The Eyes Have it for Spring 2018

You might remember last years stars-on-everything appliqué trend ←shameless repurpose plug!…well, this seasons intuitive eye is most definitely a sign of these turbulent times.

Trend spotting is an endless pursuit of mine, and I see it (pun intended) as far more than a fly-by-night hair-colour or fashion accessory—but as an archaeological dig into our modern zeitgeist.  

I believe the watchful EYE has made its way into our current pop culture foray as a reflection of our need—more than ever—to feel protected.

However, there is a fuller back story here with lots to unpack, so lets get right into it shall we?


While technology giveth—it also taketh, and the world wide web has become the double edged sword for nefarious forces and illegal activity. It is no secret that we are being tracked and in many ways even controlled by our online usage—leading to a pervasive over-the-shoulder paranoia.

We don’t have to look far in politics or pop culture to see this being played out in our day-to-day reality. From evidence that Russia colluded in Trumps campaign, to click-bait #fakenews that influenced the American vote, to the recent disclosure that Facebook et al has been mining our data without our consent.

Just last week Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg began testimony to the Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Our entertainment further reflects our reality and it’s no accident then, that Hulu’s The Handmaids Tale was one of the biggest series for 2017-2018 seasons—i.e., being watched and controlled.


At our core, we all have a basic human need to be SEEN, understood and validated.

With the spring thaw comes a deep winter pain that is coming to the surface ie; “into the light,” and what we have witnessed in the last year cannot be unseen.

This has been a year of continuous injustice, violence and systematic racism towards the black community that created the indelible #BlackLivesMatter movement. This has also been the year of the #MeToo movement and the #MarchforOurLives uprising of the Parkland students against gun violence and the NRA.

Kristah Suh, who started the Pussyhat Project, encouraged her network to knit DIY Evil Eye Gloves for the March for our Lives demonstration on March 24th, 2018.

Beyond the main takeaway of “stop don’t shoot” the eye was used as a symbol for self-protection, but its also a clear message of wanting to BE SEEN whilst being on high alert. “I’m watching you…” can be directed at our lawmakers, our police and our oppressors.

We are now collectively taking our safety into our own hands.


Inversely, we all have a natural proclivity towards voyeurism.

The act of voyeurism—sexual or otherwise, is as old as time—but digital innovation has brought the act itself to an insatiable next-level. We are all privy to information hemorrhaging in the palms of our hands and our human interactions and sociability have been permanently altered as a result.

A Confederacy of Dunces?

Our collective habit has become that of passively checking our phones first thing in the morning for a fleeting glimpse of digital ephemera. The 24-hour life-casting scroll feed of celebrity/influencer access has become an insatiable voyeur addiction for many.


When The Truman Show starring Jim Carey hit movie theatres (←remembah THOSE relics?!) in 1998, it was implausible to believe that someone’s life could be watched on a 24-hour life-casting feed, but that is exactly where we are today!


From 7 strangers “who stopped being polite” back in 1992 to the evolution of digital/social media innovation, we have become a culture obsessed with pointing the cameras at ourselves through a myriad of social media platforms.

So while the camera may have TAKETH away our privacy and our previous analog anonimity, we cannot deny the countless ways that handheld video cameras have helped us capture injustice and bear witness to the world we live in. Never has this been more significant than in exposing the blatant racism and police brutality against the African American community.

From Rodney King to the Facebook Live streamed Philando Castille shooting, to the recent Starbucks incident, the video camera along with the immediacy of social media has been the eye of truth, exposing crimes in real time.


The eye in all its permutations; from evil, flirty, to gimlet is seemingly everywhere for spring 2018. Not only are we seeing the classic nazar symbol which has been used for thousands of centuries to ward off the evil eye, but we are also seeing a bold singular eye on every piece of merch you can shake a stick at. Voila!


Jeweller to the STAHHH‘s Lorraine Schwartz designed a blinged out evil eye capsule collection for spring 2018, which were prominently displayed by a bevy of starlets like Rita Ora and Blake Lively.

I’m super obsessed with this incredible jewelry line from Brooklyn called Scosha. Their offerings are incredibly unique & unexpected, from their mix and match eye charms, to their chandelier “Treasure Earrings” to their line of cat eyes—my fave being the dainty disc droplets tears-of-joy stud.

Jacquie Aiche is a fine jewelry line from Los Angeles with a huge it-girl model following like Hailey Baldwin and Gigi Hadid. Jacquie Aiche is the go-to line for their sensual layering and unique body chains that boast a tribal and mystical aesthetic.


Kenzo’s ubiquitous usage of the multi-eye or “world eye” motif is back for spring 2018 in a kaleidoscope of unisex offerings.

L’Objet d’Art

While many co’s have a token or two of eye art—even Ikea has a wayyyyy tacky glass version this spring, nobody interprets hipster eye symbolism better than Brooklyn’s McQuan Studio

We don’t need to see anything out of the ordinary. We already see so much.“~ROBERT WALSER


The following are a random culling that caught my eye for spring 2018…

Discount Universe is becoming a Coachella mainstay ↓

From L to R below: Catbird Diamond Eye Earrings, Evil Eye Tote at me.n.u, Gigi Hadid’s x Stuart Weitzman EYELOVE mules that launched holiday 2017 are still totes wearable, and a custom eye patch jean jacket at Cacao Houston.


And what would any trend spotting list of mine be if it didn’t book end with some fab nail art? From a flirty eye lashed motif to a traditional nazar, the combinations are endless! The Olive and June stickers are an amazing fast track for an instant DIY mani!

And while I, and many a digital think piece will rhapsodize about our analog pasts—a quieter time when we weren’t inundated with seeing EVERYTHING—I am still grappling with how to be a part of the conversation whilst preserving a sense of privacy.

It brings to mind the old adage; “would you rather be painfully aware or blissfully ignorant?”

I so wish we could find a healthy balance

…or at the very least a new aperture?

I see you…


Spring 2017 Unicorn Trends: Unicorn Food, Unicorn Beauty and Style Inspo!


Unicorns are having a BIG moment.

One would have to be pop culturally myopic to have not clocked in on the Instagramable boom of unicorn-everything as of late. From #UnicornFood to the stand alone #Unicorn hashtag signifying the originality of someone or something—this trend is currently flying through the digital landscape by the nanosecond.

Humans have long been fascinated with the mystical & mythical (or is it?) tale of the unicorn dating back to The Bible. As one legend describes it, the fiercely dangerous and exotic hybrid animal could not be caught unless “a virgin held it to its bosom“—which strikes me as rather PERVY?!

Personally, I’m much more inclined to evoke a childhood Hello Kitty/Hello Pony-esque version of the unicorn. I want to go on a Never-Ending-Story ride on one or French braid their hair, even though a straight braid is all I’m capable of. I also like the idea that it could be male or female, or ideally—genderless. 

…Also, in my flight of fantasia, unicorns tinkle glitter rainbows and poop FUNFETTI…ummm ’cause they can!

Wait a minute, now that I think about it—I totally need all unicorns to be GIRLS!

#AllUnicornsareGirls #SorryNotSorry

Being a unicorn can simply lend itself to magical thinking, to being undefinable & ageless, to a visual of Drew Barrymore giggling as she sneaks extra popping boba on her cotton candy FROYO ← I mean how presh is that last one?

However you interpret the legend of the unicorn, enjoy this seminal pop culture list of the latest trends and inspo that you can incorporate into the ***magic*** of your everyday life! 


While the “unicorn trend” surfaced back in 2016, the culinary #UnicornFood trend has been exclusively a 2017 phenom!

As you can see, the emphasis here is on the sweetest of confections—from macaroons to the Insta famous #UnicornCake to my personal favourite a healthy blue algae #UnicornLatte from The End Brooklyn.

I’m convinced this is what Zsa Zsa Garbor’s orgasms would have looked like through Kirlian photography ↓ 

*Maybe that last joke was more of a ‘grower and not a show-er?’…”WELL THATS WHAT SHE SAID!” (oh lord help me I cannot be stopped.)

…Serve your unicorn delights with an ‘electroplated’ flatware set courtesy of Urban Outfitters and this party train is just getting started!


I’ve always been super clear that when a trend ends up on the shelves of your local pharmacy—it’s simmering towards oblivion, if not sudden death.

That being said, there’s always the exception to the rule—and the #UnicornHair colour trend just isn’t letting up.

While I would always recommend a colourist before a DIY job, for those of us on the aging accelerant train towards hair BREAKAGE (totes opposite of a party train!) I would recommend the ease and convenience of a wig!

Wearing a wig these days ain’t no big THANG—think Gwen Stefani, Rhianna and that obscure-unknown Kylie Jenner for modern day touch points.

Unicorn Hair Totally Care…

Plastik Magazine’s Plastik Store has some super fun versions.  Left: The Unicorn (natch!), Top: Cotton Candy & Bottom: Pastel Dream

And, AND…all of the STAHHHH‘s and Hair & Beauty Bloggers swear by UniWigs. They have an enormous assortment of human and synthetic hair wigs, extensions, toppers and pieces that can be easily shipped all over the world.

Their Trendy Wigs selection can give you the unicorn hair of your dreams, plus I love the idea that many of them come with realistic roots + prestyled textures and layers! From L to R: ‘Lucy‘, & ‘Tonya‘. 


While there are bounties of unicorn makeup examples on the web here’s some brand new products + a whole ‘lotta inspo to get that ethereal glow.

Anastasia Beverly Hills “Moon Child” kit can be used all over your GORGEOUS self and Tarte Cosmetics just launched their “Unicorn Collection” of playful horned make up brushes, ‘lights’ mascara and highlighter compact.

…These Unicorn Tears products are absolute staples for the worlds hottest beauty bloggers. Too Faced Lip Crème in you guessed it “Unicorn Tears,” Farsali Primer in “Unicorn Essence” and JUST ANNOUNCED Pat McGrath will be launching this “Cyber Clear” eye gloss (also for cheekbones and lips) on April 11tth, 2017 exclusively at

But truly the Farsali product shot does little to show off the sorcery of what Unicorn Essence can do, so I give you this demo by YouTube juggernaut Isabel Bedoya.

*Please excuse the “Night at the Roxbury” sounding ear-hemorrhoid playing in the background.

And lastly for some full makeup inspiration check out the following examples for next-level incandescence. L: Instagram’s beauty doyens @johannaherrstedth and R: @ohmygeeee (also wearing a Uni Wig!)  *Notice the highlight on cupids bow and nose.


Truth be told there’s far too many literal translations of #UnicornNails out in the digital ether, and the bulk of examples are painfully tacky. Nails in the shape of stiletto swirling unicorn horns?

…I’d prefer the swallowing of my own vomit, thank you very much.

Instead, I offer up the Spring 2017 nail swatches from Soho New York’s titans of nail art Paint Box Nails with enough INSPO and variety to last you throughout the entire summer!

nail inspoPaintBox Nails


Are we there yet? Were just rounding the corner to our last installment, which is Unicorn STYLE.

Again, any lazy hack could point you towards boardwalk tees with iron-on unicorn EVERYTHING, but this is a piece of about tapping into the radiance of your own imagination.

LITERAL has no place here.

Instead, I do what the best trend spotters in the industry do, make connections and introduce previously untapped ideas.   

A huge trend that is taking shape for Spring 2017 is the HOLOGRAM sneaker. All of these examples conjure up the fantasy and alchemy of the unicorn, and look at YOU SUPERSTAR, YOU’RE SO ON TREND! 


Vans Classic Slip Ons in Holographic Silver

Urban OG

MisBehave Holographic Rainbow Lace Urban OG



Converse Paradise Party Hi Top *Sold  at Free People


…Should the hologram sparkle not suit your strut, these new Nike Air Max  LD-Zero in baby pink should do the trick!

for summer brides-to-be who see themselves more as a show stopping ingénue, how drop dead G-g-g-g-orgeous is this Marchesa tulle gown? Add on those sparkly Chuck Taylor’s and you’ve got yourself a ‘Unicorn Bride!’

Kimonos are still coasting on a trend high and Montreal expat Rita Ghanimé infused her design expertise & undeniable sensual allure to her custom Made with Love line. This season Ghanimé’s kimonos are inspired by Anäis Nin and moonlight refracting sequins that she will ship from her home base in Los Angeles.  

…and lastly accessorize like a boss with these go-big-or-go-home Gucci dazzlers, a suggestive unicorn top-knot bun (the scarf need not be Gucci ladies) and Kate Spade’s Jeff Koonz inspired Unicorn Balloon Clutch!

That’s it for me, now please excuse me as its time to lay down for a ***Unicorn Dream***…which is essentially me frolicking around with Charlie Hunnam in an sea of Lucky Charms marshmallows set to Enya’s “Orinoco Flow…”

Ohhhhh shut your gorgeous…


Couture Candy; This Ain’t Your Granddaddy’s Fun Dip.


A previous limited edition from Sugarfina: 4 karat gold-dusted, Dom Pérignon-infused gummy bears

A box of Nerds is soooo very pedestrian, while a bag of Maltesers reeks of bridge and tunnel. 

Luxury and couture candy—aimed towards an up-scale adult market, is the latest trend in sweet bonbons.


Sugar Logo

Leading with their tag line ‘Candy for Grown Ups’Sugarfina is a luxury gourmet candy boutique curated by Los Angeles wife and hubby duo Rosie O’Neil & Josh Resnick. Inspired by their vast travels, they set off to meet with the world’s premium candy ‘artisans,’  bringing only the finest of ingredients back into their pristine boutiques.

Luxe offerings like Kyoto Blossoms, tiny sugar flowers imported from Japan and Baby Champagne Bears sourced exclusively from the Bavarian region of Germany (where gummy bears were invented!) are flavoured in Brut and Rosé. 


…and below Champagne-infused, handcrafted marshmallows dipped in 24K gold, their famed Bling Rings—sculpted from dark chocolate with a thin sugar shell brushed with edible silver and Champagne Bubbles dressed up in tiny white nonpareils—all superb for your swankiest cocktail parties.


With boutiques across the US and one in Vancouver’s Nordstrom’s and a newly minted boutique in Toronto’s Nordstrom’s!

Sweet Saba

Lady in Red: Maayan Zilberman Photo- Steve Earle


Lingerie designer-turned baker-turned rock candy confectionista, Maayan Zilberman’s Sweet Saba line offers a multi-sensory experience that is equal parts kitsch and artful design. 

rock shorterSweet Saba; Not your granddaddy’s rock candy…


The former Israeli and Vancouverite has been showing off her unique wares through a series experiential New York pop up stints, where she currently resides. Back in November, Zilberman created a conceptual ‘Candy Rock and Crystal Bar’ at Fort Gansvort and during February and March a  ‘Lovers Rock’ collection at The Standard High Line Hotel.  


Too beautiful to eat? A pop up display promoting the ‘healing powers’ of Sweet Saba’s gem inspirations.

Zilberman worked closely with a food technologist to create 30 experiential flavours that range in taste from champagne, grass (yes, actual grass!) bubble gum, bacon and whiskey. 

Clients can purchase Sweet Saba mainstays online—our favorite being the mix tape that can be customized with whatever title gives you the coziest nostalgic **feels.**

Custom Order the name on your very own mixed tape.


And being that Zilberman is never not dressed to the chicest of New York minute NINES, replete with red lips and her signature sex kitten nails, who can resist the lure of a one-of-a kind tube of lipstick—infused with vitamin c and antioxidants, no less!


Her designs are constantly evolving with each pop up performance, the next slated for the Whitney Museum this April!

Chocolates X Brandon Olsen



CXBO chocolates; Not your granddaddy’s Goobers…


Few new brands can boast A-List testimonials like Beyoncé’s, but that’s just what happened when through creative channels, QueenB got to taste Toronto’s Brandon Olsen’s delectable CXBO chocolates. “We sent some of our salted caramels for Blue Ivy’s birthday,” says Sarah Keenlyside, marketing director of Chocolates X Brandon Olsen, (also fiancé X Brandon Olsen!) Unfortunately the salt wasn’t suited to Ivy’s toddler taste palate, but Beyoncé was so impressed that she told her assistant that he “should have brought 100 boxes!”

Olsen’s chocolatier comeuppance has been a slow and steady rise after spending years as a chef de cuisine in some of Toronto’s most prestigious kitchens—his inherent love for “all things sugar” finally winning out. “We use really high quality ingredients and I care a lot about the flavour combinations,” says Olsen. “I think it comes from my background as a chef, where the design of a plate is important, but if it doesn’t taste good, your restaurant isn’t going to last very long!”


Luxurious flavour combinations like Lime Ginger Black Pepper, Raspberry Rose Fennel, and Cinnamon Brown Butter are part of the draw, but equally are the distinct artisanal design elements of CXBO’s bit sized chocolates. The moulds are a specific reference to American architect Buckminster Fuller who famously designed geodesic spheres (he did the Biosphere for Expo ’67 in Montreal), the splatter an ode to Jackson Pollack’s famed technique. Their boxes are all individually splatter painted as well, making every box an original work of art. “I’m a Lego guy, always have been,” offers the confection wunderkind, “and I think people who are into Lego as kids are inherently interested in design and colour.

Choco Lite
Holiday themed exclusives; a Valentines gift set and the magnificent Chocolates X Brandon Olsen Easter egg that sold out within days.


Presently, you can order Chocolates x Brandon Olsen through their online web site and Shopify, but coming in May CXBO will be opening a College street west location with an open concept kitchen—Willy Wonka styles—Olsen’s favorite childhood film!


So is there a price to pay for luxury? Does high design equate to some hefty cha-ching?  Well, yes and no.

Sugarfina’s products were moderately priced all things considered; the exquisite ingredients, the uniqueness of product, the displays and packaging—the overhead of being a stand alone boutique in a tony Bev Hills zip code?

Sweet Saba’s pricing is most definitely on the higher end with a customized mix tapes costing you a cool $40.00 a pop, the lipsticks at $15.00. But the creativity tho? The experiential flavoring tho? The vitamin C and antioxidant infused lip sticks tho?!?! Plus did we mention its KOSHER?!?!

And lastly on the topic of Chocolates X Brandon Olsen which were recently coined as “Too Die For” from a Toronto Life Magazine e-commenter, what is $18 for a box of 9 delectable bites— if not the most reasonable ticket to heaven ever? Also, Beyoncé approved?!

So really, why even try to put a price on zee works of art, n’est pas?

Until we meet again—parting is such SUHWEET sorrow


New Crop

Just the Tip(s)!

Who among us doesn’t have an erstwhile male-tale of “I swear baby, just the tip” stashed away in our collective memory trove—amirite ladies?

Why it’s as common as fondlly remembered lover linguistics  like, “You’re too good for me,”It’s just a loan— I’ll pay you back, stop calling me,” and “how’d you get in here, I’m calling the police,” …l-a-d-i-e-s, amirite?

…No, not so much? Ahem!

With seasonal echoes of SPRANG in the air, I bring you a freshly squeezed nail art trend—and a sad excuse of a segue.

In the opening credits of this latest nail art fad we see a resurgence of the French manicure, but instead done with colored tips! The base is clear, and/or you can play around with some opacity if you so choose.

E57CCB03-6AAC-4469-A3DB-C7F5CDE778A1 (2)

I find they look best on natural nails as opposed to ho-stroll fakes, but hey it’s your digits, do whatcha like!

Some more examples of “just the tip (heh heh, I’m criminally infantile) …

nailed final

Another brand new example of this, is an accented barely-there, speckled, off-kilter version, that I’m seeing mainly come out of Japan—the birthplace for all the best nail art trends. Have a looksee kittens!


To round out this nail tip confetti, is the Spring 2016 interpretation from fashion house Tibi. Nail artist extraordinaire Jin Soon combined the negative space, French, and open-V nail art trends into one graphic design dubbing it the negative split ‘tip’↓


All versions are confectionary perfection. In other words they are Beyoncé.


Which ones do you prefer or do you love ’em all?  Let me know!


Love & Rockets,

New Crop


PCR Weekly Round Up: Twitter Hearts, Trudeau Paper Dolls, Adele in Rolling Stone!

This week I decided to cull the weeks *top* pop culture stories together—a couple of amuse bouches gleaned from my taste making curations, if you will.

First up, Twitter Changes Stars to Hearts and people react in a crazy cakes complainy recital!?

We’re a fragile sort, when it come to the comforting and familiar spaces of our online platforms—I get it.

I can recall a time when Facebook would change its design, seemingly every other month—and the result had me coming apart at the seams? What you switched my face square to the left side? What, Uh…Who am I…Where…I Can’t…PAPA CAN YOU HEAR MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?”

Collectively were extra sensi when it comes to people moving our STUFF—even if we didn’t design the stuff to begin with, so I get the ‘discomfort factor’ to a degree.

What I didn’t expect when Twitter switched its star format to a happy heart, were the hemorrhaging homophobic slurs that were pouring in?!

Ignorant, ignoramuses! But let’s not give these foolios any more oxygen than they don’t deserve! This was actually a strategic move on behalf of the powers that be at Twitter to attract new users. The simple ipso facto is, that HEARTS are a more familiar visual cue than stars—and its the official prompt of Instagram which is leading in new users, per platform.

Adele Interview in Rolling Stone

Photograph by Theo Wenner

I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Adele when she came out with her first album ‘19‘ in 2008.  I had a full hour with her in her hotel room (ahhhh those were the days!) and Adele came across as funny, humble, unfiltered, confident, in control of her music + production and was very weary of the ‘toxic’ fame game. After reading her latest interview in Rolling Stone it’s so nice to see she hasn’t changed any of her values after her meteoric rise to success. If anything, she seems to be an even more pronounced version of the young woman I met seven years ago. That’s why it’s it really pissed me off to read that Damon Albarn, threw Adele under the bus by calling her “insecure” and her music “middle of the road” after they attempted to collaborate together for her latest album ’25’.

Known as the lead singer for the sonic rock group Blur, I also interviewed Albarn for his animated collective straight out of a k-hole—Gorillaz back in 2006. Albarn, who was allergic to the commercial-o-meter when it came to keeping the mystery in Gorillaz in tact, was and is without a doubt a creative genius. That being said, I think his comments, towards Adele are frankly…sh**ty. Her mass appeal is because she is the last of the stand alone, big voiced TALENTS who doesn’t come with any formulaic bells & whistles.

 She was farrrrrr from insecure in our interview, telling me and I quote…

I don’t give a s**t what critics think of me…” ~Adele to me in 2008

Not all music has to be intricate puzzles that are so counter-culture as to alienate a wider audience?! Keep your hateful opinions to yourself, and for the record, Adele has never courted fame, nor are her lyrics and productions simple? She’s beloved because her music is INCREDIBLE. Deal with the fact that she ultimately did not want to work with YOU and your undermining BS?

Whose the insecure one now? **DROPS MIKE**

Justin Trudeau Paper Dolls


I will keep this brief as we are running long on writes, and as you know millenial eye balls start to melt if they have to read more than a paragraph that’s without the distraction of video accompaniment. Poor things.

So the wonderfully clever minds at New York Mag’s The Cut published a fun paper dolls interactive post about premiere Justin Trudeau on November 5th, which resulted in some whine-a-thons from crusty Canadians who need to take the themselves sess leriously?! They put a Canadian flag over his kibbles + bits, what is your PROBLEM people?! Please you are giving the majority of us, who find this HYSTERICAL (albeit not quite original, we did this allllll the time at Naked Eye Magazine) a bad name! Swing easy Canucks of mine—there’s nothing offensive here.


And that’s the kind of week it’s been all up in this pop culture piñata,



Who could have predicted that Lip Synching would culminate into the mammoth trend that it currently is in 2015? Jimmy Fallon first started lip synch segments with his celebrity guests back 2014, and in 2015 Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle, hosted by LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen premiered to huge ratings!


And we can’t forget the DubSmash App which has been downloaded well over 50 million times (*stat from June 2015) since its launch in 2014.


Even the most prosaic among us have a facility for the lip synch—and everyone has a different approach and flair to add to the art form. Oh, yes, ’tis an artful expression my friendsicles.

I tried my hand at it the other morning, to my latest song obsession “Leaves” by Miguel. I suppose it’s more of an interpretational sitting-dance inasmuch as its an ‘attempt’ at lip synching—it’s very difficult not to move when I hear music. I used my iPhone to record and then added some small details courtesy of my very spare laptop PC Movie Maker program. It runs a little long at 2:15—we know that millennial eye balls start to melt after even 15-30 seconds of viewing time, so future attempts will definitely be shorter. Here is my oeuvre, and incidentally my 1st online video of me doing anything as a matter of fact—YouTubers everywhere are all “wellllllllll LA DI Fricken DA” in a unison yawnathon.

Yes, I’ve been hesitant in joining the look-at-me circus in the round that is now become part and parcel to the bloggers bag of tricks, and realise I need to acquiesce and soon. Snacking on just my writes, is neither edifying nor inspiring to the digiterati at large any longer.

All this to say, I plan on having a variety of PCR LIP SYNC challenges going forward in November and December. As an added incentive I will be tacking on incredible prizes to be won, and in the interim be introducing my readers to some of the greatest music tracks to come out of 2015. Stay tuned for my first challenge update, but let me know if you are interested in PLAYING ALONG! The only rules so far are that you need to be at least 18 years of age, and I’m hoping to make the prizes available in Canada, the US AND Europe, as former giveaways only included Canada + US.

Feel free to use whatever digital ephemera you have at your disposal and stay tuned to this space or my other social media platforms for updates. *Add me to the social media platform that you use most regularly.

On Facebook our small but growing gang is at:

On Instagram:

And on Twitter: @PopCultRainman

(Were also on Google + and Pinterest) but won’t they won’t be official #PCRLIPSYNC platforms. Also let’s face it, no one really understands Google + (even though I’m becoming a PRETTY BIG DEAL OVER THERE?!)

…Stay Tuned for #PCRLIPSYNC & Lip Synch like EVERYBODY’s Watching my lover heads!


Pride Fashion, Accessories + Nail Art! Everyone is Wearing the Rainbow!

Since Friday’s monumental Supreme Court Decision to legalize Gay Marriage in all 50 states, the US has been showing off its Colors PROUDLY. *Let the record show that us Canadians legalized Gay Marriage over a decade ago—cause we progressive like that, but this is your moment to shine US, so in the glitteryyet-stern words of Mama Ru “Shantay You Stay…”

 But Most of All…


The decision came just in time for world pride week, and now everywhere you look gorgeous rainbow hues are abundantly displayed in full regalia—my Facebook + Twitter feeds look like a sea of Skittles!

So with this unanimous outpouring of pride, support and love, I offer up some rainbow fashion, accessories + nail art to all—no matter who you choose to mouth hump!

LOVE IS LOVE + Rainbows are Awesome…so without further ado!


Rainbow Steppin’ from L to R: Converse Chuck Taylors, Valentino, Charlotte Olympia


Mara Hoffman Weekender Bag,  Moschino Bracelet, Edie Parker Clutch, Rainbow Aviator Glasses (every top label has a version this season!) iPhone 6 Case by Casetify



Mara Hoffman, known mainly for her splendiferous bathing suits, came out with a line of free-to-be-you-and-me rainbow dresses perfect for an outdoor summer concert, a night on the town, or for your next cult meeting? It’s a little too Polyphonic Spree for my taste.

Hoffman’s strapless maxi +  strappy mini below  are definitely more my aesthetic. I would absolutely live in that strapless maxi all summer! 

I changed my mind, I would absolutely live *solely* in these two bombshell numbers all summer long! The Pocahontas inspired Dress + Jumpsuit are beyond STUN. Mara Hoffman is my Rainbow Godmother and I’m absolutely under her spell!


Suit Up!

And…doing what she does best, Mara Hoffman’s bikini’s + caftans are swimmingly perfect!

Nail Art

Nail Art fascinates me.  Also, it’s also a HUGE draw to my blog, so I try to incorporate something from the art form as often as possible. Here are some original interpretations on the rainbow totem pole of design.

L to R: Stained Glass Window Effect by Nailed it NZ, A Full Digit Rainbow by Fuck Yea Nail Art, Tokyo Nail Artist Eichi Matsunaga Studded Nails, + Janelle Estep’s Sponge Gradient Nails.

Well there you have it friendsicles! A cornucopia of rainbow inspired wares from Moi to Toi!

Now go out there and WERK IT!




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Madonna Coachella ‘Drake Kiss’ was Rapey…

I truly hate when ageism shaming and Madonna intersect; but this really has to be said.

The Coachella kiss that Madonna ‘sprung‘ on Drake during his performance was aggressive and, yes rapey in nature.


Let’s back up the bus for a second, and assume Drake is telling the truth when he says the “kiss” was unplanned. He could very well be lying à la Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson post Super Bowl 2004.

But let’s say he is being honest, that said kiss, threw him for a loop—if the roles were reversed, ie; the genders and ages were reversed…there would be MAYHEM!

Have a look at the video; the kiss is aggressive to the point of suffocation. Is she administering CPR?! Arm-wrestling him with her mouth?

What I find most disturbing is her forcing his hand down as he ‘pretends’ to enjoy a mutual kiss. The whole master/servant ‘control’ thing makes me ill.

Imagine if it were say, Prince, surprising Rihanna with an unplanned, aggressive kiss, where he ‘holds her hand down’?

He would be read the riot act! Possibly charged with assault?

The more I think about it, the more it had to have been planned. He offered up an explanation today to his reaction-of-disgust saying “I Wasn’t Disgusted By Madonna Kiss … It Was Her Gnarly Lipstick…

Who will ever know the truth about the theatre of the absurd ploys that artists have to ‘entertain’ to get a reaction these days. Perhaps she was playing with the idea that women can get away with such things; but I still don’t think it was worth it to court the controversy.

It wasn’t exactly a banner year for icons who previously asserted forced their power over those weaker and ‘younger’ than them in  sexual scenarios.   

Please let me know your thoughts?

Was this planned? Was Madonna over the top? Did you find the kiss aggressive? Lampooned? Distasteful? Provocative?


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Spring Summer 2015 Design Trend; The Pineapple!

It’s about time a member of the fruit fam got some trend cred!

For the last couple of years its been hipster woodsy creatures that have dominated design trends; the Bear, the Deer, the Moose, the Wolf and most recently the Fox. Cats have also been dominating pop culture & design for the last couple of years, and let’s face it, when is Leopardeverything NOT in style?!

While the Pineapple trend made its *stage whisper* debut last year, it seems that its back with even more torque and punch for Spring/Summer 2015—and now the fat-lady-she-is-a-SINGING! *My metaphors don’t always translate.

A long time symbol of hospitality and tropical destinations, check out all of the ways you can incorporate this sweet symbol into every facet of your designer life.


HOLY Pineapples Batman! 

Top fashion labels have embraced the Pineapple whole heartedly this season.  Milan DJ turned Designer Massimo Giorgetti of MSGM put Pineapples front and center for his Resort ’15 Collection. I can’t get over the splendiferous eggplant coloured sweater paired with the baby blue skirt?!

Anthropologie—a shoppers Bacchanalia for anyone with a vagina, upped the adorbs-ante this season with this pair of Pineapple skinny jeans and this one-piece Seafolly Boy Leg Maillot bathing suit. I want it, I need it, I have to have it!!

…And Tory Burch created this sexy string bikini and beach-ready caftan-esque over shirt.

…White Fox Pineapple Pom Pom Shorts

Tropical Feet

Sophia Webster has the zeitgeist covered this season with her jelly heels and skate sneaker offerings…

…and I can’t gauge when exactly Tom’s put this original style out, but I’m always a fan of their ongoing One for One campaign and hope that they can reissue this stylio?!

…and how adorable are these lace up pineapple Vans?

Pineapple Vans

Pineapple Vans

Nice Set of Pineapples You’ve Got There…

The Pineapple truly dominates interior design this spring with a melee of sensational statement pieces for the home. Don’t things sound extra special when you put a the in front of it? ‘The Gays,’ ‘The Clap,’…The Home’…Annnnnd were MOVING ON

Check out the inspirational assortment below. I won’t be dropping designer names on many of the pics (many of them are label agnostic) but they’re offered in spades online—Just Google!

From L to R: Pineapple pillows bring that kitsch fun to your living rooms and outdoor spaces. A Pineapple print found on Etsy, a Pineapple statement piece from Joss & Main, and this vintage lamp exudes Zsa Zsa Gabor glamour n’est pas? This is merely a sprinkling of interior looks—I’m actually a huge fan of all of the wall paper offerings avail; in fabric & paper!

Tropical Accessories

And while now I am running the risk of sounding like Bubba Gump describing a motley of shrimp options, I give you some Pineapple accessories.

From L to R: Lee Renee Studs, Vera Xane Piña Ring, Kate Spade Clutch, a Cute Watch found on Etsy, a Tote by Koku and the iPhone choices online are more than one can shake a stick at!

I will close off this post with this amazing photo of Maddie the Coonhound (who I’ve had the pleasure of petting in person!) wearing a Pineapple hat à la Carmen Miranda styles.

Famous Dog

 You’re Welcome!

*I realise in real lifesies that the pineapple is not capitalized, but its my blog & I’ll capitalize a trending fruit if I wanna!

**Not all examples will be available come press time. Tough Titties.


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Straight Outta Toyko; Next Level Nail Art!


I recently discovered the work of  Tokyo Nail Artist Eichi Matsunaga, and let me tell you—his is of the next-level VARIETY!

While there isn’t a lot of intel on Matsunaga readily available (*in English at least), I do know he is a famous manicurist in Japan who works in beauty editorial and possesses an all-star clientele list.

Nail Art Devotee singer Lily Allen recently showed off her newly minted pair of SASSY Matsunaga nails. HOT!

*NB This is a Photograph from Lily Allen’s Instagram.



What sets him apart I believe, is his detailing—specifically his PRECISION and placement. He works with high contrast, confectionary gel colors on real and synthetic nails–ultimately creating modern mini masterpieces.  While Harajuku nail art can be quite over-the-top and garish, Mastunaga’s style is rather spare in its approach.

Unique spins on the Stiletto Nail.

Bubble Gum Colors, Sleek Lines + Pure Precision…

I’m particularly fond of this series of nails that I’ve dubbed ‘Circular Jewels’. The 1st photo is on real nails, the 2nd are interpretations on the theme on clear synthetic nails. I LOVE the clear fakes. Such a futuristic/sci-fi LOOK! *The 2nd shot is a photo from Matsunaga’s Instagram. He likes to cherry pick what he displays on his Tumblr Vs. Instagram—check out both for the full scope of his dazzling creations.

Lastly, a couple of  shots of his Bejewelled Clear Synthetic Nails,the ones on the right plucked from his Instagram. I’m slightly obsessed with the 1st set on the left. They remind me of Pez Candy Studded Bullets and the clear nails are the perfect backdrop. They SIZZLE!

Can’t wait to try out some of these styles in spring via Pinky’s Nails TO!  

Later you sexy thangs,


The Pop Culture Rainman ™