Pride Fashion, Accessories + Nail Art! Everyone is Wearing the Rainbow!

Since Friday’s monumental Supreme Court Decision to legalize Gay Marriage in all 50 states, the US has been showing off its Colors PROUDLY. *Let the record show that us Canadians legalized Gay Marriage over a decade ago—cause we progressive like that, but this is your moment to shine US, so in the glitteryyet-stern words of Mama Ru “Shantay You Stay…”

 But Most of All…


The decision came just in time for world pride week, and now everywhere you look gorgeous rainbow hues are abundantly displayed in full regalia—my Facebook + Twitter feeds look like a sea of Skittles!

So with this unanimous outpouring of pride, support and love, I offer up some rainbow fashion, accessories + nail art to all—no matter who you choose to mouth hump!

LOVE IS LOVE + Rainbows are Awesome…so without further ado!


Rainbow Steppin’ from L to R: Converse Chuck Taylors, Valentino, Charlotte Olympia


Mara Hoffman Weekender Bag,  Moschino Bracelet, Edie Parker Clutch, Rainbow Aviator Glasses (every top label has a version this season!) iPhone 6 Case by Casetify



Mara Hoffman, known mainly for her splendiferous bathing suits, came out with a line of free-to-be-you-and-me rainbow dresses perfect for an outdoor summer concert, a night on the town, or for your next cult meeting? It’s a little too Polyphonic Spree for my taste.

Hoffman’s strapless maxi +  strappy mini below  are definitely more my aesthetic. I would absolutely live in that strapless maxi all summer! 

I changed my mind, I would absolutely live *solely* in these two bombshell numbers all summer long! The Pocahontas inspired Dress + Jumpsuit are beyond STUN. Mara Hoffman is my Rainbow Godmother and I’m absolutely under her spell!


Suit Up!

And…doing what she does best, Mara Hoffman’s bikini’s + caftans are swimmingly perfect!

Nail Art

Nail Art fascinates me.  Also, it’s also a HUGE draw to my blog, so I try to incorporate something from the art form as often as possible. Here are some original interpretations on the rainbow totem pole of design.

L to R: Stained Glass Window Effect by Nailed it NZ, A Full Digit Rainbow by Fuck Yea Nail Art, Tokyo Nail Artist Eichi Matsunaga Studded Nails, + Janelle Estep’s Sponge Gradient Nails.

Well there you have it friendsicles! A cornucopia of rainbow inspired wares from Moi to Toi!

Now go out there and WERK IT!




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