Madonna Coachella ‘Drake Kiss’ was Rapey…

I truly hate when ageism shaming and Madonna intersect; but this really has to be said.

The Coachella kiss that Madonna ‘sprung‘ on Drake during his performance was aggressive and, yes rapey in nature.


Let’s back up the bus for a second, and assume Drake is telling the truth when he says the “kiss” was unplanned. He could very well be lying à la Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson post Super Bowl 2004.

But let’s say he is being honest, that said kiss, threw him for a loop—if the roles were reversed, ie; the genders and ages were reversed…there would be MAYHEM!

Have a look at the video; the kiss is aggressive to the point of suffocation. Is she administering CPR?! Arm-wrestling him with her mouth?

What I find most disturbing is her forcing his hand down as he ‘pretends’ to enjoy a mutual kiss. The whole master/servant ‘control’ thing makes me ill.

Imagine if it were say, Prince, surprising Rihanna with an unplanned, aggressive kiss, where he ‘holds her hand down’?

He would be read the riot act! Possibly charged with assault?

The more I think about it, the more it had to have been planned. He offered up an explanation today to his reaction-of-disgust saying “I Wasn’t Disgusted By Madonna Kiss … It Was Her Gnarly Lipstick…

Who will ever know the truth about the theatre of the absurd ploys that artists have to ‘entertain’ to get a reaction these days. Perhaps she was playing with the idea that women can get away with such things; but I still don’t think it was worth it to court the controversy.

It wasn’t exactly a banner year for icons who previously asserted forced their power over those weaker and ‘younger’ than them in  sexual scenarios.   

Please let me know your thoughts?

Was this planned? Was Madonna over the top? Did you find the kiss aggressive? Lampooned? Distasteful? Provocative?


New Crop

Spring Summer 2015 Design Trend; The Pineapple!

It’s about time a member of the fruit fam got some trend cred!

For the last couple of years its been hipster woodsy creatures that have dominated design trends; the Bear, the Deer, the Moose, the Wolf and most recently the Fox. Cats have also been dominating pop culture & design for the last couple of years, and let’s face it, when is Leopardeverything NOT in style?!

While the Pineapple trend made its *stage whisper* debut last year, it seems that its back with even more torque and punch for Spring/Summer 2015—and now the fat-lady-she-is-a-SINGING! *My metaphors don’t always translate.

A long time symbol of hospitality and tropical destinations, check out all of the ways you can incorporate this sweet symbol into every facet of your designer life.


HOLY Pineapples Batman! 

Top fashion labels have embraced the Pineapple whole heartedly this season.  Milan DJ turned Designer Massimo Giorgetti of MSGM put Pineapples front and center for his Resort ’15 Collection. I can’t get over the splendiferous eggplant coloured sweater paired with the baby blue skirt?!

Anthropologie—a shoppers Bacchanalia for anyone with a vagina, upped the adorbs-ante this season with this pair of Pineapple skinny jeans and this one-piece Seafolly Boy Leg Maillot bathing suit. I want it, I need it, I have to have it!!

…And Tory Burch created this sexy string bikini and beach-ready caftan-esque over shirt.

…White Fox Pineapple Pom Pom Shorts

Tropical Feet

Sophia Webster has the zeitgeist covered this season with her jelly heels and skate sneaker offerings…

…and I can’t gauge when exactly Tom’s put this original style out, but I’m always a fan of their ongoing One for One campaign and hope that they can reissue this stylio?!

…and how adorable are these lace up pineapple Vans?

Pineapple Vans

Pineapple Vans

Nice Set of Pineapples You’ve Got There…

The Pineapple truly dominates interior design this spring with a melee of sensational statement pieces for the home. Don’t things sound extra special when you put a the in front of it? ‘The Gays,’ ‘The Clap,’…The Home’…Annnnnd were MOVING ON

Check out the inspirational assortment below. I won’t be dropping designer names on many of the pics (many of them are label agnostic) but they’re offered in spades online—Just Google!

From L to R: Pineapple pillows bring that kitsch fun to your living rooms and outdoor spaces. A Pineapple print found on Etsy, a Pineapple statement piece from Joss & Main, and this vintage lamp exudes Zsa Zsa Gabor glamour n’est pas? This is merely a sprinkling of interior looks—I’m actually a huge fan of all of the wall paper offerings avail; in fabric & paper!

Tropical Accessories

And while now I am running the risk of sounding like Bubba Gump describing a motley of shrimp options, I give you some Pineapple accessories.

From L to R: Lee Renee Studs, Vera Xane Piña Ring, Kate Spade Clutch, a Cute Watch found on Etsy, a Tote by Koku and the iPhone choices online are more than one can shake a stick at!

I will close off this post with this amazing photo of Maddie the Coonhound (who I’ve had the pleasure of petting in person!) wearing a Pineapple hat à la Carmen Miranda styles.

Famous Dog

 You’re Welcome!

*I realise in real lifesies that the pineapple is not capitalized, but its my blog & I’ll capitalize a trending fruit if I wanna!

**Not all examples will be available come press time. Tough Titties.


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Straight Outta Toyko; Next Level Nail Art!


I recently discovered the work of  Tokyo Nail Artist Eichi Matsunaga, and let me tell you—his is of the next-level VARIETY!

While there isn’t a lot of intel on Matsunaga readily available (*in English at least), I do know he is a famous manicurist in Japan who works in beauty editorial and possesses an all-star clientele list.

Nail Art Devotee singer Lily Allen recently showed off her newly minted pair of SASSY Matsunaga nails. HOT!

*NB This is a Photograph from Lily Allen’s Instagram.



What sets him apart I believe, is his detailing—specifically his PRECISION and placement. He works with high contrast, confectionary gel colors on real and synthetic nails–ultimately creating modern mini masterpieces.  While Harajuku nail art can be quite over-the-top and garish, Mastunaga’s style is rather spare in its approach.

Unique spins on the Stiletto Nail.

Bubble Gum Colors, Sleek Lines + Pure Precision…

I’m particularly fond of this series of nails that I’ve dubbed ‘Circular Jewels’. The 1st photo is on real nails, the 2nd are interpretations on the theme on clear synthetic nails. I LOVE the clear fakes. Such a futuristic/sci-fi LOOK! *The 2nd shot is a photo from Matsunaga’s Instagram. He likes to cherry pick what he displays on his Tumblr Vs. Instagram—check out both for the full scope of his dazzling creations.

Lastly, a couple of  shots of his Bejewelled Clear Synthetic Nails,the ones on the right plucked from his Instagram. I’m slightly obsessed with the 1st set on the left. They remind me of Pez Candy Studded Bullets and the clear nails are the perfect backdrop. They SIZZLE!

Can’t wait to try out some of these styles in spring via Pinky’s Nails TO!  

Later you sexy thangs,


The Pop Culture Rainman ™

That’s Enough Kim Kardashian. Truly, We’ve Seen Enough.

My Original Meme!

Apologies dear readers, if this visual made you choke on your morning Muesli, but someone needs to stop this maniac. I’m certain by now your news feed has been inundated with pictures of attention ho’ Kim Kardashian’s cover for Paper Magazine? What a demure flower she is.

REALLY, Kim Kardashian; we’ve seen enough of your lubed up booty. Knock it off, woman!

As most of you know, I normally employ a ZERO TOLERANCE Kim Kardashian policy—but this needs to be said:

I Don’t Speak Kardashian

I truly hope the above display of dripping DESPERATION comes back to haunt you in ways you are far too lobotomized to even recognize.


I’m also *shocked* to see that the photographer was Jean-Paul Goude, the same genius who snapped the Grace Jones work of art masterpiece!?

Iconic Grace Jones Photo

Iconic Grace Jones Photo

Quelle downgrade for Monsieur Goude?!

We now return to our regular programming,

XOXO                                                                                                                                                                                                              The Pop Culture Rainman™


Viral Meme Fame…Can it Last?

Here at The Pop Culture Rainman we’re no strangers to the wondrous world of viral meme fame and infamy—we cover it quite a lot.

The snap that started it all…

The latest viral juggernaut is #AlexFromTarget—a baby-faced Target cashier who reached a viral ‘touchdown’ after his photo was posted to Tumblr and spread like wild-fire overnight via giddy tweenagers who thought he was…wait for it…a hottie.

How non illuminating?!

What’s interesting to note—is that Alex had no idea that his photo had even been taken, least of all splattered across the interwebs. Five days later Alex has an astounding 700k+ followers on his Twitter account, five fake accounts with impressive numbers, and he’s already been on the Ellen show!?

And for what I ask? What semblance of marketable talent does this 16-year-old from Texas have beyond being Beiber-esque cute? Can viral meme fame parlay itself into something real, profitable even? This idea gets even more interesting when said memee wasn’t actively courting any kind of attention to begin with?

This is a new frontier of accidental online fame.

I thought this was an insightful post made by @XmyheartMT via Twitter:

It’s clear that for Alex this was a positive outcome. I mean let’s face it…he was bagging diapers and light bulbs—hardly en route to becoming one of tomorrows change agents—and I say that with love.

He certainly wasn’t on Time Magazine’s 2014 most influential teens list, now was he? I say this ironically as I can’t believe how youth obsessed our culture has become that Time Magazine would post such nonsense. I also think their inclusion of nepotistic spawn like Jaden Smith + Kylie & Kendall is vomitous (I-n-f-l-u-e-n-t-I-a-l as they may be). In fact the whole idea of 20 under 20, or even 30 under 30 lists make me want to projectile vomit all over the universe.  

So, yes…Alex got to cut corners in making his way to the top of Twitter, whereas the rest of us have to SLAVE our way just to get to the middle.

But what if this apparent windfall went horribly wrong for Alex. What if it backfired? There are seemingly ZERO policies in place on what is acceptable when posting photos of others online and what could potentially be ILLEGAL?

The deluge of trending Subway snaps for the most part, are just plain hilarious. I don’t think this guy will be making a complaint that his privacy was compromised any time soon, however

But back on point…overnight viral meme ‘fame’ is not to be compared to YouTube/Blogger famedom where there are hundreds of both young and (horrors!) aged adults making incredible profits for their videos and burgeoning brands online. 

Unlike Alex from Target, these people have been curating content online for years and are considered bona fide digital stars who have earned their audiences attention. Another element that they all share is that they were EARLY ADOPTERS of blogging and or YouTube. In the litmus test of online fame— 9/10 times said ‘digerati’ stars were churning out content between the formative years of 2005 and 2007. Yes, there are a handful or pseudo over night success examples, but those are exceptions, certainly not the rule.

Digerati ‘all-stars’ Shane Dawson + Jenna Marbles


At this point, I think Alex from Target should cut his losses and get out of the faux fame game, it truly doesn’t suit him.

His 1st rookie mistake has been, uh…being himself. His tweets post windfall, actually have the ability to put you into a coma. Sure he’s ‘pretty‘ but the kid is no word architect and pens one yawnathon after the other. He really should consider a ghost tweeter.

Once the sheen of his accidental fame starts to wear thin and he realises that the height of his modeling career potential will be JC Penney catalog work, his window of opportunity will start to cave in on itself. He’s sitting on some PRIME number Twitter real estate however—can he actually sell his Twitter space? Is that even done?


Let’s examine a couple of unexpected online meme scenarios where said memee benefitted in a positive way from the exposure. Not surprisingly—it’s not a lengthy list.

First up is Sammy The Success Kid. At just 11 months old, Sammy became a popular internet meme after his mom posted this ‘random day at the beach’ to Flickr in 2007, without ANY inclination it would become an internet sensation.

It’s a fantastic photo and the spacing with some extra landscape to the right, adds to its character.

Original photo of Sammy innocently making Sand Castles

Original photo of Sammy at the beach…ridiculously adorable we concur! Copyright

The initial incarnation of Sammy’s online persona was based on an interpretation of his closed fist and precociously smug stare as Sammy the ‘Bully’ meme. The doctored photo below alluded to Sammy being a beach front bully and enemy to sand castles everywhere. It’s undeniably hilarious.  

Beware of Sammy the Sand Castle Kicking Bully...

Beware of Sammy the Sand Castle Kicking Bully…

Initially his mother Lainey Griner was horrified by how her baby was being portrayed, but thankfully in the most random of occurrences, Sammy morphed into the poster child (literally) of SUCCESS—in meme parlance

One of the many incarnation memes of Sammy the Success Kid!

One of the many incarnation memes of Sammy the Success Kid!

In a reframing of his persona, Sammy appears to be the originator of the sentiment ‘WINNING‘ without actually having to say it. He reminds me of an archetypal University football coach actually!

What followed after Griner finally reined in her rightful copyright ownership were a couple of offers from top name brands like Vitamin Water and Verizon.

Verizon Poster Child of Value + SAVINGS! YEAHHHH!

While I have no idea if the money was substantial enough that it changed their lives dramatically, it certainly must have been a nice feather in their caps and an all around positive experience, mais non? From what we hear Sammy is a regular 7-year-old doing the things that 7-year-olds-do.

Success Kid is all Growns Up!

Success Kid is all Growns Up!

He will occasionally appear in a split photo ‘where are they now update’, but from all accounts—his  online fame has run its course and his family has not tried to prolong any further promotion of their son. They fell in, and they got out before it became ‘weird’.

Who can forget Antoine Dodson?

 Well, obviously we have a rapist in Lincoln Park. He’s climbin’ in yo windows, he’s snatchin’ yo people up, tryin’ to raoe ’em. So ya’ll need to hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband cause they rapin’ everybody out here.” -Antoine Dodson.

His ghetto flamboyance courtesy of a news segment became a viral sensation, and the saying ‘Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife‘ became part of our collective pop culture lexicon. An auto-tuned music mash-up produced by the Gregory projects sold more than 250,000 copies on iTunes and proceeds eventually helped Dodson and his family move out of the Alabama projects. Dodson has appeared everywhere from George Lopez to the People’s Choice Awards, a cameo in Tyler Perry’s film A Madea Christmas, and even rang in NYE on Carson Daley’s Times Square telecast. Most recently he has a Kickstarter account to help start a reality show and most recently starred in a pay-per-view fight with the original intruder (ya right!?) who trued to rape his sister.

This obvi staged press video that breaks out into a ‘fight’ with Dodson taking a girly swing that a light breeze could exceed, seems like a major downgrade from his former press coverage. It feels rather 50 shades of desperate at this point. Was he able to parlay his online fame into something bigger? Absolutely. It’s almost 4 1/2 years later since the incident and Antoine Dodson still has an online presence and fan base. But is it something substantial? Can his windfall be stretched out any further?

In the wise words of Sweet Brown (who incidentally hasn’t received a penny to date for her video’s prevalent usage…)

Sweet Brown

Stay in school kids,

XOXO                                                                                                                                                                                                The Pop Culture Rainman

Futuristic Geometric Nail Art, Now Trending

Nail Art is *still* alive and well, and impressively, quite adaptive in terms of constantly evolving. Why just back in the pre-fall, I was waxing poetic about the metallic nail color trend and lo’ + behold’ a new fad has emerged.

The latest and greatest is a pastiche of geometric + abstract shapes, with new takes on the half moon/reversed French. While some might argue that the geometric nail art trend has been around since 2012, I believe these following pictures to be freshly-squeezed modern expressions on the trend.

With the 60’s back in fashion for fall 2014, this first photo feels like a perfect retro fit.

Mod + Modern Geometry

Mod + Modern Geometry

I absolutely adore this next ‘lewk’. I love the folding of gold, to neutral— to bare nail. It reminds me of Fritz Lang’s futuristic dystopian film Metropolis—especially the original posters

Metropolis Nail Inspiration

Metropolis Nail Inspiration

 ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

Gilded Nails

Gilded Nails

This last set is a new take on the half moon/reversed French—its a half triangle, again, using the natural nail as part of the design. It’s quite Bond Girl don’t ya think? A Bond Girl with hot pink sex lasers beaming from her eye balls. Yes, I have an active imagination.

Half Triangle Reversed French. Sexy!

Half Triangle Reversed French. Sexy!

Let’s hope these designs are still wearable come Christmas falala fun-times—if not you know where to come a knockin‘ trendnistas! You can try Googling for DIY versions of the above, or try finding a Nail Art Studio in your area. In Toronto two places that can accommodate; Pinky`s Nails Studio + Tips Nail Bar.

Laser Cat

Laser Cats!

FYI This rainbow Laser Cat from SNL fame should not be mistaken for my Bond Girl pink sex lasers, which I made up. Just want to make sure your paying attention class!

Nailed It,

XOXO                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The Pop Culture Rainman

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Iggy Azalea


Photo: Louie Banks

She’s the hottest female-rapper of le moment, teaming up with the likes of Ariana Grande, Rita Ora, and most recently J.Lo just to name a few. Her album The New Classic [Virgin/EMI] broke the record for the most weeks at Number One for a female rapper with hits like “Work” + “Fancy.”

Born Amethyst Amelia Kelly, here’s 10 things you didn’t know about the Australian export with oodles of moxieIggy Azalea.

1. First things first she’s the Realest


She maintains that her bum is REAL. She candidly admits she went for laser treatments to get rid of stretch marks on her famous derrier—but was taken aback when the dr. was squeezing her bum to see if it was fake. “I was slightly insulted!”

2. She used to get teased about her famous Beauty Marks. 


 “Kids used to call me ‘Moley‘ when I was younger so I was [self-conscious]. I like them now.”

3. Sun is a No-No


She is extremely “sun conscious” and uses an umbrella to cover her from the sun. She also uses natural products like beeswax and honey on her skin as well.

4. She Shares the Same Birthday as Prince

Both artists were born on June 7th. Iggy says she has “the typical ‘split-personality of a Gemini’ but also “has a touchy-feely sensitive side as well.” 

5. She Goes *Deep*

Iggy practices meditation and has done multiple sessions of hypnotherapy. “It helps to change how you react to certain things in your past or present. It doesn’t rewrite memories, but helps you to look at them in a different way.”

6. She Feels Older Than Her Years

I feel like I crammed in a few more years  in than the average [early] 20-year-old. I’ve been on my own since 16. I see some people my age and our experiences are different.”

7. She wasn’t always so ‘Fancy…’

Walking in her Louboutins...

Walking in her Louboutins…

Before she walked “a mile in her Louboutins,”  very early on in her career she rapped about Steve Madden shoes, thinking that they were [one of the most] expensive shoes on the market. “The line went ‘these Steve Madden’s are so exclusive...”

Steve Madden + Iggy Azalea Partner Up

Steve Madden + Iggy Azalea Partner Up

* Incidentally Iggy and Steve Madden are creating a shoe line together to be released in February 2015.

8. She Prefers to be ‘Off the Grid’


She thinks message boards and negative press are “so unhealthy and damaging” so she unplugs as much as she can. She specifically vacationed at the exclusive Jade Mountain at Anse Chastanet in St Lucia, because of their no TV, Internet or Telephone policy.

9. She understands why some people might think she’s just a gimmick (*which she isn’t.)

 “All cultures have double standards. It’s all in how you deal with it. If you understand where it stems from, you can forgive it.

10. She Digs Nas


He’s truly an intellectual who doesn’t act like he’s better than anyone else. He’s a real artist—I look up to him.”

Here’s Looking at You IGGY,


The Pop Culture Rainman™