pop Culture Rainman

P.S. Send Money!


Fall Beauty & Fashion Trends for Guys & Dolls!

I know what your thinking…were *FINALLY* just getting into the swing of Summer and I’m talking fall trends?

Such are the tasks of being a tastemaker my friendsicles! You just enjoy your lemonade and infinity salt water pool, and I’ll take care of the trend forecasting, mmmkay?

Organic Men’s Skin Care

Skin is the body’s largest organ (and most breathable) so it’s no wonder that men, and companies that cater to men, are getting hip to the organic grooming trend now more than ever.

Bull Dog Organic Skin Care

Bull Dog Organic Skin Care

Bull Dog Natural Skin Care is a great company from the UK that caters to the regular dude (read: non metrosexual). The packaging is simple and recyclable and you will never find Parabens, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances in their products nor are they tested on animals. They run a lean machine, with offerings of simple skincare, wash and shave.

Long Hair

Long & Shaggy for Fall '13

Long & Shaggy for Fall ’13

Long hair for men, is a HUGE trend for fall 2013. Think: circa 90’s Seattle rockers like Eddie Vedder et al for inspiration. All one length and hitting your chin or longer is the goal, with this easy wash-and-go look that screams ‘Grrrrrrrrrrrr‘.

Bordeaux: The Color, Not the Wine

2013 is a 'Good year' for Bordeaux

2013 is a ‘Good year’ for Bordeaux

A great alternative to mainstays like Black, Greys and the spring/summer trend of Royal Blue is Fall 2013’s ‘it color’ for men, Bordeaux. It’s great as an accent color; (hat, tie, shoes) or can be a head to toe affair–the choice is yours, the sophistication a given!

Authentic Looking Knits

Cozy Knits

Cozy Burberry Knit Sweater

Sweaters aren’t anything new for fall you balk, but the ones that ‘look’ like they were knitted by GRAMS are! Think: soft and cozy knits that hang from the body in a loose but still fitted way.

So there you have it Guys…the ABC’s of some Fall Trends that you can easily adapt into your lifestyle!

Ear Cuffs

Ear Cuff

Ear Cuff

This ‘ear adornment’ trend (it’s way too interesting to call it mere jewelry!) has been huge this summer and will bleed into fall in a big way! As you can see it’s QUITE the statement piece and lends itself to high fashion.

It personally reminds me of ethereal maiden elves (think: Lord of the Rings-esque) and has been a fast favorite for models and celebrities alike.

There are the ornamental cuff’s…

Chanel Ear Cuff

Ear Cuff @ Chanel

Ryan Storer Cuff

Ryan Storer Cuff

Rodarte Cuff

Rodarte Cuff

Or something a little more pared down…but no less pricey! These Repossi Berbère 18-karat gold diamond ear cuffs run over 13k and are a hit with the likes of Halle Berry, Alicia Keys & Rihanna…

Halle & Alicia are Cuffin!

Halle & Alicia are Cuffin!

and for something even more conservative, Repossi also makes this smaller piece for around 2k…

Itsy Bitsy Cuff

Itsy Bitsy Cuff

These are obviously on the higher end of the price point, but as with all trends, you will be able to find a version of the Ear Cuff in your price point that will no less DAZZLE, because YOU are wearing it you SEXY thing!

Oxblood Everything

Oxblood is officially the new black – and is THE color in beauty for fall 2013. It’s kind of harsh sounding, so for those who have weak systems you can call it ‘Bordeaux’.

It will be all over everyone’s Lips for fall making a GOTH/GLAM statement…

Oxblood Pout

Oxblood Pout

And every Nail Polish co. you can shake a stick at will have their own version of the sophisticated color…

Oxblood Nails it for Fall!

Oxblood Nails it for Fall!

There you have it DOLLS! Some tricks of the trade…well in advance!

The PopCultureRainman™