Ralph Lauren is Going to the Dogs (in a good way!)

This absolutely warms my heart!

Fashion label Ralph Lauren has a new campaign out in honor of Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog-Month. Titled ‘The Dog Walk’, rescue dogs take to the runway to present Ralph Lauren’s Fall Accessories Collection in collaboration with the ASPCA.

For every item sold in the collection Ralph Lauren will donate 10% of all sales to the ASPA!!

What’s truly great about the above video is that each dog shown is a rescue and ALL have already been adopted! What was also very thoughtful here was Ralph Lauren’s effort to highlight a beautiful Pit Bull as the last dog shown in the video, as they are so misunderstood and the most common breed to end up in shelters (Ruh Roh!)

I truly wish more brands would support rescue initiatives like these and don’t forget cats outnumber dogs shelters exponentially, so remember your feline friends as well!

FYI Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat-Month is in June which is a terrible month considering cats are most at risk during the winter, and if the shelters are filled, that means the kittehs that could have been rescued are still outside in the bitter cold (me-OWWW) ‘They’ surmise that June is when more kittens have been born because of feral cats being in heat, but I still think it’s totally backwards if you ask me–June is a great time to be outdoors (if you’re forced to be)

Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month Should Be in October!

Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month Should Be in October!

To adopt a pet in your area go to www.petfinder.com and in Canada you can contact www.spca.com

Kudos Ralph Lauren!
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The Most Embarrassing Meme Seen & Heard ‘Round the World! Starbucks Drake Hands!

Here’s the back story; a guy in L.A. picks up a gal at the local Starbucks, and she reluctantly gives him her phone number. A little later she gets this video sent to her via text.

While his intention was to be alluringly seductive it comes off as cheesy/try-hard and borderline creepy. Gal then sends this laughable video to her male friend who posts it on Instagram, and voila an Internet Meme is Born:


Since then its spawned hundreds of copy cat videos with subjects repeating the soft gaze and face-to-hand ‘money shot’ with Drake’s song “Hold on We’re Going Home” playing ominously in the background.

By the way, you can’t get *better* publicity than this. I’m copping that album ASAP!

In just two days, the meme phenomenon has seen men, women, kids, celebrities, dogs, cats, even bunnies giving their best #StarbucksDrakeHands performances online.

Check out this parody from none other than Larry King

And this veritable ‘mix-tape’ of #StarbucksDrakeHands videos (the cats my fave)…

The guy in question is 30-year-old Singer/Song Writer/Designer/Photographer/Producer/And Possible Barista (Hey it’s LA!) Brody Ryan.

Brody Ryan

Brody Ryan

The Gal is 20-year-old Model/Actress Piper Kennedy, and we can all agree she is quite fetching…

The Object of Affection...Piper Kennedy

The Object of Affection…Piper Kennedy

But MAN did he play this one WRONG!

If he is fact a Starbucks Barista (conflicting reports out there) I can understand how he probably rushed home to take off his geeky uniform, coiffed his hair to look ‘just so’ to show Ms. Kennedy that he is in fact a hunk of burning love. Perhaps he felt he needed to ‘model’ or appear modelesque to attract the young lass, or perhaps he’s done this before —›Like it’s his MO

I feel like other expertly lit ‘come hither’ videos that’s he’s texted to various other children young ladies with soon surface.

The end result has given Brody Ryan some of his much yearned for 15 minutes, and Kennedy has been quoted as wanting to meet Ryan, if only to repent for embarrassing the hell out of this poor dude. Or perhaps she will string him along to further her career because if there’s one thing L.A. needs more of its actress/models.

It’s all very Maury Povich if you ask me.

To Be Continued but until then…



*UPDATE*  November 2013: I was contacted by Brody Ryan’s ‘people’ (read: Brody Ryan) who sent me a Sound Cloud link to his latest single 15 Seconds of Fame— https://soundcloud.com/brodyryan/15-seconds-of-fame-prod-that  What can I say, it’s not terrible, and the guy has talent. As so many others, I immediately jumped on the bandwagon when I first got wind of this story, without hearing his side. This video interview says it all and I believe every word he says. There was NEVER a Starbucks meeting. Kennedy made that up because she was too embarrassed to admit that they met online. Watch it here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ka_qAutytQU
I wish Brody luck in all his creative endeavors.
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Ad Titans Sid Lee, Absolut Vodka & Icona Pop all collab together for an Xtravaganza House Ball!

I absolutely adore when an ad house collaborates with multiple streams to create something so unique it *begs* to be noticed.

In this case, creative titans Sid Lee collaborated with Absolut Vodka and ‘It Girl’ group Icona Pop for a fusion cocktail of premium Absolut Vodka and a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand called Absolut Tune. The sparkly new concoction; which tastes a little like champagne with a dash of vodka, is obvs not champagne at all–but it looks absolutely yummylicious! 

The packaging and ornate glass bottle have a polish and sophistication that will be a huge hit with party-goers and house warming gifters alike, especially over thanksgiving weekend and X-mas. Again, the allure here is that for $31.95, it looks like a champagne bottle with an authentic wire cork, and you’ll probably want to save the bottle itself as a keepsake place to keep your spare change.

Absolut Tune

Absolut Tune

But I digress. I’m not here to ‘flog poetic’ about the product (unless I’m getting PAIDwhich I’m not)

The real genius here is in the marketing campaign!

The viral video which focuses on a modern New York House Ball is loosely based on the iconic documentary Paris is Burning–a chronicle of the 80’s Harlem drag and house ball scene that came out in 1990.  It was in this film that the audience was introduced to a profusion of terminology like ‘Realness,’Giving Face,’ Reading and a highly stylized dance called Voguing.

The fact that the “All Night” video is a narrative of the house ball scene, a music video and very subtle advertorial in one is where the magic lies.  I also thoroughly enjoyed seeing José Gutiérrez known as Father Jose (AKA Father Xtravaganza) featured prominently in this video.

No Way Jose!!!

No Way Jose!!!

Gutiérrez is a famed choreographer and a stalwart of the house ball scene, who at a young age had a brief cameo in Paris is Burning.

Gutiérrez also gained international acclaim when Madonna hand-picked him to be a principal dancer on her Blond Ambition tour and featured him in her video for “Vogue“.

To sum up; this is one of the best ads I’ve seen in recent memory. It’s authenticity and attention to detail makes the branding potential for Absolute Tune limitless, with ‘house party’ events already being planned with the likes of DJ’s Samantha Ronson and Solange Knowles in New York and LA.

Look out for Absolute Tune this fall.

I’ll drink to that!

xoxo                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The Pop Culture Rainman

Girl(s) Crush!



I have a confession to make. I, the Pop Culture Rainman™ who is normally head and shoulders ahead of all TRENDS and everything that is coolio, was late to the party on the HBO juggernaut GIRLS.

Not having HBO was certainly part of the problem, yet it was always a goal deeply baked into my psyche to finally procure the HBO DVD’s, but life as you can appreciate, can often get in the *way*.

Finally this weekend, with Season 1 & 2 in hand, I watched both seasons in less than 24hrs in a back to back GIRLS marathon. The show should really change its title to CRACK.

Yes, I’m in the honeymoon phase of GIRLS fandomania, and I need to spread the gospel of how this show is LEAGUES above any other show on cable tv or otherwise.

At first glance, one might think it’s a kissing cousin of Sex in The City, but it has ZERO in common with the former series beyond the fact that there are 4 main female characters.

GIRLS centers around lead character Hannah Horvath, an early 20-something writer from Brooklyn who may just be the “voice of a generation“. Through her, we meet friends Marnie; supposedly her best friend, but like all female relationships it waxes and wanes into love and then PURE vitriol depending on the scenarios that can often play out within a ‘bestie’ union. Marnie is perfectly ‘imperfect’ and this is part of the allure in watching her wade through the painful trials of getting’s ones ‘shit together’.
There’s also Jessa; a free-to-be-you-and-me jet-setter with a lovely English accent who walks into every room and commands its oxygen, and her younger cousin Shoshanna. Shoshanna is the youngest character and while she “vibrates on a very strange frequency” Shoshanna’s innocent genius can not be described in mere words. Please see exhibit video A Here: Oh Shoshanna….

There are a slew of rich male characters as well, the main stand out being Adam; a sexual deviant whose other past times include playwriting and woodworking. He is painfully socially awkward and a bit of a shut-in. At times he seems absently vacant, and other times exhibits depths of pure genius. By the end of Season Two we see very clearly that he is a man full of heart, and possibly the character with the MOST integrity of all (with Shoshanna & Hannah coming in at a close 2nd.) He is authentically himself, when everyone else is in a try-hard triathlon to fit in and discover themselves. Hannah is also fiercely authentic, and bares not just her-less-than-TV-perfect body with complete abandon and fearlessness, but her inner humility and demons. She is honest to a fault, smart as a whip and is adorably likable.

This show has inspired me to collectively gather up the themes from a book I’ve been writing for over a decade and turn it into the next HBO zeitgeist.

Yes…I plan on giving it my all to make it HAPPEN.

Until then, I am waiting with bated breath for season three to commence and all I can say is Lena Dunham? Between your bravery to OWN your body in ways that television audiences have NEVER seen before, write, direct and ACT in this incredible series…


Thank you for taking television to a unchartered new level and keep up the excellent work. And the sex. 😉

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Writer Kelly Oxford is Living the Dreaaaaaaam Mannnnn!


You probably already know Kelly Oxford for her pithy bon mots in 140 characters (or less!) on Twitter. She is one of a select few ‘It Gals’ whose fame can directly be attributed to the social ‘chatty’ network and if that weren’t enviable enough she has the kind of perfect svelte shaped debutante nose that I’d like to slide down naked.

*I don’t even know what that last bit means.

On Twitter for just 4 years, Oxford has amassed a serious celeb & plebe following bringing up her minion tally to just under 450,000. She is clever, brutally candid, & pretty damn funny for someone so good-looking.

Here are some of my fave sparkling examples of her Twitter Hilar:

@kellyoxford ‘People who clap when the plane lands should be pulled to the front and bare-butt spanked by the pilot while the normal people disembark.’


@kellyoxford ‘I smell school gymnasium and fog machine when I hear INXS’ Never Tear Us Apart…’

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The Comedy Stylings of Tig Notaro…

While this is not a new clip, I absolutely adore the comedy stylings of Tig Notaro, who in this video tells a deeply personal story about her ‘repeated’ encounters with 80’s pop superstar Taylor Dayne.

Check out the Hilar Video Here:

On a side note: I also feel an affinity towards Tig as she has suffered through Breast Cancer and incorporates her story through her stand up. Unfortunately my mother is in the end stages of Cancer, so I applaud someone like Tig for making it part of her art. Brave Stuff.

Performance Art & Lost Love…

An incredible video from Marina Abramović’s 2010 Moma Exhibit of ‘The Artist is Present’, whereby the artist would have some deeply quiet 1 minute ‘share & stare time’ with anyone that sat down across from her. James Franco was a former guest and in this video Marina’s ex lover Ulay shows up unexpectedly…

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