Who could have predicted that Lip Synching would culminate into the mammoth trend that it currently is in 2015? Jimmy Fallon first started lip synch segments with his celebrity guests back 2014, and in 2015 Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle, hosted by LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen premiered to huge ratings!


And we can’t forget the DubSmash App which has been downloaded well over 50 million times (*stat from June 2015) since its launch in 2014.


Even the most prosaic among us have a facility for the lip synch—and everyone has a different approach and flair to add to the art form. Oh, yes, ’tis an artful expression my friendsicles.

I tried my hand at it the other morning, to my latest song obsession “Leaves” by Miguel. I suppose it’s more of an interpretational sitting-dance inasmuch as its an ‘attempt’ at lip synching—it’s very difficult not to move when I hear music. I used my iPhone to record and then added some small details courtesy of my very spare laptop PC Movie Maker program. It runs a little long at 2:15—we know that millennial eye balls start to melt after even 15-30 seconds of viewing time, so future attempts will definitely be shorter. Here is my oeuvre, and incidentally my 1st online video of me doing anything as a matter of fact—YouTubers everywhere are all “wellllllllll LA DI Fricken DA” in a unison yawnathon.

Yes, I’ve been hesitant in joining the look-at-me circus in the round that is now become part and parcel to the bloggers bag of tricks, and realise I need to acquiesce and soon. Snacking on just my writes, is neither edifying nor inspiring to the digiterati at large any longer.

All this to say, I plan on having a variety of PCR LIP SYNC challenges going forward in November and December. As an added incentive I will be tacking on incredible prizes to be won, and in the interim be introducing my readers to some of the greatest music tracks to come out of 2015. Stay tuned for my first challenge update, but let me know if you are interested in PLAYING ALONG! The only rules so far are that you need to be at least 18 years of age, and I’m hoping to make the prizes available in Canada, the US AND Europe, as former giveaways only included Canada + US.

Feel free to use whatever digital ephemera you have at your disposal and stay tuned to this space or my other social media platforms for updates. *Add me to the social media platform that you use most regularly.

On Facebook our small but growing gang is at: https://www.facebook.com/popculturerainman/

On Instagram: https://instagram.com/reneepopculturerainman/

And on Twitter: @PopCultRainman

(Were also on Google + and Pinterest) but won’t they won’t be official #PCRLIPSYNC platforms. Also let’s face it, no one really understands Google + (even though I’m becoming a PRETTY BIG DEAL OVER THERE?!)

…Stay Tuned for #PCRLIPSYNC & Lip Synch like EVERYBODY’s Watching my lover heads!


Pride Fashion, Accessories + Nail Art! Everyone is Wearing the Rainbow!

Since Friday’s monumental Supreme Court Decision to legalize Gay Marriage in all 50 states, the US has been showing off its Colors PROUDLY. *Let the record show that us Canadians legalized Gay Marriage over a decade ago—cause we progressive like that, but this is your moment to shine US, so in the glitteryyet-stern words of Mama Ru “Shantay You Stay…”

 But Most of All…


The decision came just in time for world pride week, and now everywhere you look gorgeous rainbow hues are abundantly displayed in full regalia—my Facebook + Twitter feeds look like a sea of Skittles!

So with this unanimous outpouring of pride, support and love, I offer up some rainbow fashion, accessories + nail art to all—no matter who you choose to mouth hump!

LOVE IS LOVE + Rainbows are Awesome…so without further ado!


Rainbow Steppin’ from L to R: Converse Chuck Taylors, Valentino, Charlotte Olympia


Mara Hoffman Weekender Bag,  Moschino Bracelet, Edie Parker Clutch, Rainbow Aviator Glasses (every top label has a version this season!) iPhone 6 Case by Casetify



Mara Hoffman, known mainly for her splendiferous bathing suits, came out with a line of free-to-be-you-and-me rainbow dresses perfect for an outdoor summer concert, a night on the town, or for your next cult meeting? It’s a little too Polyphonic Spree for my taste.

Hoffman’s strapless maxi +  strappy mini below  are definitely more my aesthetic. I would absolutely live in that strapless maxi all summer! 

I changed my mind, I would absolutely live *solely* in these two bombshell numbers all summer long! The Pocahontas inspired Dress + Jumpsuit are beyond STUN. Mara Hoffman is my Rainbow Godmother and I’m absolutely under her spell!


Suit Up!

And…doing what she does best, Mara Hoffman’s bikini’s + caftans are swimmingly perfect!

Nail Art

Nail Art fascinates me.  Also, it’s also a HUGE draw to my blog, so I try to incorporate something from the art form as often as possible. Here are some original interpretations on the rainbow totem pole of design.

L to R: Stained Glass Window Effect by Nailed it NZ, A Full Digit Rainbow by Fuck Yea Nail Art, Tokyo Nail Artist Eichi Matsunaga Studded Nails, + Janelle Estep’s Sponge Gradient Nails.

Well there you have it friendsicles! A cornucopia of rainbow inspired wares from Moi to Toi!

Now go out there and WERK IT!




New Crop

Buh Bye Hipsters, Say Hello to the Yuccie!

Image: Bob Al-Greene, Mashable

Mashable’s David Infante coined a new social trope today; The Yuccie-The Young Urban Creative. It’s a brand new moniker befitting of millennial intelligentsia—specifically, a trickled down metabolite of Yuppies + Hipsters.

You pronounce it like ‘Yucky’ and it has an extensive back-story worthy of an award winning screenplay.

But because I am not the author of this barely 24-hour old pop culture paradigm, I will throw it over to the original article highlighted below.

 Will the Yuccie Become Sticky? 

Let me know your thoughts?


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Billboard Music Awards Recap; The Good, The Bad, The Kanye Inferno

billboard-music-awards-2014 I won’t mince words here, (do I ever?!) EVERYONE knows the Billboard’s aren’t like a REAL awards show, but rather a televised advertorial for the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, n’est pas? Sure the Billboard charts are a ‘thing’, but the awards show are based on a sketchy Cuisinart mixture of chart ranking and social media channel popularity (?!)—which does not necessarily always equal to QUALITY talent?! I mean the Kardashians are all gorgeous unicorns that look like Bratz dolls, surebut can they really string a sentence together without cue cards and days of speech therapy coaching?


I mean Prince only has 5k followers on his Twitter (to his credit his team just got back on days ago, he doesn’t really pander to such constructs), so what would that mean to the Billboards?! And Prince is the most talented musician, singer, entertainer allllllllllive today! He’s my generations Beyoncé, that is if Beyoncé could play EVERY instrument every created, write all her music and produce it all as well; *I still love you B. Also, as was noted Prince wasn’t at the Billboards—and he was at all the real major awards show this year as he released 2 new albums, so his absence is the only litmus test you need to understand how RANDO the Billboard awards really are.

But as long as we are all here. Let’s go over some of the Highlights (and low low lights) of last nights Show Stoppah!

Balmain creative director Olivier Rouseteing announced a H&M Collab for November on the red carpet with model Jourdan Dunn and the least annoying unicorn sporting a sneak peak of the collection. image

It’s always a pleasure to see J LO on the red carpet sporting a dress made from panty hose and expertly placed sequins?! I’m so not hatingJLO is a force of NATURE! She has somehow beat le aging? I mean, all of us, are getting jowly, crêpey and pudgier by the minute, but JLO looks better on the cusp of 46 than most 20 year olds?! She is absolutely flawless! Her nose should be on display at a museum, it’s that magnificent.


Her Secret? Great Genetics. No Drank. No Drugs. LUXURY (you can’t afford it) HAIR WEAVE.

Another great moment was when Molly Ringwald an 80’s pop culture icon, came up on the stage to announce the 30 anniversary of the Breakfast Club. She then went on to announce the incredible coincidence that Simple Minds chart topping hit Don’t You Forget About Me, was released (yesterday or today!?). Here she is announcing their performance. I was in a full body suit of goose bumps. It looked exactly like J Lo’s DRESS!

*I particularly loved the shots of T Swift and Molly Ringwald being faux besties and pretending they’re ever going to see each other again after this awards show!? It was adorable.

Next up Taylor Swift wins artist of the year, and I would have given her the award simply BASED on that Balmain white jumpsuit alone?! It perfectly showed off her BANGING bod, sky-high legs and her new set of Pokémon sized titty sacks! F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S! *I truly am a fan of hers, musically and otherwise.


Lastly the Unicorns (and Kylie Jenners Lips) announced (to a thrum of BOO’s) their brother-in-law Kanye West’s performance. They even referred to him as a DR. (blech) cause some lame suck-up University gave him a doctorate in Art last week after he managed to color inside all the lines of a paint by numbers photo of….HIMSELF. *I made that up, but admit it, it was goooooood. Kanye’s self-importance was on DEFCON high alert as per usual in some sort of pyro juvenile mess of a performance. Thankfully most of it was bleeped out by the censors, and the optics were one awful blurry inferno and again, that was a good thing.


Kanye Really Knows How to Play for a Crowd…?

It was selfish, indulgent, poorly executed and I could have simply stared at my own fireplace for a better show. Kanye: PLEASE GO AWAY, and take the UNICORNS with you?

Keep real music ALIVE Y’all,


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Madonna Coachella ‘Drake Kiss’ was Rapey…

I truly hate when ageism shaming and Madonna intersect; but this really has to be said.

The Coachella kiss that Madonna ‘sprung‘ on Drake during his performance was aggressive and, yes rapey in nature.


Let’s back up the bus for a second, and assume Drake is telling the truth when he says the “kiss” was unplanned. He could very well be lying à la Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson post Super Bowl 2004.

But let’s say he is being honest, that said kiss, threw him for a loop—if the roles were reversed, ie; the genders and ages were reversed…there would be MAYHEM!

Have a look at the video; the kiss is aggressive to the point of suffocation. Is she administering CPR?! Arm-wrestling him with her mouth?

What I find most disturbing is her forcing his hand down as he ‘pretends’ to enjoy a mutual kiss. The whole master/servant ‘control’ thing makes me ill.

Imagine if it were say, Prince, surprising Rihanna with an unplanned, aggressive kiss, where he ‘holds her hand down’?

He would be read the riot act! Possibly charged with assault?

The more I think about it, the more it had to have been planned. He offered up an explanation today to his reaction-of-disgust saying “I Wasn’t Disgusted By Madonna Kiss … It Was Her Gnarly Lipstick…

Who will ever know the truth about the theatre of the absurd ploys that artists have to ‘entertain’ to get a reaction these days. Perhaps she was playing with the idea that women can get away with such things; but I still don’t think it was worth it to court the controversy.

It wasn’t exactly a banner year for icons who previously asserted forced their power over those weaker and ‘younger’ than them in  sexual scenarios.   

Please let me know your thoughts?

Was this planned? Was Madonna over the top? Did you find the kiss aggressive? Lampooned? Distasteful? Provocative?


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Musical Concierge; What 3 New Albums Would You Suggest to a Stranger?

I was talking to a relative stranger today, and we struck up a conversation about writing and music. This stranger, in his early 50’s—was telling me about his career as a photographer and writer and we were trading war stories on how the creative industries have changed dramatically just in the last decade. I explained to said stranger, that in a former life, I was actually a busy music journalist who, when enough balls were in the air, could actually make a living from my written pursuits. I explained to him how I used to get an hour in person with the likes of artists like Lenny Kravitz, Gwen Stefani and a newcomer named ‘Adele’. Today, if you’re lucky, you get a 10-15 minute phone conversation max that is the intimacy equivalent of making love while wearing a hazmat suit. Today, if you want to sustain oneself  in a creative industry like entertainment writing, you have to diversify like never before—double the balls in the air, spinning plates on sticks, and a steady day job if you plan on paying the bills. While the internet has certainly giveth, it also has taketh away publishing opportunities on and off-line. With bloggers now in the mix, the market is saturated and the competition as fierce as ever.

Said stranger asked me to suggest some music for him to listen to, explaining that he was completely out of the loop with new music and had “no idea” what to listen to. Not really having a grasp on his tastes, I suggested he get the last Alabama Shakes album and told him that a new one was coming out in April. I then suggested Lake Street Dive and to round it out Hozier’s album. He listened to a few tracks on his iPhone in front of me and thought all three were excellent suggestions. This got me thinking dear readers; what current 3 albums would YOU suggest to a stranger you just met? Suggestions that despite gender, age or a detailed list of their psychographics—that said stranger would be sure to LOVE!

I’m thinking there might be something to this musical concierge thing?

Let me know your 3 album (yes, a-l-b-u-m-s!) picks!

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Spring Summer 2015 Design Trend; The Pineapple!

It’s about time a member of the fruit fam got some trend cred!

For the last couple of years its been hipster woodsy creatures that have dominated design trends; the Bear, the Deer, the Moose, the Wolf and most recently the Fox. Cats have also been dominating pop culture & design for the last couple of years, and let’s face it, when is Leopardeverything NOT in style?!

While the Pineapple trend made its *stage whisper* debut last year, it seems that its back with even more torque and punch for Spring/Summer 2015—and now the fat-lady-she-is-a-SINGING! *My metaphors don’t always translate.

A long time symbol of hospitality and tropical destinations, check out all of the ways you can incorporate this sweet symbol into every facet of your designer life.


HOLY Pineapples Batman! 

Top fashion labels have embraced the Pineapple whole heartedly this season.  Milan DJ turned Designer Massimo Giorgetti of MSGM put Pineapples front and center for his Resort ’15 Collection. I can’t get over the splendiferous eggplant coloured sweater paired with the baby blue skirt?!

Anthropologie—a shoppers Bacchanalia for anyone with a vagina, upped the adorbs-ante this season with this pair of Pineapple skinny jeans and this one-piece Seafolly Boy Leg Maillot bathing suit. I want it, I need it, I have to have it!!

…And Tory Burch created this sexy string bikini and beach-ready caftan-esque over shirt.

…White Fox Pineapple Pom Pom Shorts

Tropical Feet

Sophia Webster has the zeitgeist covered this season with her jelly heels and skate sneaker offerings…

…and I can’t gauge when exactly Tom’s put this original style out, but I’m always a fan of their ongoing One for One campaign and hope that they can reissue this stylio?!

…and how adorable are these lace up pineapple Vans?

Pineapple Vans

Pineapple Vans

Nice Set of Pineapples You’ve Got There…

The Pineapple truly dominates interior design this spring with a melee of sensational statement pieces for the home. Don’t things sound extra special when you put a the in front of it? ‘The Gays,’ ‘The Clap,’…The Home’…Annnnnd were MOVING ON

Check out the inspirational assortment below. I won’t be dropping designer names on many of the pics (many of them are label agnostic) but they’re offered in spades online—Just Google!

From L to R: Pineapple pillows bring that kitsch fun to your living rooms and outdoor spaces. A Pineapple print found on Etsy, a Pineapple statement piece from Joss & Main, and this vintage lamp exudes Zsa Zsa Gabor glamour n’est pas? This is merely a sprinkling of interior looks—I’m actually a huge fan of all of the wall paper offerings avail; in fabric & paper!

Tropical Accessories

And while now I am running the risk of sounding like Bubba Gump describing a motley of shrimp options, I give you some Pineapple accessories.

From L to R: Lee Renee Studs, Vera Xane Piña Ring, Kate Spade Clutch, a Cute Watch found on Etsy, a Tote by Koku and the iPhone choices online are more than one can shake a stick at!

I will close off this post with this amazing photo of Maddie the Coonhound (who I’ve had the pleasure of petting in person!) wearing a Pineapple hat à la Carmen Miranda styles.

Famous Dog

 You’re Welcome!

*I realise in real lifesies that the pineapple is not capitalized, but its my blog & I’ll capitalize a trending fruit if I wanna!

**Not all examples will be available come press time. Tough Titties.


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The Pop Culture Rainman™ Best of 2014 Part 1!

Yesssss! It’s Finally Here! 

My annual compendium of 2014’s Taste Makers, Pop Culture Wins + (Loohooosers!) in an all-you-can-eat infotainment buffet with *extra-sexy refills!

Now whose hooongray?

Best in Music

As someone who has spent the larger part of her writing career as a music journalist, I like to think I still gots my shellac-mani on the pulse of the musical zeitgeist. Forget all other lists you’ve read—this here is the *all-star* critics list equivalent to a pair of cashmere-footie-jammies.


The Swedish Invasion

2014 was dripping with Swedish Pop offerings from some of the most experimental artists all with their own unique bent and flavor. Elliphant’s hit factory A Good Idea, Little Dragon’s Nabuna Rubberband and Lykke Li’s I Never Learn.

The Art House Vanguards

These ladies all drip of performance art aesthetics that are equal parts haunting, hypnotic, and cinematic.

Take one part St Vincent performing Rattlesnake on her self titled album, mix in some FKA Twigs LP1 and add a dash of Lana Del Rey crooning to Young & Beautiful off of Ultraviolence. Rinse + Repeat.

Out of the Box Neo Soul, Hip Hop, R&B 

An everything but the kitchen sink musical aesthetic courtesy of Theopholus Londons Vibes + Azealia Banks Broke with Expensive Taste, rounded out by the comeback album for the ages (fifteen years later!?!?) DAngelo and the Vanguards Black Messiah.


 All Dat Jazz

Lake Street Dive deserves way more in lieu of this lame Jazz heading—it’s swing! it’s pop! it’s soul! it’s Klezmer (ya, no, no it’s notand yays! its got a jazzy bubble gum center! Lead singer Rachael Price has a set of bellowing vocal chords that SLAY on Bad Self-Portraits.  For the uninitiated, download their earlier cover work of Hall + Oates “Rich Girl” and the Jackson Fives “I Want You Back.”

The Musical Messiah      

Hozier’s debut album is an emotive, Bluesy-Gospel sojourn that matches prolific lyricism (he’s being compared to Dylan ya’ll) with deeply penetrating songs that reverberate through your SOUL. It’s a rarity of an album that plays to perfection in a full listening sesh.

…And the Winner is?

I love all of my kids the samesies. Wait, I lie. There’s always a favorite child silly!??  

No-ones album game from 2014 was tighter than Sias masterpiece theeeee-atre, 1000 Forms of Fear. The cracks and breaks in her vocals are like being draped in a full-bodied suit made out of thousands of tiny pishy chills, or what the normies like to call ‘goose bumps. Both Chandelier and Eye of the Needle beg to be played on a marathon loop while lip synching in the mirror for a spate of the what-does-it all-mean ugly cries by scented candlelight.

I want to glamp out in the cracks and breaks of Sias voice. It’s where G-d lives. I promise you.  


Honorable mention needs to go to that wrench-in-a-blender Turn Down For What music video nonsense.

The song itself makes my pores bleed, but the video is the most original blend of dance choreography + stylized story telling I have seen all year. That being said, it should definitely come with a severe seizure warning. 

Best in TV

Fox pulled the proverbial rabbit out of the hat TWICE during 2014. First, back in February after the Super Bowl the one and ONLY PRINCE guest-starred on New Girl! Then in early fall, in a ratings juggernaut—the network combined beloved cartoon residents The Simpsons + Family Guy for a crossover show that gave diehards a perma-woody.

Best in Show

2014 introduced us to retired professor Mort Pfeffermen who finally admits to being transgendered to his/her family, played by the indefatigable Jeffrey Tambor in Transparent.

Sadly we had to say good-bye to the gentle lambs from SAMCRO as Sons of Anarchy came to an end in season 7. I’d be lying if I didn’t watch the show purely to see my boyfriend Jax Teller’s nekkid hump parts in the occasional ‘action sequences’ with the tricks from ho’ row. 

And lastly, this would not be the pop culture piñata of television if I didn’t give a nod to Adult Swim’s newest tribute to old school Saturday Morning Cartoons; Mike Tyson Mysteries!

On the craptastic end of things, its not a secret that I was deeply disappointed in season 3 of GIRLS and the fact that both Ray Donovan + Shameless keep getting renewed is the reason we can’t have nice things.

Best in Hair

Hair strands in glorious combinations clocked in some serious trend time in 2014. For the guys, the flower hipster beard made several appearances in early summer, while the Man Bun dominated most of the year.

For the gals it was a cornucopia of braids, an emphasis on Cara Delevigne-esque bold brows and for an echelon of females, a dyed arm pit hair movement that didn’t really trend in my particular circle—but I applaud the innovation of it all!

 Best in Mag Covers

Not sure if you’re familiar but magazines are a dying art form due to the interwebs? Covers need to pull out all of the stops tantamount to visual pyrotechnics in order for a Condé Nasty to make a buck, son! These shots all had me at Hello! starting with Brangelina’s wedding, Lena’s Vogue, Pharrell’s Elle + Madge’s artfully placed V, and Laverne’s monumental Time cover.


 Best in Cats

Let’s face it, CATS be ownin’ this Mutha. Cats had an all time banner year starting with the pussy who started it all, the meme feline queen GRUMPY CAT.

Grumps had a Movie, TV + Book Deal in 2014, making her handlers over 100 million in cold hard paper + plus she follows me on Twitter, so you know da bitch knows what’s UP.

Next up is Choupette Lagerfield, Karl’s pampered feline who gets weekly manicures and has her own Instagram and Twitter account @chouppettesdiary.

Choupette isn’t making the kind of dough that Grumpy Cat is, but she did come out with her own beauty line in collabs with Shu Uemera in December for a limited time. The collection Shupette, included dramatic fake-lashes and a cult-favorite re-issue cleansing oil with all branding etched by the famed designer himself.

But the biggest kitteh news in 2014 was the announcement from Sanrio that Hello Kitty the beloved cartoon character is NOT in fact an actual cat, but a Little Girl?


 They introduced us to THIS thing… 

Hello Kitty is a GIRL?!?!

 to which Cats the world over responded…


  Runner ups include the Cat Selfie which trended large in 2014

…plus these incredible kitteh earrings courtesy of Nasty Gal had the purrrfect amount of hipster kitsch for 2014.


Lastly, even designer drugs went all feline in 2014, with the introduction of ‘MEOW MEOW’ described here by Rolling Stone Mag.

Just Say Meow Meow


To Be Continued in a 3 Part BEST OF SERIES that will be fashionably late, but will knock your SOCKS off! You can look forward to more pop culture ephemera with titles like BEST IN MEMES, BEST IN FOOD, BEST IN HUMANS BEHAVING LIKE A**HOLES, BEST IN BOOKS, BEST IN AWARDS SHOWS….PLUS…MUCH MUCH MORE!


Now, if you please, I’m so exhausted I need to barf up a hair ball.

XOXO                                                                                                                                                                                             The Pop Culture Rainman

Holiday Wishes from The Pop Culture Rainman™

Merry Fa-Fa-La, my gorgeous reader creatures!

Please accept my apologies for playing ‘blogger hooky’ as of late, but I will have The Pop Culture Rainman™ Year in Review part One + Deux ready for December 30th.

In the mean nice time, I’m sending warm holiday wishes to you and those you hold close.

Remember to Stay Safe Lover Heads…

…and Stay Tuned to this Space for my 2014 Year in Review–it’s going to be 32 flavors of fabu!


The Pop Culture Rainman

Jaden + Willow Smith; Not Like Us!

Ya, no they're NOT!

Earlier this week, the freakishly gorgeous child spawns of Will and Jada-Pinkett Smith gave a joint interview to the New York Times Magazine Blog. While the occasion was to promote each of their solo musical efforts, their verbiage gave some insight into the adage, that STARS are JUST not like us. Not even close.

Jaden + Willow; Not Like Us

While I’m all for delving into higher states of consciousness and the study of enlightenment—the gist of their interview would denote that they have lived in an entirely different universe from the rest of us who weren’t/aren’t home-schooled, oh yea, and who aren’t able to shape-shift and CONTROL the time continuum?

While Jaden and Willow came off as sensitive and intuitive beings who speak of meditation and Prana energy (which I love!) they also seemed like braggadocio navel-gazers of their own art—exclusively. While I can agree that there is a dearth of quality music being produced these days, I whole-heartedly disagree with Willow that there isn’t anything out there worth reading?

That is blasphemous talk WILLOW SMITH!

I’ll take the interview with a grain of sea salt, knowing that it was edited up the yin yang for space, making some of their sentences seem disjointed and slightly sweeping?

While US Magazine loves to try to bridge the gap between the celebrity haves and the have-nots, I am firm in the belief that our general experiences are NOT the same, especially those at a high level of fame and Scientology ties. Yes, the Smith’s have long been rumored to have been involved in the controversial religion despite claims to the contrary—and both Jaden + Willow have been indoctrinated into the ‘curriculum’.  

At the end of the day, it was refreshing to hear a different take on the modern teenage experience, ones that sounded rather intelligent and open-minded if not, slightly out of touch. 

XOXO                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The Pop Culture Rainman™