Grey is the New Blonde for Spring 2018

There’s an old adage that goes something like this;

When America sneezes the whole world gets a cold

The same approach could be applied to the every move Kim Kardashian + co. make—vis-à-vis their international influence in the trendsphere.

*Using vis-à-vis in a sentence makes me sound super douche-rocket-y, I concur!

Cases in point—in 2017 both Kim Kardashian and her youngest mega entrepreneurial sister Kylie Jenner started to sport silver/grey hair. By all noted accounts Kim had dyed her hair and Kylie was wearing a wig ← another beauty hack she’s become famous for!

Naturally, I was rapt with wonder on how I too could achieve this enigmatic hair trend of LE MOMENT.

Enter Kelly Betty; ambassador colorist for L’Oreal Canada and senior colourist at TAZ salon in Toronto, ON.

I first approached Kelly because I saw photos of her grey/silver hair work on Instagram and I LOVED the way she added in a darker and deeper root shadow at both the roots and on the side temples. The addition of a darker root adds a realism and dimension to this trend!


My approach to the shadow root trend is to create a look that best accents my clients hair cut and skin tone,” says Betty adding that “shadow roots are very soft at the moment.”

While I and others refer to this ethereal look as the Grey Hair trend, Betty calls it ‘pastel blonde or silver/grey blonde’ and because she is the pro here, I adapt my language accordingly. In my ignorance I also assumed that one could go straight →to silver/grey out of the gate—no matter ones hair colour, and again I was mistaken. You can’t go straight to grey or silver…you have to go white blond 1st and then to silver, grey or yes…‘pastel blonde.’

As with any new pursuit, one need to set the table properly and that means strong and healthy hair as a base. This of course automatically disqualifies me, considering I am the official president of the weak hair club. “Pastel blondes are the strongest of the chemical services,” i.e.; (HARDEST ON THE HAIR) and they require commitment to the upkeep to keep them beautiful and as healthy as possible. This is a 3-step process if a shadow root or ghosting is done, and expect to stay at the salon for on average 3-4 hours,” says Betty.

The Ghosting trend is the latest amalgam of the grey or silver hair trend ↑ Photos courtesy of Narcity Media.

The Ghosting trend is actually quite beautiful [on pastel blondes] adding subtle pops of shading in pale lavenders and silvery greys,” says Betty

Grey/Silver Hair on Celebrities

From Top *I believe its Ashley Olsen but it could be Mary-Kate too, hard to tell with these millionaires hobbits?!, singer Billie Eilish, Model/Actress MACTRESS Cara Delevingne, Blac Chyna + Keyshia Ka’oir, and lastly even Adam Levine took the grey hair trend for a spin recently.

But what prey tell is there for the rest of us, whose locks simply can’t survive the chemical process of the grey/silver hair trend? Why should we be left out on the sidelines while everyone else gets to have all the hair fun? Well my lover heads, I haven’t forgotten about you!

…And while we all can’t have Kylie Jenner’s custom wigmaker extraordinaire Tokyo Stylez at our beckon call, I have the next best thing for you and your hair needs my lovelies! I’ve partnered with the #1 online wig provider of top name brand wigs of human hair, lace front and synthetic wigs,!

I’ve sourced a couple of the grey/silver hair styles for your convenience below and as a very special offer for my readers you will get a 25% discount on these or any of the incredible offerings of wigs on by using the coupon code #SILVERPOP, so shop away to your hearts content friendsicles!


From Left to Right: Whiteout by Hairdo HF Synthetic Wig, Ghosting inspired wig “Tessa” by Noriko Synthetic Wig, Risk Comfort by Ellen Willie Synthetic Lace Front Wig (Hand-Tied) Wig.

There are advantages to both synthetic and human hair wigs, so do your research as both can be cut, and some synthetic wigs can be styled using heat tools up to a certain temperature!

And that’s it kids! The moody and poetic IT GIRL hair colour of LE MOMENT is waiting for you, now go out and get your GREY/SILVER on this weekend!

May the Grey Be With You…


Get Foxy-Ready For Fall 2016~Beauty Edition!



Greetings Gorgeous Lover Heads!

Sure, one could certainly make a case that I am ‘technically‘ late on the authoritative timeline for a fall beauty post.

But in my defense a) My entire life’s brand is built around the idea of being LATE as you will come to learn when I launch my 1st book + b) It just became fall in my neck of the woods like 8 seconds ago—so STAND DOWN SOLDIER, STAND DOWN I SAYYYYYY!

*I have no idea where that just came from?

…Soooo Whose ((((excited)))) for some FALL BEAUTY 2016 ??!!!



Getting foxy-ready for fall beauty should start to take shape in late August. I’m pretty disciplined with my skin and the state thereof—after all its the canvas that people first notice, amirite darlings?

I always recommend getting a facial that cleanses and relaxes the skin for fall. As for myself, I ventured off to one of my favourite oasis’s in downtown Toronto, the Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie Paris. I enjoyed a decadent VINOSOURCE Treatment that uses fresh grapes, (yup fresh grapes!) + a host of luxurious Caudalie products to cleanse and restore radiance to the skin, followed by a heavenly massage.

I’m thinking of joining a reggae band I’m so relaxed!

Je suis glowing n’est pas?

I would also recommend for women 35 and up a microdermabrasion or laser treatment to get rid of sun damage spots and ruddiness, and of course a sesh with my boyfriend BO—all of which I’ve written about before. It goes without saying that cleansing, an SPF and moisturizer has to be maintained to keep your skin foxy on the daily.

Maybe she’s born with it? Like hell she is.

Maybe she lives in a Kardashian beauty blowtorch dystopia and simply tries her best to keep everything from falling, sinking or sagging!?

And please no letters about how you are au natural and never do a thing? 

To that I say, slow golf claps for you, McWrinkles.

My late mother was the rare exception to the rule, but after a certain age, most women are doing something to stave off the sands of time. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, and if you can achieve it with appearing like you’ve done very little (like JLo or Jen Aniston) who believe me have both done A LOT, that is the ideal. I’m not one for curtain pulling on the beauty regimes of others, but its common knowledge that both look fab due to GOOD work, not miracle genetics—although JLO’s are certainly impressive! She’s also stayed farrrr away from the drugs & the drank and that too helps in spades.


Care Free Curl


Weird Science’s ‘Lisa’s’ 80’s Curl…

Not since the early-to-mid 80’s has curly hair been so fashionable as we saw for the Fall 2016 runway shows. And that’s good news for so many of us who have been flat ironing and blowing out our curls for decades.


Dark Brunettes

I do believe it was Kate Winslet’s ‘Rose’ who uttered the memorable line to Leo DiCaprio’s ‘Jack’… “Paint me like one of your Rodarte girls…”

K fyyyyyne, that never happened but the 2016 Rodarte gals really are my fall hair inspo foxy supernovas. Brunettes were seen strutting all over the runways, showcasing rich dark chocolate to jet black hair colour.

Bang It

Several versions of bangs were also front & centre for fall 2016 to accommodate stick straight or curly hair as you can see ↑ above and here. Honourable mention has to go out to model-of-the-moment Katie Moore’s career changing punk cut with short fringed bangs.

I decided to put these fall hair trends to the test so with my Rodarte gals saved on my iPhone, I set off to Tony & Guy in downtown Toronto–their only Canadian salon.


London’s famed brand Tony & Guy is all about ‘polished edge,’ and my colourist Nicole took me from my end-of-summer straw-textured brown/blonde vomit colour to a shiny and gorgeous dark chocolate brown.

Next up I was lucky enough to have a private appointment with Chicago celebrity stylist Anthony Cristiano while he was in town for TIFF! Cristiano is model Adriana Lima’s personal stylist and I was honored to get exclusively “banged” by him. Heh, heh.

 When all was said and done, professional make up appliqué  included—my beau thought I was one face with the late great Suzanne Pleshette but I see more of a Connie Sellecca circa ‘Hotel‘ vibe.

I’ll let you decide…


More Connie Selleca, Barely a Foxy Rodarte Supernova…

While my above make up is a tad heavy, I’m the 1st to admit that I definitely need to wear makeup (at least cover up, mascara & lipstick) before I subject the world to my face. Trust me, I fully admire Alicia Key’s #NoMakeupMovement, it’s just not something I can personally get away with.


Alicia Key’s #NoMakeupMovement

…And that brings us to fall 2016 make up trends! While I’ve written about my ‘staple’ fall faves in the past, I’m going to stick to specifically what caught my eye for fall 2016 and the most wearable trends. After all, what works on the runway doesn’t always translate to “back to life, back to re-al-ity.”


Dark lips for fall certainly isn’t reinventing the beauty wheel, but there are more options available this season than ever! From dark Bordeaux’s to matte blue/black offerings in glossy and matte versions.

*Click on the photos to see products.

Another micro trend that surfaced was a gradiant two/three toned ombré lip as was seen at Creatures of the Wind + San Andres. The idea is to put one lipstick on all over and then build a darker or lighter application of lipstick(s) and gloss in the centre. I LOVE, LOOOVE the Creatures of the Wind blood red effect.

Product Faves 

I simply adore Tom Ford lipsticks. While they are certainly an investment (*In Canada they are $68.00 each for a full sized tube) I have to say they are absolutely worth the price. The pigments are outstanding, the packaging divine and the lipstick lasts at the very least a full year. And because they are made with such incredible ingredients Brazilian murumuru butter to chamomila flower oil it can last several years.

Copyright by PerfettoME.RU


This fall Tom Ford re-launched their best-seller (*for a limited time only at Holt RenfrewBlack Orchid and introduced a newer pared down version called Velvet Orchid. The Black Orchid doesn’t go on as dark as you would expect and both are simply divine. I am also in love with “Jay” a colour previously launched in 2015.


Another colour that is back in a huge way is the classic red lip. Like the LBD, a red lip truly never goes out of style.

Chanel dedicated their entire fall 2016 collection appropriately titled LE ROUGE COLLECTION N°1 with a stand out gorgeous matte red called Rouge Charnel. That’s right the r is intentional, and not a typo—grammar police! 

Shiseido also launched their “Rouge Rouge” lipstick collection and YSL offers up bright red Baby Doll lip stain that is both for your lips and cheeks.

And lastly, iconic make up artist Pat McGrath launched her line Pat McGrath Labs line of Lust 004 lip kits online and through Sephora. The line includes 6 incredible high shine lipsticks, a gloss and various loose coloured glitters from gold to crimson red that can be mixed together or used alone. If the entire glitter look is a little much for your tastes, McGrath suggests just using a tiny bit of glitter in the center of your lips for a softer sparkle!


While I normally like to focus on trends and products in equal measure, fall eyes weren’t as innovative as I would have liked.  Sure there was the “dead in the eyes” smoky look that was all le rage (yawnathon, nothing to see here…) and the dyed eye brow trend might be great for an Oompa Loompa convention, (I’m sure there are several)  but I don’t see it translating to a night on the town, never mind the kids drop-off at preschool, ya dig lil’ mamas?

Instead there were a host of intoxicating eyeshadow palette(s)that that are more than worth mentioning.

Royal blues are a definite trend for fall 2016 (Navy/Cobalt/Teal) and I adore the Nars dual intensity eye shadow in ‘Arcturas.’ It ingénue who drips all the sexies—Emily Ratajkowski—was on trend wearing Lorac products for her teal winged eye at the 2016 Emmy’s.

Speaking of celebs who seem to smoulder for a living, Victoria Beckham launched her new makeup line in collaboration with Estée Lauder. Here’s just a sampling of some of my favourites, that deep forest green shadow and sexy 80’s-siren red lipstick are all kinds of YASSS QUEEN!


A palette that made my knees weak was YSL’s limited edition “Scandal” Full Metal Eyeshadow. The colours (notice the deep blue, the gold, the violet!?!?) the potential combinations, **WET or DRY**—I am having a full blown beauty big-O!  Everyone of  Tom Ford’s eye palettes are simply divine. Their latest duo palette is from their AW runway line, (Tom thinks FW is way too pedestrian to speak of, so it’s Autumn/Winter at TOM FORD peasants!) + I’m not certain when this last TF quad was launched but I want to warmly straddle it.

And lastly Giorgio Armani will only be launching their F/W runway palette (includes luminous sheer pressed powder) in mid October for a limited time—so who you calling late-to-print-a-fall-beauty-post Willis?



Nails and nail art are as common as a daily weather and traffic update here at The Pop Culture Rainman. While there were new fall trends-a-plenty, I didn’t fall in love with the majority of them and relied instead on my own broad tastes as CLEARLY, someone isn’t doing their job right at ye old FALL 2016 Trend & Co?!?!

It’s totally a place btw.

Chrome Nails



Chrome Nails are a huge nail trend that started making waves in the late summer that is still going strong for fall 2016. What may appear like simple metallic nail polish, is really the result of a much more detailed process of a base colour, a gel top coat, a nail lamp, loose chrome powder, a sponge tip applicator and Richard Simmons Sweatin’ to the Oldies volumes 1-3 on DVD.

Ok fyyyne, Richard Simmons Sweatin’ to the OLDS isn’t totally necessary, but I do strongly recommend it.

Personally, I think this trend needs to go back to Buck Rogers territory where it belongs. I find it tacky hideousness, but I know many women are loving it so here’s some rando YouTube chrome nail tutorial so you can get the gist.



In terms of Metallic nail art trends I am loving the following combinations of silver and gold…

…And these are my personal picks for French Manicure and Reverse French nail art combo’s with some of my favourite fall colours. Mossy ((deep)) greens are huge for fall 2016!

Lastly strictly plugging nail polishes might seem as mundane as walking into Starbucks to order a regular black coffee (I mean what kind of maniac does that?!?!)—but the colours available this season **feel** like a salted caramel mocha frappuccino with extra whipped cream, so were totes good.

Wait, what?

Polish that has polish…

*Click on photos for product info. FYI the Zoya colour is from 2015, but that and another Zoya colour called ‘Hope’ perfectly fit my fall colour schemes.


And that my lovelies, is how you do fall foxy beauty.

‘Cause being late is the new early


New Crop

Bye Bye Balayage, Tortoiseshell is the new Hair Color Trend!


Image Credit:

Image Credit:

Yes, it’s true…hair color has shape shifted once again! The latest incarnation is being dubbed ‘tortoiseshell‘ (*ecaille in French)—a darker and richer version of your hair color with some golden highlights throughout the ends.

Apparently it’s nexus is in the placement and variations of hair colors and gloss otherwise one can confuse it with balayage as they are both painted on, as opposed to using foils. The end result is supposed to look dark with gradations and swirls of highlights, like tortoiseshell itself.

Image Credit: Refinery 29

Image Credit: Refinery 29

Still confused? Bring these photos to your colorist who should already be WELL AWARE of this trend! Essentially you are going for that mottled dark & gold vibe…

Now go out there and tortoiseshell the hell out of yo’ fine self!


New Crop

Know Your Sombré from your Bombré; Spring Hair 2014 Tutorial Starts Now…

A brief history lesson for the uninitiated…

Two years ago the Ombré made its trend setting debut, spurning many a fashionista to sport dark-to-light tresses seemingly overnight. Originally the fade was a severe contrast, whereby the line that separated the color was quite obvious and pronounced.

Then last year the Balayage made its mark, eschewing the Ombré all together.

Balayage (pronounced Bal-Lay-Age) took over from where the root-to-tip-highlight failed, creating a more natural sun-kissed highlight that was literally painted on by your color specialist in places where the sun would normally cast a warm glow.


Sweeps of Balayage

And this season, the look is to put equal parts BalayageOmbré into a trusty blender and Volia

The Bombré is this years look de moment!

The effect is more of a subtle gradation of color aka the Soft Ombré (*Sombré ) with the painted sweeps of Balayage in front and where needed for added dimension.

While I have normally have a strict no-Kardashian policy in place…

I Don't Speak Kardashian....Ever.

I Don’t Speak Kardashian….Ever.

…in the interest of hair-science, I will add more examples of the Bombré for your viewing pleasure—even though it goes against everything I stand for to promote the toxic miasma of these attention-seeking circus animals below.


….Aaaaand the embargo is back in place. Phew.

Combining the two is a great balance,”  says stylist Rafael Estrella Dunn owner of St.Laurent Coiffure in Montreal’s tony enclave of Westmount. Dunn whose worked his magicianship on the tresses of Eva Longoria and Paris Hilton, says that the trend of mixing Ombré and Balayage is “huge in Los Angeles and Miami right now.”

Speaking of Los Angeles, Salon Benjamin located on Melrose Ave is the mecca in hair dressing—their client list reading like a whose who of celebrity glitterati. Stylist Negin Zand is famous in her own right for her Balayage technique and her clientele roster includes Madonna, Angelina Jolie and Bombré poster gal Sarah Jessica Parker to name (drop) just a few.

But nattering on about the Bombré in theory is sooooo five seasons ago. I was about to see it live and in practice with Dunn and his client ‘Margaux’ whose long locks and virgin hair (she’s never colored before) are perfect for the technique.

Dunn starts off by trimming Margaux’s hair dry to freshen up her base—“people with long hair needn’t become greedy” he says cheekily. “It needs to stay healthy“—adding that Coconut oil on dry hair once a week is a great natural moisturizer and “performs wonders.”

Before: Margaux's Virgin Hair

Before: Margaux’s Virgin Hair

Over the course of three hours Dunn performs a Bombré all in one shot i.e. the Ombré and Balayage are both are done in unison through a mercurial combination of backcombing, foiling and cotton sectionals.

And no he’s far from a slow poke; the process can take up to six hours depending on the amount of hair a client has, with Dunn adding “Stylists in L.A. will block off their entire days schedule and just work on one celebrity client. It’s intricate stuff!”

The narration of time passes with the help of Beyoncé’s latest album, some yummy snacks and oodles of patience “Your calmness is almost intimidating,” says Dunn appreciatively.

After: A Sombre Bombre

After: A Sombré Bombré

The Bombré is complete with Dunn setting the final result with his signature blow-out and a dusting of some dry shampoo. “Her second visit which will be in about 8 weeks will be even better,” says Dunn. “Her dark roots will be grown out more and we can really personalize it with some more Balayage“—adding that it requires “minimal upkeep that will last all throughout the summer!”

I love it—I feel very sexy and refreshed!…” says Margaux.

See no lines,” says Dunn…”you can hardly notice where one [highlight] begins and the other ends…

Totally” I think to myself, “like a bag of Maltesers or… Olsen Twins…”

Soooooooo to sum up…

a Sombré is a kindler, gentler Ombré…

a Bombré is a combination of Balayage and Ombré…which in effect is the updated SombréHombré.

Wait, WHAT?!?!

And for those of you without bless-ed tresses—I stand with you in solidarity my friends in weavery—a clip on that hinges from ear-to-ear (a complete weave not pieces) can easily be dyed by your hair care professional and blended in with whatever it is your momma gave you.

Now go out there and Bombré yo’ fine self!

P.S. According to my sources my cat sitter, the words Sombré and/or Bombré don’t exist (yet!) in real life on account of the fact that I made them up—not that they were that much of a stretch. Spread the word(s)!


The Pop Culture Rainman

Fall Beauty & Fashion Trends for Guys & Dolls!

I know what your thinking…were *FINALLY* just getting into the swing of Summer and I’m talking fall trends?

Such are the tasks of being a tastemaker my friendsicles! You just enjoy your lemonade and infinity salt water pool, and I’ll take care of the trend forecasting, mmmkay?

Organic Men’s Skin Care

Skin is the body’s largest organ (and most breathable) so it’s no wonder that men, and companies that cater to men, are getting hip to the organic grooming trend now more than ever.

Bull Dog Organic Skin Care

Bull Dog Organic Skin Care

Bull Dog Natural Skin Care is a great company from the UK that caters to the regular dude (read: non metrosexual). The packaging is simple and recyclable and you will never find Parabens, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances in their products nor are they tested on animals. They run a lean machine, with offerings of simple skincare, wash and shave.

Long Hair

Long & Shaggy for Fall '13

Long & Shaggy for Fall ’13

Long hair for men, is a HUGE trend for fall 2013. Think: circa 90’s Seattle rockers like Eddie Vedder et al for inspiration. All one length and hitting your chin or longer is the goal, with this easy wash-and-go look that screams ‘Grrrrrrrrrrrr‘.

Bordeaux: The Color, Not the Wine

2013 is a 'Good year' for Bordeaux

2013 is a ‘Good year’ for Bordeaux

A great alternative to mainstays like Black, Greys and the spring/summer trend of Royal Blue is Fall 2013’s ‘it color’ for men, Bordeaux. It’s great as an accent color; (hat, tie, shoes) or can be a head to toe affair–the choice is yours, the sophistication a given!

Authentic Looking Knits

Cozy Knits

Cozy Burberry Knit Sweater

Sweaters aren’t anything new for fall you balk, but the ones that ‘look’ like they were knitted by GRAMS are! Think: soft and cozy knits that hang from the body in a loose but still fitted way.

So there you have it Guys…the ABC’s of some Fall Trends that you can easily adapt into your lifestyle!

Ear Cuffs

Ear Cuff

Ear Cuff

This ‘ear adornment’ trend (it’s way too interesting to call it mere jewelry!) has been huge this summer and will bleed into fall in a big way! As you can see it’s QUITE the statement piece and lends itself to high fashion.

It personally reminds me of ethereal maiden elves (think: Lord of the Rings-esque) and has been a fast favorite for models and celebrities alike.

There are the ornamental cuff’s…

Chanel Ear Cuff

Ear Cuff @ Chanel

Ryan Storer Cuff

Ryan Storer Cuff

Rodarte Cuff

Rodarte Cuff

Or something a little more pared down…but no less pricey! These Repossi Berbère 18-karat gold diamond ear cuffs run over 13k and are a hit with the likes of Halle Berry, Alicia Keys & Rihanna…

Halle & Alicia are Cuffin!

Halle & Alicia are Cuffin!

and for something even more conservative, Repossi also makes this smaller piece for around 2k…

Itsy Bitsy Cuff

Itsy Bitsy Cuff

These are obviously on the higher end of the price point, but as with all trends, you will be able to find a version of the Ear Cuff in your price point that will no less DAZZLE, because YOU are wearing it you SEXY thing!

Oxblood Everything

Oxblood is officially the new black – and is THE color in beauty for fall 2013. It’s kind of harsh sounding, so for those who have weak systems you can call it ‘Bordeaux’.

It will be all over everyone’s Lips for fall making a GOTH/GLAM statement…

Oxblood Pout

Oxblood Pout

And every Nail Polish co. you can shake a stick at will have their own version of the sophisticated color…

Oxblood Nails it for Fall!

Oxblood Nails it for Fall!

There you have it DOLLS! Some tricks of the trade…well in advance!

The PopCultureRainman™

Step Aside Ombré, Balayage is Back in a *Big* Way!

Ombré my friend, my Hombré

You had a gooooood run. You were THE hot hair color trend for the last three years running, including the ‘My Little Pony’-esque dip dye cotton candy hair craze which preceded you.

'Hello Pony' Dip Dye

‘My Little Pony’ Dip Dye

High Fashion Dip Dye

High Fashion Dip Dye

Not that I even had the bless-ed tress-es to even try you (unless I could wear ‘ma weave’ 24-7) but you really were a thing of beauty.

If you are one of the few who is *Late to the Party* (you are ALL alone you out-of-touch-weirdo) Ombré Hair refers to the gradual lightening of the hair strand, usually fading from a darker color near the roots to a lighter one at the ends. Ombré looks best on long THICK hair where you can see the actual gradiation from dark to light or even in a reverse Ombré, from…YOU GUESSED IT…light to dark.

Ombré had a mammoth celebrity following with Drew Barrymore showing off the trend on many a red carpet.

Drew’s Reverse Ombré

Reverse Ombré

Her Hippy Braided Ombré…

Hippy Braid Ombré...

Hippy Braid Ombré…

…And Le Sophisticated Ombré

If I Say Ombré ONE More Time...My head will FALL off.

Not since 80’s ‘frosted tips’ has a hair color trend been so heralded, with every top shelf home hair care brand coming up with a DIY version.

L'Oreal Wild  Ombré-Grrrrrrr!

L’Oreal Wild Ombré-Grrrrrrr!

…and when that happens, you CAN be SURE that a HOT TREND is on its way to becoming COLD and *FAST*. Unfortunately mass marketing turns exclusivity into ‘pedestrian’ fare, and no-one wants to be a herded sheep, now DO you, you SUPER FOX ORIGINATOR?!


Jessica Biel Balayage

Jessica Biel Balayage


Balayage (pronounced Bal-Lay-Age) is French for “Sweeping” and that is in essence, exactly what it is.

A sweeping of light color that is literally painted on by your color specialist in places where the sun would normally cast a warm glow. Balayage creates depth and dimension and leaves you with a sun-kissed, day-at-the beach result.

Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly

But just one thing, it’s not so new.

Balayage is a French technique that was developed in the 70’s, but it’s back in a big way,” says Rafael Estrella Dunn–owner of St.Laurent Coiffure in Montreal’s tony enclave of Westmount. “It’s the best method to bring light and a beautiful dimension to your hair, in a natural way,” he says. “Fresh off the beach!”

Dunn goes on to give me a first hand tutorial as he prepares a client for first time Balayage, in fact, for the client this is the first time coloring her hair PERIOD! “Virgin, hair…” says Dunn with a sassy smile.

He begins by choosing carefully where “I want to light and I paint away,” citing that a “balanced” Balayage is key. The tools for this freehand technique are also paramount, an application brush with hard bristles for a precise delivery of color and a “backing board” underneath the strand to help support the freehand technique. The Balayage’d hair strands are then wrapped individually in plastic so that Dunn can visually see how the hair is responding, and cotton strands akin to dreads are lined up to protect the un-touched pieces of hair from getting dyed.

The steeping period makes one appear as if Rob Zombie vomited his zombified vom alllll over your scalp. Not the ‘hottest’ of looks. But was coloring your hair ever so?

"Virgin Hair" 'Gettin the Balayage Treatment

“Virgin Hair” ‘Gettin the Rob Zombie Treatment

The End Result is a natural varied color effect, that is not as precious as regular ‘lined’ foil highlights. Lots of celebrities and models also have their Balayage finished off with copper or red glosses for that extra *punch* of shimmery goodness.

Lily Adlridge

Lily Adlridge

And since the majority of us are struggling with finances, It’s also a very economical way to color your hair as you never have a solid demarcation line or regrowth, so if you can’t afford to get it done for another month it won’t look ‘un-kept’.

Well, there you have it kids. A full on break-down of THE Cooler Than Cool hair fad of Le Moment, from the chick that always keep you in the LOOP–that is, until it shows up in a little box in aisle five at your local pharmacy.

Until then, BALAYAGE like EVERYONE is watching!               

The Pop Culture Rainman™