Holiday 2019 Beauty Trends COMING SOON!


I’m working hard (*I’m texting it all in) on a brand new holiday 2019 beauty trends guide and considering this place might as well contain virtual cobwebs–perhaps a refresher on just how FUN-TASTIC my beauty trend pieces can be!

Have a look at my FOXY FALL BEAUTY GUIDE from 2017, was too busy scraping myself off of the cement floor that was the hellscape of 2018 to bother producing one.

Here’s some preview sundries to tie you over until my opus is ready.

*Click on each photo to get a closer lewk.

There will be the latest and greatest, tips and trends and a healthy dissertation on Pat Benatar’s contributions to the art of the punk/water lined eye–a huge trend for fall 2019.

That’s right byatches. The genius of P Benatar is going to be all up in this MUTHER, so STAY TUNED.

until then,

WE ARE STRONG, No one can tell us we’re wrong…