Daft Punk ‘Random Access Memories’-Review

As cut throat and saturated as the modern music industry can be, every once and awhile an album launch can capture what seems like the ears of the entire listening public–eclipsing all other contenders for a pregnant pause.

For the month of May, that group was Daft Punk.

Riding on the coat tails of a strong initial release ‘Get Lucky’, the album Random Access Memories [Sony] which dropped on May 21st, landed at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart and sold $339,000 copies in its first week–two firsts for the French musicians, whose 4th album is their most successful to date.

To call, RAM merely ‘music‘ does not do it justice, as it truly is a work of art befitting of an entry into 2013 time capsule for future generations to discover. The soundscapes are beyond brilliant, intricately layered, with theatrical and emotional subtexts weaving through each and every song. Sure, it’s electronic dance music with both disco and opera influences, but its also a blend of spoken word, sampling, and live musical performances with Daft Punk limiting their usage of electronic instruments to drum machines, a modular synthesizer, and vintage vocoders. I was very thankful to see that very few songs had the robo-synth vocals that are Daft Punk’s calling card, and instead chose very wisely from a thoughtful den of vocalists to carry off some of the album’s most memorable tracks.

The guest stars on this album, are not here to fluff their peacock feathers, they are part of the stew, this great big pot of ART STEW!

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SuperHeroes…Just Like Us!!??

Superman Caught in a Pick??!!
Superman Caught in A Pick??!!

Artist Greg Guillemin’s ‘The Secret Life of Heroes’ puts comic book favorites such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in everyday scenarios where they are stripped bare to showcase ordinary everyday moments and experiences.

The illustrations break down the barriers of heroes and the everyday ‘Joe Donut’. These captures include such things as Wonder Woman stuffing her bra, and the dynamic duo making out. Interesting juxtapositions on such iconic ‘untouchable’ characters.


Performance Art & Lost Love…

An incredible video from Marina Abramović’s 2010 Moma Exhibit of ‘The Artist is Present’, whereby the artist would have some deeply quiet 1 minute ‘share & stare time’ with anyone that sat down across from her. James Franco was a former guest and in this video Marina’s ex lover Ulay shows up unexpectedly…

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