Fall Beauty & Fashion Trends for Guys & Dolls!

I know what your thinking…were *FINALLY* just getting into the swing of Summer and I’m talking fall trends?

Such are the tasks of being a tastemaker my friendsicles! You just enjoy your lemonade and infinity salt water pool, and I’ll take care of the trend forecasting, mmmkay?

Organic Men’s Skin Care

Skin is the body’s largest organ (and most breathable) so it’s no wonder that men, and companies that cater to men, are getting hip to the organic grooming trend now more than ever.

Bull Dog Organic Skin Care

Bull Dog Organic Skin Care

Bull Dog Natural Skin Care is a great company from the UK that caters to the regular dude (read: non metrosexual). The packaging is simple and recyclable and you will never find Parabens, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances in their products nor are they tested on animals. They run a lean machine, with offerings of simple skincare, wash and shave.

Long Hair

Long & Shaggy for Fall '13

Long & Shaggy for Fall ’13

Long hair for men, is a HUGE trend for fall 2013. Think: circa 90’s Seattle rockers like Eddie Vedder et al for inspiration. All one length and hitting your chin or longer is the goal, with this easy wash-and-go look that screams ‘Grrrrrrrrrrrr‘.

Bordeaux: The Color, Not the Wine

2013 is a 'Good year' for Bordeaux

2013 is a ‘Good year’ for Bordeaux

A great alternative to mainstays like Black, Greys and the spring/summer trend of Royal Blue is Fall 2013’s ‘it color’ for men, Bordeaux. It’s great as an accent color; (hat, tie, shoes) or can be a head to toe affair–the choice is yours, the sophistication a given!

Authentic Looking Knits

Cozy Knits

Cozy Burberry Knit Sweater

Sweaters aren’t anything new for fall you balk, but the ones that ‘look’ like they were knitted by GRAMS are! Think: soft and cozy knits that hang from the body in a loose but still fitted way.

So there you have it Guys…the ABC’s of some Fall Trends that you can easily adapt into your lifestyle!

Ear Cuffs

Ear Cuff

Ear Cuff

This ‘ear adornment’ trend (it’s way too interesting to call it mere jewelry!) has been huge this summer and will bleed into fall in a big way! As you can see it’s QUITE the statement piece and lends itself to high fashion.

It personally reminds me of ethereal maiden elves (think: Lord of the Rings-esque) and has been a fast favorite for models and celebrities alike.

There are the ornamental cuff’s…

Chanel Ear Cuff

Ear Cuff @ Chanel

Ryan Storer Cuff

Ryan Storer Cuff

Rodarte Cuff

Rodarte Cuff

Or something a little more pared down…but no less pricey! These Repossi Berbère 18-karat gold diamond ear cuffs run over 13k and are a hit with the likes of Halle Berry, Alicia Keys & Rihanna…

Halle & Alicia are Cuffin!

Halle & Alicia are Cuffin!

and for something even more conservative, Repossi also makes this smaller piece for around 2k…

Itsy Bitsy Cuff

Itsy Bitsy Cuff

These are obviously on the higher end of the price point, but as with all trends, you will be able to find a version of the Ear Cuff in your price point that will no less DAZZLE, because YOU are wearing it you SEXY thing!

Oxblood Everything

Oxblood is officially the new black – and is THE color in beauty for fall 2013. It’s kind of harsh sounding, so for those who have weak systems you can call it ‘Bordeaux’.

It will be all over everyone’s Lips for fall making a GOTH/GLAM statement…

Oxblood Pout

Oxblood Pout

And every Nail Polish co. you can shake a stick at will have their own version of the sophisticated color…

Oxblood Nails it for Fall!

Oxblood Nails it for Fall!

There you have it DOLLS! Some tricks of the trade…well in advance!

The PopCultureRainman™

Step Aside Ombré, Balayage is Back in a *Big* Way!

Ombré my friend, my Hombré

You had a gooooood run. You were THE hot hair color trend for the last three years running, including the ‘My Little Pony’-esque dip dye cotton candy hair craze which preceded you.

'Hello Pony' Dip Dye

‘My Little Pony’ Dip Dye

High Fashion Dip Dye

High Fashion Dip Dye

Not that I even had the bless-ed tress-es to even try you (unless I could wear ‘ma weave’ 24-7) but you really were a thing of beauty.

If you are one of the few who is *Late to the Party* (you are ALL alone you out-of-touch-weirdo) Ombré Hair refers to the gradual lightening of the hair strand, usually fading from a darker color near the roots to a lighter one at the ends. Ombré looks best on long THICK hair where you can see the actual gradiation from dark to light or even in a reverse Ombré, from…YOU GUESSED IT…light to dark.

Ombré had a mammoth celebrity following with Drew Barrymore showing off the trend on many a red carpet.

Drew’s Reverse Ombré

Reverse Ombré

Her Hippy Braided Ombré…

Hippy Braid Ombré...

Hippy Braid Ombré…

…And Le Sophisticated Ombré

If I Say Ombré ONE More Time...My head will FALL off.

Not since 80’s ‘frosted tips’ has a hair color trend been so heralded, with every top shelf home hair care brand coming up with a DIY version.

L'Oreal Wild  Ombré-Grrrrrrr!

L’Oreal Wild Ombré-Grrrrrrr!

…and when that happens, you CAN be SURE that a HOT TREND is on its way to becoming COLD and *FAST*. Unfortunately mass marketing turns exclusivity into ‘pedestrian’ fare, and no-one wants to be a herded sheep, now DO you, you SUPER FOX ORIGINATOR?!


Jessica Biel Balayage

Jessica Biel Balayage


Balayage (pronounced Bal-Lay-Age) is French for “Sweeping” and that is in essence, exactly what it is.

A sweeping of light color that is literally painted on by your color specialist in places where the sun would normally cast a warm glow. Balayage creates depth and dimension and leaves you with a sun-kissed, day-at-the beach result.

Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly

But just one thing, it’s not so new.

Balayage is a French technique that was developed in the 70’s, but it’s back in a big way,” says Rafael Estrella Dunn–owner of St.Laurent Coiffure in Montreal’s tony enclave of Westmount. “It’s the best method to bring light and a beautiful dimension to your hair, in a natural way,” he says. “Fresh off the beach!”

Dunn goes on to give me a first hand tutorial as he prepares a client for first time Balayage, in fact, for the client this is the first time coloring her hair PERIOD! “Virgin, hair…” says Dunn with a sassy smile.

He begins by choosing carefully where “I want to light and I paint away,” citing that a “balanced” Balayage is key. The tools for this freehand technique are also paramount, an application brush with hard bristles for a precise delivery of color and a “backing board” underneath the strand to help support the freehand technique. The Balayage’d hair strands are then wrapped individually in plastic so that Dunn can visually see how the hair is responding, and cotton strands akin to dreads are lined up to protect the un-touched pieces of hair from getting dyed.

The steeping period makes one appear as if Rob Zombie vomited his zombified vom alllll over your scalp. Not the ‘hottest’ of looks. But was coloring your hair ever so?

"Virgin Hair" 'Gettin the Balayage Treatment

“Virgin Hair” ‘Gettin the Rob Zombie Treatment

The End Result is a natural varied color effect, that is not as precious as regular ‘lined’ foil highlights. Lots of celebrities and models also have their Balayage finished off with copper or red glosses for that extra *punch* of shimmery goodness.

Lily Adlridge

Lily Adlridge

And since the majority of us are struggling with finances, It’s also a very economical way to color your hair as you never have a solid demarcation line or regrowth, so if you can’t afford to get it done for another month it won’t look ‘un-kept’.

Well, there you have it kids. A full on break-down of THE Cooler Than Cool hair fad of Le Moment, from the chick that always keep you in the LOOP–that is, until it shows up in a little box in aisle five at your local pharmacy.

Until then, BALAYAGE like EVERYONE is watching!               

The Pop Culture Rainman™