Bit Strips Taking Over Your Facebook Feed?

Notice these suckers showing up on your Facebook feed lately?

They are called ‘Bit Strips’ —  and are gleaned from an app that you can create with your iPhone. 

In a nut shell they are cartoon versions of yourself & your friends that you curate into different scenarios. I was mildly curious to try it, if only to see how close of a likeness I could actually get — but relented to do so after they were beginning to grate on my nerves.  As of late, it’s been filling up my Facebook feed, and stopping me from being able to see all of the OTHER braggadocio profusions that my friends post of their babies, their marathons, and their twelfth vacation of the year!

If like me, you find them narcissistic annoyances, you can easily block them by following this link that describes how to delete from seeing them. That goes for the Farmville’s and the Candy Crush’s as well.

One or two cartoons are cute, and some tow the clever line better than others, but there are those on my feed that are living vicariously through these things and it’s giving me a case of the ‘weirds.’

Dungeons and Dragons Weirds. Second Life Weirds. Stop referring to yourself in the 3rd person WEIRDS!

The reality/fantasy blur has never been my bag.

The Pop Culture Rainman