I Tried The Lucia Nº3 Hypnagogic Light!

For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated with all things spiritual & metaphysical…

There was the psychic phenomena/Ouija board faze of my tween years, a never-ending interest in decoding my lucid dreams, the studying of auras and chakras, the wearing and collecting of crystals/gems period, and a stint learning about palmistry.

To this day, within 15 minutes of a conversation with someone new—I’ll either have guessed their horoscope sign or at the very least—ask them what it is.

If there’s an organic interest, I’ll probably move on to Chinese astrology, but only if there’s enough time… 

…All this to say, I leaped at the chance to try the Lucia Nº3 light, located at Spa Cloud in the hip enclave of Griffintown, and incidentally, the 1st official machine of its kind to exist in Montreal!

Hypnagogic refers to the transitional state in-between wakefulness and sleep. The flickering white lights of the machine (through a series of preprogramed light cycles) helps you access a theta state as well as high Alpha patterns often associated with joy, intuition, creativity and relaxation. 

After pouring over several online testimonials the potential promise was a celestial journey unlike anything I’d ever experienced, that words simply could not do justice. Naturally my interest was piqued; if anyone can transcribe an experience into some loquacious wordplay it would be me!

What does it do?

On a experiential level, the Lucia N°03 light opens up ones third eye—also knows as the pineal gland— a bridge to higher consciousness and widely referred to as the “seat of ones soul…”

As a life long practitioner of yoga (no surprises here!) I’ve long been interested in the mechanics of the Third Eye and its spiritual/psychedelic properties. It can be opened through yoga and the end-of-practice restorative pose Shavasana, but moreover is achieved through decades worth of mediation practice. When activated the pineal gland excretes DMT (known as the spirit molecule) and is an all-healing substance also found in a combination of medicinal plants to form Ayahuasca or Ibogaine.

As a spiritual experience chaser, years ago I researched shaman assisted Ayahuasca and Ibogaine journeys given at retreats in Costa Rica and Peru but chickened out—worrying that I would be stuck in a 12-hour maddening fugue that I would never come out of. The idea that I could experience some of the same visuals and long term healing effects, in a controlled environment with the Lucia Nº3 light was too good to pass up.

After a phone consultation where I was asked if I suffered from epileptic seizures or had extreme anxiety, I was given some further information about the Lucia N°03 light and that I should arrive with ceded expectations and an open mind as everyone’s brains offer up a different experience.

Arrival at Spa Cloud Montreal

I have to admit there was a part of me that was apprehensively nervous.

Several accounts online likened the experience to “tripping ones balls off” and in the drug experimentation of my youth, I had always given a hard pass on the usage of psychedelics. But as soon as I opened the door to Spa Cloud and met with the warm and professional staff, I was instantly at ease and really excited to start my visionary exploration!

Stevie ” the female Lucia N°03  technician brought me into a serene room and explained that she would be with me for the entire duration of my sessions. As a first timer, I would be going through 2-5 minute demo sessions for a half hour, as opposed to a full 30 to an hour uninterrupted session. She emphasized that if at any time I felt uncomfortable for whatever reason, all I had to do was raise my hand in front of my closed eyes and the lights would immediately be turned off, thus immediately ending the visuals setting up shop in my ‘noggin.

Blinded by the Light…The Lucia N°03

Laying down and covered with a cozy blanket, Stevie started me on an low introductory level. She offered me a set of headphones that was playing peaceful meditative music to ultimately enhance the experience. *Press play below to set the mood ↓

I closed my eyes and she started the low 2 minute program of flickering light on my closed eye lids. Keep in mind the light is only white, so whatever colours or patterns I would see, were being produced by the mechanics of my own brain. WILD!  

She instructs me to take a deep breath and to relax.

I’ve succumbed to whatever lays ahead…

Beam Me Up Stevie…”

Immediately a very lovely visual ballet of colours and shapes emerge…


I feel warm, safe and grounded—but absolutely in another realm. Before I know it the 2 minutes is up and I am asked if I’d like to go to a Medium program. I give the go ahead.

This will be a 5 minute session. I am deeply relaxed.

Medium-Level Program

Ok, this is deep space nine, people. I believe I let out a Bill + Ted-like utterance of  “Woahhhhhhhhhhh.”

Its intense but not unbearable by any means. The shapes are kaleidoscope-like in many instances and the movements, colours, and vectors are happening at you, as opposed to having an innate awareness of where things are going—considering its all coming from your own brain?!

I see a lot of red, blue and green, and at one point I feel like I’m seeing heavenly visions, or what I have often likened to in yoga practice as the third eye with lots of white light cascading around it. I even at one point see a full wall of eyes. As trippy as that sounds, it’s not scary and as soon as I see it, its gone rapidly. Did I mention the music really makes the experience emotionally raw and beautiful? I believe a tear dropped from my eye as it ended. I am truly moved.

Stevie is next to me with a comforting hand on my arm as I open my eyes.

How are you feeling?” she asks.

 “Wow…” I express some of my initial thoughts dancing in my head—which are all positive.

“Would you like to do the high level program?”

I’m reticent, as I don’t want to push my sensitive boundaries but I do want to experience all of this. I wait a beat and say “Yes.” I’m really proud of myself for being so brave! It will be 10 minutes.

She reminds me once again, if at any time I don’t like what I’m feeling or experiencing, raise my hand over my eyes and everything will come to a full stop.

The reminder is comforting.

High Level Program


Because every timed program is different, it doesn’t feel that much more intense than the medium level, just that the visuals are different and I am absolutely feeling one with all that is washing over me. It definitely feels like inter-dimensional space travel. I let out some audible noises and I can hear Stevie laughing in some far away distance reacting to my child-like excitement.  

*The below visual feels a little dizzying, but I was not dizzy, and I definitely suffer from motion sickness, so rest assured it was all palpable.

Again, the visuals are ever changing, and sometimes its just being bathed in a bright peaceful light for a couple of beats.  Before I know it the 10 minutes is up. Time absolutely flies faster than it normally would, at least that’s what I felt in all of my demo programs.

Again, Stevie is by my side as I emerge wide eyed and smiling. Between prep time and breaks in-between programs, there’s only enough time to experience one last short demo program.

Let’s Do This,” I say playfully, and away I go into “Andromeda” or “Tron,” or any other space like monikers that come to mind.

Once I’m done, I feel light-as-a-feather as I walk or did I actually ‘float’ into the relaxing foyer of Spa Cloud Montreal?

No one can really say for sure. 😉

Of the reported benefits that happen in the full 24 hours after a session are enhanced intuition, released endorphins, a renewed joyful sensation, relief from anxiety, better memory, lucid dreaming and a restful nights sleep.

Yes, I had a restful nights sleep, but I have never had problems with falling asleep, in fact those who know me would say I sleep almost “TOO WELL.”

Were my dreams lucid, well…yes, but again…my dreams have always been that way.

Lastly, would I try it again? Absolutely, if only to see what an uninterrupted 30 minutes to 1 hour session would be like. As with anything, repeated sessions build on the previous one(s) and the results can truly start to show themselves.

What I would say to anyone is YOU MUST TRY THIS.

While I may be able to wax poetic after the fact, during the sessions I uttered out cliché stoner idioms…so yea…its an immersive intangible thing, that words certainly don’t have a check box for. I wouldn’t impose my experience on anyone else’s as what is most interesting, is that everyone’s experience is different, as it’s based on their own emotional/spiritual paintbrush (their brain!) at any particular time.

My most profound takeaway was that it actually increased my overall confidence

I tried something new that was definitely outside my comfort zone, (highest level yay me!) and that in and of itself is a perspective shifter!

While this is the first machine of its kind available in Montreal, I know several places that offer this light experience in Toronto and Vancouver, and certainly around the world. Find out where its available in your city and let me know about your experience here!

To infinity and beyond my lover heads,